Auva D. Small Earthquake Shakes Up Morristown

A picture of downtown Morristown, NJ

A picture of downtown Morristown, NJ

Surprising all citizens of Morristown and neighboring towns including myself there was a little earthquake that shook up the grounds of Morristown. It occured on a Monday night percisely around 10:34 at night.

On Monday February 2,2009 a small earthquake rattled northern New Jersey. Thankfully no injuries or damages were reported. The magnitude of the earthquake was at a 3.0. The police stations were filled with a barrage of nervious calls coming in from the citizens and some dogs also seemed to feel it as they barked through the earthquake . A lot of people felt the tremble in the ground and thought it was an explosion. Geophysicist stated that the earhquake that hit was not unusal and would generally not cause damage or injury. The only reason that a numerous amount of people felt it was because it happened at night. It was a surprise to all but it was  not a serious diaster.

Discussion Questions:

1)How do you think this earthquake affected the citizens of Morristown???

2)After this earthquake hit do you think another one is likely to happen soon???



~ by Student Entry on February 19, 2009.

34 Responses to “Auva D. Small Earthquake Shakes Up Morristown”

  1. This was not the only earthquake that shook Morristown, NJ this month. There were actually 3 earthquakes that took place within a 3 week period! The first one was the quake that was described in your entry. There was another one that measured 2.2 on the richter scale that shook the ground on Valentine’s Day. Finally, (or maybe not) there was a third earthquake that measured 2.3 at 1:42 am yesterday! Luckily, all 3 earthquakes were so minor that no major damage took place. Why do you think the same area is experience numerous earthquakes one after another? Do you think New Jersey will gain the same reputation as California or is there another explanation for the back-to-back-to back shaking?

  2. Good job Auva! I think that the earthquake surprised the citizens of Morristown, NJ because they’ve never really had anything like that in a while at least. If I was coming home from somewhere late at night and felt & saw the ground shaking, I would freak out. Luckily, that earthquake and the 2 others were only minor so the worst damage was the fear. Hopefully, there will not be many more of these earthquakes in the near future.

  3. Great one Auva!!! It was very surprising that there was an earthquake in Morristown. I’ve never heard of earthquakes in New Jersey so this topic caught my attention. I’ll try to answer both questions in this comment.

    The people of Morristown were not affected that much. It was more the surprise of an earthquake in NJ that got everyone interested. Another earthquake will probably not come soon in NJ. I’ve never heard of earthquakes in my state. It will be a very long time until people actually feel another earthquake in NJ. Some others may come but they’ll be so weak that no one will feel it.

    This was an interesting article. All of us hear could relate to it being in NJ and it was a topic of interest. Keep up the super work

  4. Good job Auva! I think that the earthquake surprised the citizens of Morristown, NJ because they’ve never really experienced anything like that in a long time. If I was coming home from somewhere late at night and I felt & saw the ground shaking, I would freak out. Luckily, that earthquake and the 2 others were only minor so the worst damage was the fear. Hopefully, there will not be many more of these earthquakes in the future.

  5. i think that Auva D. did a very nice job. she had key points and it sounded very good. she explained what happened but she could have added more. Auva was straight to the point and her info. seemed accurate to me. with that being said again she culd have used more detail. i think that we wont experience another earthquake though, beacuse we live cole to the center of a plate its very unlikely. at least thats what I think

  6. That was a good question Mr.Piniat. Yes actually I do think that New Jersey might regain some of the earthquakes that California had a reputation on. I was just informed on the recent earthquake a couple of days ago and I am starting to think there might be a small chain to all these earthquakes. New Jersey is not known for earthquakes at all maybe a few minor ones but to have a repetitive amount of earthquakes near us is surprising. As much as I do not want to have earthquakes here in New Jersey I am starting to think we might be in for a small twist. I can be wrong though because it could have only been those previous earthquakes.

  7. well auva, that was a good idea, but i think your wrong. since new jerey is not known for their earthquakes it is unlikely that this would happen. we also cant get californias reputaion because they are at a tranfrom boundary n we are in the middle of a plate. it was a good thought though

  8. Good Job! I will answer question #1. I think the citizens in mirristown were very scared. They probably didn’t even know that it was possible to have an earthquake there. Most people may think about moving to somewhere safer. But also people might want to see if this was a 1 time thing or will it happen again in the near future.

  9. Lizette, that was a good comment. You have your opinion of saying that earthquakes will not take over California’s reputation here in New Jersey. When you brought up the point that California’s at Transform Boundary while we are in the middle that statement is true. That was not the first thing to come to mind. Though I still think that New Jersey might have picked up a couple of earthquakes.

  10. First I would like to say Nice Job Avua. Second, I can relate to this. My swim coach was right in the middle of it! I will answer question #2. I do think another earthquake could happen. That would be an example of an after shock.

  11. Good job Auva!!! 🙂 I really liked your piece. I think the people of Morristown were effect by this because this rarely happens in our area. In addiction i don’t think they however, they were effected a lot because it was a really small earthquake. Yes, i do think it will happen again but not that soon. I was very surprised that this even happened so close to were we live

  12. yes, i agree with lizzete on this one. lol. nice job auva, you made good points.

  13. nice job Auva D! you had a very good description and it was well written. I do not think that there will be another earthquake anytime soon in New Jersey. Earthquakes are very rare n New Jersey so the one in morristown is the only one we will have intil maybe 2 years. In New Jersey we do not have many disasters like hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes so we are pretty safe for a while.

  14. Wow I have herd of this but i did not know this much about it. Plus when we went into morris town i was afraid of what might have happen then. Now I feel relived even if it did happen once it could happen again and i am glad everyone was ok

  15. Great job Auva!

  16. wow well written. I also heard about this earthquake. But i was wondering if any people were killed or seriously injured. Overall your topic was very interesting and written very well

  17. Great job Auva! I really enjoyed reading your piece on the earthquake. No, I don’t think that the earthquake really impacted the residents of Morristown in a big way. It was more of a surprise that an earthquake was occuring in this region. Additionally, I don’t think that NJ will gain a reputation for earthquakes like California because unlike california, our tectonic plate does not collide with another plate.

  18. Good job Auva!!!! I thought your peice was really good. I think i felt it while i was lying in bed, but it is very unusual how there was a earthquake in NJ. i do think another earthquake could happen b/c an earthquake can happen anytime and anywhere and the continents are always moving so that can cause earthquakes

  19. Good job Auva! This is very cool and good piece that you have made here. I’m going to answer question 1. I think the people of morristown were very dramitized and frightened by the small shake in the ground. Continue with the good findings and work.

  20. Auva I think that the tetonic plates in the lithosphere and may be likley that these earthquakes may happen again baut they also might be able to shift to other areas in New Jersy or mabe places out of state it is possible. I also wanted to say that you did a great job.

  21. u made good pionts nice job

  22. Hi Auva, I think that you made some very interesting points. I think that everyone was startled because of the earthquake. Thankfully, no one was injured in Morristown. I think that Auva was too the point and detalied too.

  23. Awesome article! The title really caught my attention. Luckily, nobody was hurt. I am surprised that there was no damage to the theater we went to for the trip. Keep up the good work.

  24. I think this article was interesting because it is in a local area. I think this makes people think if an earthquake will happen near there home. Usually people think of earthquakes in places like california. Loved your article! :.)

  25. Great Job Auva! This earthquake was really interesting to me. Normally when you think earthquake people say San Fransicso, not Moristown New Jersy? So it’s a wonder to me and probably lots of other people how this little earthquake happened. But anyway I think that your article was very detailed and discriptive so nice job!
    -Francesca A. period 5

  26. Good job Auva! That article was really interesting! I had heard about it on the news a while ago, but didn’t get the details, so after I read your article, I was finally much more informed!
    Morristown was probably very panicked when this earthquake hit, and the police were probably really busy with all those phone calls. Everyone was probably worried about the people in the town, but as you said, dogs and other pets were probably scared too!
    Looking over the other comments, specifically Samantha’s, I remembered that I was also wondering if anything dangerous would happen when we all went to Morristown. I wasn’t really that worried though, because I don’t think it’s likely that the town would get another earthquake that soon.

  27. good job on this article, it surprised me very much that an earthquake happened in NJ, although it was small and had little to no effect, i was still very surprised

  28. Excellent article Auva! I was surprised too when I heard there was an earthquake in New Jersey that wasn’t to far from here! My grandmother lives right outside of Morristown and was afraid that the earthquake would reach her home too but thankfully it didn’t. Anyways, your article had a lot of description and the picture at the top is a great shot of Morristown! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  29. Thanks for the comments. I got a different variety of thoughts and answers. It was interesting to see what people thought.

  30. I was shocked that a small earth quake could shake the ground so much. The earth quake didn’t cause but it probably woke the town folk. I do not think another will occur that powerful again. There are many earth quakes that are unnoticed because they are a 2 or less.

  31. Wow! I can’t believe there was a earthquake so close to us! That’s not something e get a lot, or at least something we can feel. I want to answer your first and second discussion questions For the first one, I don’t think it affected the people so much. They were probably just scared. Even though it wasn’t to bad, you still could feel it and it that might have got people scared. For the second one i think that earthquakes will, and have happened soon after that one. They were probably just so small that we couldn’t really feel them. By the way good article Auva!!!! Great job!!!!

  32. Wow, we aren’t even on a plate tectonic and we still got n earthquake! I’m glad that no one was hurt. Great job! Your article has made me more interested i earthquakes now that one has occurred near Scotch Plains. I also thought that it was funny when the dogs were barking all through out the night. Great job!

  33. Nice Job! I think it’s really possible that the earthquakes can come back, because no matter how unlikely, it’s still possible. I’m glad to hear that no one was seriously damaged or injured, but I think most people were traumatized by the fact that NEW JERSEY had just experienced an EARTHQUAKE. I heard that dogs were barking all night long just because of the earthquake! I guess that they’re not used to earthquakes. (Course, neither am I.) Anyway, good job on the piece and very informative!

  34. Wow I didn’t know about that earthquake. If I were there I would have been really scared too!:)Allie Durett

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