Mykala P. – Twisters rip through Oklahoma, Texas

As I was looking through the articles, I saw twisters rip through Oklahoma, Texas. I said wow this looks interesting. I opened it up and tons of information flew out at me. Here is the summary of the article.

On Tuesday, February 10 2009, Tornadoes hit Oklahoma, Texas very alarmed. Many were injured, trapped in homes and some died. On top of this, another storm hit, knocking over many power lines leaving almost 14,000 without electricity. In Edmund, almost ten homes were completely destroyed. There is not an exact number of how many were injured but it was many. Many mobile homes were hit being completely annihilated. All schools here were under lock down, allowing no one to enter or leave. Many apartment buildings, as well as stores, were ripped apart. Some were even evacuated because of the severe damage that was done to them. This place was severely destroyed and much will have to be repaired which will cost Oklahoma, Texas big time. A little history note, last year in January and February there were 231 tornadoes throughout the United States and this killed 66 people.

Discussion Questions:

Around how many people do you think were trapped inside there home and why?

What do you think the schools first plan of action was when they knew the tornado was coming?

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~ by Student Entry on February 12, 2009.

16 Responses to “Mykala P. – Twisters rip through Oklahoma, Texas”

  1. Excellent job Mykala. I enjoyed reading this article and am very concerned about this situation. I’m surprised how many people died because of this cause. Seeing that many houses destroyed would make me infer that the people were instantly annhilated, but some were not. In answer to your question, I think about 4500 of them were trapped in their houses. This is because of all the power lines that fell downeverywhere. Many could have and probably did end up hitting houses causing damage to homes and no way of getting out, not to mention the danger of shattered materials such as glass. This tornado also ripped apart many areas of land. While it may have not trapped all of them, it still damaged most houses.

    The first plan of action the school most likely took was getting the children to safety, such as in the main gym and the cafeteria, not waiting to gather belongings to ensure the safety of the various students. They also informed the children what was happening so they would be serious, and made sure each had the essential things needed to survive. (for medical conditions & other purposes).

  2. Very good job Mykala. Natural disasters are always an interesting topic to write about and this one was especially good. You don’t usually think of Texas when you here twister so that caught my attention. I’m going to respond to question # 2.

    When the people heard the tornado was coming their first plan of action was warning the schools. Then, the schools would put everyone in a big open room like a gym or auditorium. Everyone would be warned of the twister so kids wouldn’t joke and play around. A lot of other people in the town would be sent to the school or hospital to wait it out. That way, all of the children and adults could be accounted for and be safe. Everyone would be carefully watched and all survival needs would be attended to.

    Everyone has been doing a great job on these blog articles. I can’t wait till there are more up. Great job!!!

  3. If I was a parent and my kid got locked in a school because there was a huge tornado I would be frightened to death. I would not know if my kid was safe, injured or even dead. I would call everyone and find out if my child was okay and safe. Also, I would be freaked out if my roof got ripped off and my house got torn apart because I could get severely injured. Finally, I would feel disappointed that I didn’t do anything to help other people who were injured. I thought this response was very well written. It felt like I was there watching the whole scene with my on eyes. It was very descriptive.

    Matthew H. Period 3

  4. Your article was very informative. It had tons of great facts about the tragedy that happened in Texas. I like how you mentioned the effects on education, the amount of people who died, and the safety. You could’ve include more about the heath care that changed in Texas. I would think there was too many people who got trapped inside their homes to count. Good Job! Overall, it were very descriptive and interesting!!

  5. Anthony and I were wondering how many people were seriously injured? The article was very well written. We were able to pull some very important information from this. We can’t believe how many people were left with no electricity. And the number of people killed was significant. We were amazed by this article and hope to see another article written just as perfect as this one!

  6. Your article was very interesting. I would like to answer your second discussion question. I think the school’s first plan when they new the tornado was coming was to keep everyone safe, and not to worry anyone. They probably thought to either make everyone go home or they would just keep everyone at school until it was over. The only thing wrong with that is that parents would probably be worried about there children. Although I’m sure the school would notify the parents somehow. The school, or I guess the principal and teachers were probably trying to be cool about everything so the kids wouldn’t be freaked out. I know I would be if a tornado was going to hit my town! So anyway, great article Mykala!

  7. Hey Mykala that was a good article. I didn’t know that so many tornadoes had hit the USA inone year. That article was quite intrigueing. In answer to your questions, I think around 20,000 people were trapped in their homes because of lack of electricity, the tornado was too close and the exits were caved in. It has to be above 14,000 because that is how many people lost electricity so they probably huddled up somewhere with a bunch of candles waiting out the storm. From Michael L.

  8. This was a very interesting article.
    In answer to your second question, I would think that the school’s very first plan was to get the students to their homes and with their families. But then they probably thought that it would be too dangerous to let anyone leave the school during a tornado. Everyone in the school was probably put somewhere in the center or the lowest level of the school. It was probably very hectic, considering that there were probably so many people in the building and the teachers and principal wanted to make sure they knew where everyone was. But I would hope that everyone would try be as calm as possible so the kids wouldn’t get too scared. I also hope that the school had somehow let the parents know where their kids were, because if I was a parent and I didn’t know where my kid was, I would be really worried!
    Great job, Mykala!

  9. i agree with mathew

  10. Sup Mykala! I think that your article was really good and was full of info that I never knew!!!! You put in so many details that i had to read it 2 times! I learned so much from your article and your questions were very powerful that I didn’t do them, but I least tried.

  11. Nice article Mykala. I can not believe that the tornado did so much damage. There aren’t usually tornado’s in winter. Why did a destructive one happen right in the middle of winter? I am amazed that this happened.

  12. I forgot to say somthing on my other comment. I wanted to ask you a question. One of your questions was the planfor a school and I thought you could add what I school might do to give a idea.Thanks Bye

  13. You did a great job Mykala. I like the way you put the info you you got in your article. To the question you asked, I think that all the schools locked down. Called all the student’s parents and got supplies for the storm that was coming. Also I think they let no one out.

  14. Awesome job Mykala! I loved you article. I thought that it was soooo sad how many people died and were without power. That’s probaly really tough to go through. Also, your picture and title were very good. Keep up the good work!

  15. WOW Mykala!!! That was GREAT and very interesting. But the sad part was when the people were trapped in their houses and when the people died. And I could imagine how the citizens would feel without electricity because I would be terrified. I liked how you were very percise in what you were saying. The article was very well written. As I said before you did a WONDERFUL job. So you did an AMAZING job Mykala!!!

  16. I did not know that last year in January and February there were 231 tornadoes throughout the United States and this killed 66 people. I can’t believe almost ten homes were completely destroyed. Keep up the good work!!!

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