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As I scrolled through the website http://geology.com, so gracefully recommended by Mr. Piniat himself, I came across a very eye-catching article simply titled “World’s Biggest Tsunami”.  Of course I said “what?” and took a look… this is what I found:

In June of 1958 in the bay of Lituya there was a terrible rock fall caused by an earthquake on the Fairweather fault.  The result was 40,000,000 cubic yards of rock crashing into the water. This produced a 100 ft tsunami that within about 12 minutes had desolated the entire coast, stripping the hit area to the bare dirt. It even reached and splashed up to 1,720 feet up the cliffs. In its wake lay the remains of trees, grass, and everything in its path.

The wave was so powerful in fact that it lifted up boats like a beach swell picks up a surf board and transported them miles up the coast. The wave actually moved a boat over a peninsula and the man in it saw himself fly over the tops of trees as they disappeared behind him.

Here are the questions:

1. There were similar and smaller waves in the 1800s and a scientist predicted that there was going to be one in the near future (he predicted before the big one in 1958). Why do you think people did not listen and do you think there will be one in the near future?

        2. what is your response to this article?





~ by Student Entry on February 5, 2009.

13 Responses to “Orian-largest wave”

  1. Great job on the tsunami article Orian. It was actually very interesting and the accounts were amazing. I liked how you condensed it so people would actually want to read it. I’ll answer question no. 2

    My response to this article is that it was an article of interest. This was one of the things someone my age might actually be interested in reading about. It was about the biggest tsunami ever. The details were very informative and told about the devestative affects of that one tsunami. I was surprised that there was a survivor that was able to tell their account of what happened. 1,720 feet high was a huge distance to cover. This article showed the power of tsunamis and some of the hardships of people in the middle east.

    Very good job! Everyone’s articles have been great! I hope to see more soon.

  2. Great Orian! I enjoyed this article and even though it wasn’t right up to date, it was really interesting. I had alot of thoughts about it. I’m surprised that the man in the boat survived to see himself going over the trees and landing. I like the way it compared riding on a surfboard to the boat being lifted up. My answer to the first discussion question was that I think they didn’t listen because they thought that the first small signs of tremors were nothing to take notice of. At that time those scientists were considered unimportant until it finally happened, with no one being prepared. I think there will be one in the near future because these are unexpected earthquakes and many of the times even with the right tools, we’re still incapable of finding the right time that these things will happen. As I said before, as one of the first people chosen, you did an outstanding job.

  3. Very nice, Orian.
    My response to this article was amazement. Lifting boats like a swell dose a surf board, it puts it into perspective at just how powerful it really was. The clean up must have been horrible! 1,720 feet of broken trees, ripped up grass, and parts of man made objects. At the time that this large wave occurred there must have been less information than there would be now, and less people relied on the weather report and news reports. In the future there may be just as large waves because the plates in earth shift, causing earthquakes. Again, very nice article and keep it up!

  4. Good job on this article, Orian! It grabbed my attention right when I saw the title.
    For your first question, I’ll give the obvious answer and say that people probably didn’t believe the scientist’s prediction because they just didn’t think anything like that was possible. I still can’t even believe that it happened! There very well could be waves as big as this one in the future, because, as we are learning in science now, Earth’s plates shift, and earthquakes occur.
    My response to the article was like Samantha’s: amazement. I cannot imagine what it must have been like for the people in the area where the tsunami hit! Almost 2,000 feet of damaged trees, grass, and everything else that was unfortunately in this tsunami’s way is also hard to imagine. The man that was in that boat must have been petrified and in complete shock!
    You did a good job on this article! I like how you made it short and to the point. It was very interesting, detailed, and remarkable!

  5. Good article Orain! My answer to the first question o is… I think people didn’t beleive that people did believe that is was going to happen in the future because it was so long ago and the people didn’t believe that a person could tell that it would happen.
    My answer is the second question is… I was completely surprised by this article myself. I could never believe that a wave could cause so much damage. But even more surprised that 40,000,000 cubic yards of rock crashed into the water! I cant even imagine the kind of difficulties the people there went through!

  6. This was a wonderful article Orian. I was really surprised that the waves actually lifted up some boats. I would like to compliment you on a job well done for the way you started you article. It really caught my attention and I really wanted to continue to read it. For question number 2, my response to this article was that I was basically happy that I wasn’t there. I hope that the people there are safe and that they can rebuild anything that was destroyed to the fullest level. Once again, you do a wonderful job writing this article and I really enjoyed reading this.

  7. Good article! I can’t believe it even reached and splashed up to 1,720 feet up the cliffs. I really enjoyed reading this.

  8. We just had a writing prompt on the practice NJASK today that had to do with tsunamis and their effects.Nice job!

  9. when i read this artical i was very suprised at the very tall height of the tsunami, but when i came to the part about the guy in the boat that was being carried by a tsunami, i wondered, did he live? I think it was a good article.

  10. As I said before, cool article Orian! I’m going to answer Jack’s comment/question. I do think that he survived because if it was so destructive, I don’t know how anyone could’ve recoreded it so even if he had some broken bones, or perfectly fine, he most likely told that part of the story himself.

  11. is this the larges wave or largest tsunami? well i loved the pics and i cant imagine a wave that strong. i remember in that tsumami is like 2006 how strong the waver were and a wave stronger than that… WOW cool article 🙂

  12. I enjoyed your article alot Orian! The pictures were really interesting and that helped me picture what the article was like. I am going to answer question number two. A response to this article is i hope meny people got to safety and the tusumani did not destroy a lot of land. Great article Orian

  13. Great job Orian!!!! Your article was very interesting and I wish that I could read even more about the tsunami. I like the simile that you added in (that was very cool)!!! Great job again and keep up the good work!!!!!!

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