Steven H-Aliens of the Earth

While I was searching the web for interesting articles, this caught my attention.  It’s about how their may be alien life on earth.  For more info, please read the summary below.



Life forms different from organisms we know of may exist on Earth right now says a cosmologist at Arizona State University.  At an important cosmologist news conference a bunch of cosmologists decided they wanted to start exploring earth more closely for signs of “aliens” from our planet.  The purpose of this is to find life on our planet to see what might be hidden throughout our solar system.

            Many scientists used to think life on other planets was impossible.  By finding life in the shadows of earth people will realize that there may be life on other planets.  The cosmologists don’t want to make it a huge expensive project, they just want casual exploring done.  The first step being taken is looking at results of projects with the same idea and seeing how they turn out.  No one knows what the outcome will be.



Discussion Questions 

1. Do you think that there is any unknown “alien life” on earth?  Explain why.

2. How long do you think it will take for scientists to find any secret life on earth if they even find any?





~ by Student Entry on February 20, 2009.

13 Responses to “Steven H-Aliens of the Earth”

  1. Good job Steven! I was very interested once I saw the title to your article, and it was very well written. The pictures were of ahigh quality. In answers to your questions, I think there is alien life on Earth. We have no clue what came from where and we don’t really know that much about our own origins. We could’ve even be aliens from another planet and came here billions of years ago and slowly adapted. (cavemen, advances in technology) For all we know, our own goldfish could’ve come from a distant world and came to like this habitat.

    I think it will definitely take scientists a while to figure out any secret life on Earth because we are still researching places such as Mars for signs of life. We don’t know if there are people, smarter than us that figured out how to end up here. I usually don’t believe in aliens, but after reading this article, I’m not so sure.

  2. i really loved this article. you could have made this extremely uninteresting but instead you put the summary in simple terms. the way you put things greatly increased the readability.

    i will answer question two. i think that “secret” life can and will be found. there are so many living organisms on our home planet that when you think about it it is almost not home. it is estimated that there are millions if not billions of currently undiscovered creature sharing earth with us. you don’t even need to be a COSMOLOGIST to find new creatures. i bet we see them every day but they are not new to us because we don’t know they are not new, or we are rushed or uninterested.

    congratulations Steven on your great article. it was very interesting.

  3. First i want to say good job Steven. This is the first article involving space. I want to answer a parody of the second question. It is there life in space? I’d say yes. If space is infinite then everything is infinite. There would an oo amount of people typing this at this time. If space is infinite then so is the number of me’s and the number of exact clones of the planet earth.
    There is a game called Spore that is closely related to this topic. in it you pick a planet and design a creature to inhabit the planet. Other peoples creatures fill in the rest of the planet. No planet will ever be the same. The game ultimately has you skipping around the Milky Way galaxy heading to the black hole in the center of the galaxy. As you go you encounter thousands of other user made planets. It is not a great game but it is a very interesting concept.

  4. Great job Steven! The title really hooked me and I wanted to read about it. This was really well writen and the pictures were great quality. In answer to your first question I think there are still unknown life on earth. Scientist are still trying to figure out the diffrent spiecies in the ocean. I heard that a new spieces was found currently. Also I saw on a website that the amozon rainforeset has some animals that people didn’t know about before and are sending scientist to look and study them. Great article Steven and nice job!

  5. I really enjoyed reading this article. At first, I saw the title I was Aliens? I was a little confused but then as I read on, I realized how it was about life forms of organisms. I think that the pictures just made the article even better. I enjoyed reading this article very very much. Keep up the great work Steven and once again I think your article was written very nicely and it was a great topic for me to read about.

  6. That was interesting. I would love to hear more about it aliens sound like a very interesting topic.i liked the pictures. they were pretty cool. i would love to see one written just as well as this one

  7. this is really good. this really caught my attention and when i read it i was very surprised and stuck in awe. I think there is still unknown species on earth and hopefully they will be discovered so they will not be unknown any more.

  8. I think that your article is very interesting!! But, I am still confused, how can there by alien life on the Earth right now today! Anyway this is a very cool article and it’s cool how you found this. Good job!

  9. Great Job! Your article caught my eye when I was looking for someone’s post to read. I always thought of it being that there was life on other planets, not the other way around. Your post really got me thinking, what if the person I’m sitting next to is an alien (could it really be possible). I’m probably going to look this up some more because this is one topic that I can’t stop thinking about. Oh and by the way you should ask Ms.Brodsky to read this beacause she told me that she’s reallt into all this “Life on Other planets” stuff.

  10. that last comment was from Francesca period 5 Sorry!

  11. Cool article! When I first saw the title of your article I’m just like; Aliens? The title was very good. I think that it catches a lot of people’s attention. Your article was also pretty good because it was kid-readable I never really thought that there woud be “aliens” on Earth. Awesome!

  12. Great job Steaven!!! When I read the title it caught my attention and really made me curious. After reading I would like to annswer question 2. I think that scientists can and will find “aliens” on Earth. There are many unknown species on Earth and these are the aliens that we are learning to explore. I hope that this project doesn’t use too much money due to the economy but I do hope that we find them very soon.

  13. I will answer question 2. I think it will take about 45 years. I think this because they have probably found evidence, but not as much as they wanted to. They want to show other places that they have found evidence.

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