Out Of This World View Of Inauguration Day

Yesterday was a very historic day for the United States as President Obama was inaugurated to become our country’s 44th president. Hundreds of millions of people watched the festivities throughout the world! Using the latest technology, GeoEye has provided amazing images of the nearly 2 million people who attended the event in Washington, DC.

GeoEye provides satellites photos of many locations throughout the world. It is also able to capture important moments such as the one that occurred yesterday. GeoEye is able to do this by using a satellite that is traveling around our planet approximately 423 miles above our Earth’s surface. To give you an idea of how high up this is, the moon is approximately 240,000 miles above earth’s surface while the average civilian plane reaches only 5.7 miles up. The satellite that is used to capture these amazing pictures travels around our planet from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere at an astounding 17,000 miles per hour. If you were able to run that fast, you would be able to travel 4 miles every second! That’s incredibly fast!

According to GeoEye, the satellite that was used to capture this amazing photo of the swarms of people attending this historic event weighs 4,300 pounds as it soars around our planet. It was originally launched into space from Vandenberg Air Force Base on September 6, 2008. Although we all had great seats viewing the inauguration from our school’s auditorium, it seems some of the most ‘out of this world’ views may have actually been from space!


~ by jpiniat on January 21, 2009.

10 Responses to “Out Of This World View Of Inauguration Day”

  1. Great job Mr. Piniat! Great response to Inauguration Day. I liked how you talked about GeoEye and put pictures on the blog from GeoEye. GeoEye seems like something I would like to learn about some day. I also like how you added information about it’s speed and how many miles above earth’s surface it is. It is very cool that it captures pictures on important events like Inauguration Day. You explained a lot about the GeoEye and I think that it is a very cool machine. Did you know one of those little dots in the Inauguration photos is my brother?! Yep, it’s true he was there. My favorite fact was…the GeoEye travels at a speed of 17,000 miles per hour. If we could run that fast we would be running 4 miles every second!! Good job on your response! Keep up the good work!!

  2. I was very surprised how many people were at the inauguration. I never knew that so many people went until I read this article and looked at the pictures. After looking at the one where people were all the way down the street I was amazed! Also, as I was looking at it I wondered what it would be like to be one of the people standing all the way down the street, like how could they hear and how was it standing in the cold listening to it. I would have loved just to be one of the people there because Barrack Obama made history by becoming the first African American president. It would also be very exciting because Obama is a very good speaker and speaks very strongly. The inauguration overall was a very exciting event and it will be remembered throughout history. I think this article on the inauguration was very well written and that it was very interesting reading about it.

  3. Even though we saw inauguration day at school, I have not seen it like this! I did not know that so many people came. I know that the inauguration was a huuuugggge deal for America but I was astoundedwhen I read that article. Now, I cannot believe I was not invited. Could any one believe how many people there were! Great job on the article!

  4. Excellent job Mr.Piniat! The pictures are really cool. I wish I was at inauguration day.I did not know the satellite was about 423 miles above earth. Keep up the good work!

  5. Fantastic article Mr. Piniat. It was really cool to see the pictures and their quality. Also, I was extremely surprised by the number of people who were at the inauguration. It’s so amazing that so many people were there. One thing I didn’t understand was that it costs $1,000,000.00 to send 1 pound into space. Would it really be a wise idea to spend a ridiculous amount of money to spend a photo satellite in space? I personally think it wasn’t a great choice. Even so, this article was good, interesting, and details. I hope everyone else has good articles like these.

  6. Great article Mr. Piniat!I could believe that many people showed up to see Obama! I see this was a huggggeeeeeee deal for America. Geo eye took amazing pictures of Washington D.C. I was completely shocked with how many people showed up to this event. I wish i went. Overall you had a very nice article!! :p

  7. Wonderful Article Mr. Piniat! This article was written very well and detailed. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures because they really showed how crowed it really was.I thought it was really interesting to know that the satellite was about 423 miles above earth. I really enjoyed reading this article and I wish that i was able to actually see it in real life. Once again wonderful article!

  8. Great job on the article Mr.Piniat! I thought it was very well written. I really liked how you provided information about the GeoEye. I hadn’t even known that GeoEyes where really roaming outer space right now! Also, I enjoyed seeing two pictures of the inauguration day from different views. Once again, great job Mr.Piniat!

  9. Whoa! That was amazing Mr. Piniat. I didn’t know that so many people came to the inauguration. I was surprised of the marvelous quality of the pictures from GeoEye because you would think that from space the pictures would be fuzzy and incomprehensible. I’m hoping to see more articles not jut about science, but current events as well.

  10. Cool! Your article is really nice, neat and organized. I think I would like to learn more about this GeoEye thing. So, we really watched the Inauguration from space, basiclly? Whoa thats cool!! I also never new that the Earth was 240,000 miles away from the moon! I learned something new today! Continue putting blogs and I will contineu to read ’em!

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