Is the Earth going to End? — Kevin M.

Yellowstone Supervolcano

Yellowstone Supervolcano

Recent studies have shown that a volcano, located underneath YellowStone National Park, has been erupting on certain time circles. It erupted up to 3.5 billion years ago, then around 2.5 billion years ago, and then around 1 billion years ago. It’s had some sort of chain construction that connect it through certain million years. This has not been called just a “volcano,” but a SuperVolcano. The reason is because one eruption covered half of America in smouldering ash and burning rocks. It basically destroyed the continent of North America. Each time it erupted, they smouldering ash went further and further then before. Of course, it only erupted three times, but three was enough. Scientists are worried that if it was to erupt again, it may actually cover half of the world! And the main problem is, the eruption is due! Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe not for a million years! But in the next 200 million years, it is due for an explosion. Luckily, we won’t be alive at the time, (hopefully) but America is going to become a smouldering ash area, along with the Western Hemisphere. Just make sure you cover your eyes if you see 1 billion pounds worth of billowing, smouldering ash coming at you at 350 miles per hour. Just letting you know!

Do you think that the rest of the world would help America rebuild once it’s a buried area of hot rock?

Predict: How many years, realistically, do you think that this volcano might erupt? Look at the chain of eruptions, and then see what the pattern is.

To learn more about this topic, here’s the URL that you can use. Be careful though, it gets a little wordy.


~ by Student Entry on February 25, 2009.

16 Responses to “Is the Earth going to End? — Kevin M.”

  1. I think that other countries would try to help rebuild America. This is because in times of war and need we’ve provided humanitarian aid for them so they will help us. This is very shocking news, but I’m sure that we’ll pull through and this won’t probably happen for a long time. You did a fantastic job Kevin, and I’m very concerned about this issue.

  2. Good job on this article, it grabbed my attention…and it was a little scary!
    I agree with Joe H. on the first question. Considering that we’ve helped many other countries in desperate times of need, I also think others will help America out when this volcano erupts. But we should remember that the United States has a lot of resources that many other countries have little or none of, therefore they might not be able to help us out completely.
    It’s very terrifying to think that nobody knows exactly when this volcano may erupt, but I personally don’t think it will happen soon.
    Overall, this article was very interesting. To think that the next time the volcano erupts, it will cover half the earth is very scary. It’s amazing that ash could come at you at 350 miles per hour! After reading this article, I know I definitely would not ever want to be in a disaster like this!

  3. 1st of all, great article! this was a really good issue to touch on. i do think that other countries will help rebuild america, esspecially because when america, the most powerful nation in the world, (and i suppose the most spoiled) suffers, we take down everyone else with us. For instance, the economical depression isn’t just affecting us, but having a big impact on on the world market. So i think that the other countried will have no choice but to help us. But it will take a lot of time. As for the second question… i don’t really know when the next time that the super volcanoe will erupt. Hopefully, though, it will be in the future, so that advanced technology may help the situation…but for now that sounds really grim. Finally, in responce to your title “Is the Earth Going to End?” I have to say that yes, it will. Not that i’m emo or a pessimist… but here are several ways that the earth will ultimately meet its end (in order, if the last thing doesn’t finish us off) : (1) global warming (2) the moon pulling on our tides and making it all wacko (3) the sun exploding (4) our galaxy colliding with our neighbor. obviously this will not happen for a while, but not much in nature is permanant… so the earth will probably meet its doom, yes.

  4. Very nice article! In answer to your question it isn’t a matter of if the rest of the world would want to help North America, it’s the problem of how little resources they have and how they possibly couldn’t. America has oil and minerals and other resources that smaller, third-world countries don’t have. And who knows what will happen in the next 200 million years, we could all be closer or we could be off on the wrong foot with other countries besides the ones we are already in conflict with. Again, amazing article.

  5. The title grabbed me. How could scientists predict this eruption, especially when it is 200 million years away? Anyway, great job!

  6. Great article!! I predict that this volcano will probably erupt in about one-and-a-half billion years. I say that because the pattern of the eruptions were 3.5 billion years ago, 2.5 billion years ago, and 1 billion years ago. The eruption might even happen even sooner. Your article was very interesting, and it shows that you put lots of effort into this. Great Job!

  7. Good Article! When I first saw the title I just like; WHAT?!!!
    I grabbed my atention and it was kid-readable. I thought it was very intresting how these eruptions happen every couple billion years. Cool pictures!

  8. Cool Article! The title really caught my attention.1 billion pounds worth of billowing must be really heavy.The smouldering ash coming at you at 350 miles per hour is very scary.

  9. Spectacular article Kevin!! When I saw the title, I’m thinking what is he talking about. Then I remembered how in S.S. we learned about the super volcano in the beginning of the year. It started making sense then. I guess I’ll answer question # 1.

    I am really torn by this question. On one side I completely agree with Joe, Alyssa, and Claire. We would probably end up getting humanitarian aid from other countries around the world. Like Claire said, when the greatest nation goes down, every other one does too. All over the world people would suffer because of this. It is a sensible idea and would have a 80% chance of happening in this crisis.
    The other sad twenty percent is that the rest of the world would use this as an opportunity. If a small or big natural disaster happened we would already be targets of destruction. Since the whole country would be in turmoil, this would leave a perfect shot for USA enemies. Either side still has a sad outcome in the end. But the worst fate that could come to the USA is an invasion or aerial assault during the shock of the super volcano. Again this was a perfect article, it was kid-friendly, and captivating.

  10. Thanks for posting this interesting article Kevin! I will definitely cover my eyes if I see a huge pyroclastic flow coming my way. This article is very timely being that we are discussing volcanoes in class right now! If the eruption does not occur for another couple hundred million years it will be interesting to see where America is even located. Remember when we looked at the movements of the continental plates over the past 500 million years?

  11. I remember when we saw the movie of volcaneos I was so scared! Your article makes it waaaayyyy more scarier! When It does eurpt I hope I am not around to see it. Your artic;e grabbed my attention immeditly! I loved the facts and it was sooo kid readable. I am answering the first question, if it happened right now I don’t think any one will help us because France, Japan and China hate us. Africa can’t because of the lack of money and South America doesn’t get involved with anything! Only England would help us. Maybe

  12. good job well written. i liked your picture it looked cool. it was cool how a volcano was under yellowstone i didn’t know that there could be volcanoes underground that are that powerful. i thought it was very cool and would like to see another one

  13. This was very interesting. I knew that there was a volcano in Yellow Stone park but I never knew that it would destroy half the world in ash. I also never knew that it was going to erupt any time and that it was still active. This was a very good article and the picture was cool.

  14. Great job kevin. In answer to your first question I agree with Joe H. I think that other countries would help us rebuild America. I think this because like Joe said, we have offered many other countries humanitarian aid and it is only fair that they return the favor. The countries would see this as a time of need and try to help us get back to normal. In answer to your next question I am not sure when this large eruption will happen. Technically it can happen any year, month, week, day, hour, minute, or second. It can be 500 million year before it happens or even 10. Either way we can’t do anything but try to be prepared. Good Job!!!

  15. Good Job K max. Your article was very interesting. The picture really caught my attention. I never knew about this particular volcano. It kinda freaks me out when i think about the situation. I believe we should be careful and prepare for the worst. It could erupt at any moment. Hopefully it doesn’t erupt soon. If America does become a wasteland i don’t think we would recieve a lot of help. Maybe we will get help from the countries we import from. But other than that we are pretty much an enemy to a lot of countries. I predict the super volcano will erupt in 5000 years or more. Nice Job with the article.

  16. Nice article Kevin. I always doubted it would do lots of damage, but after reading your article, I started believing it. It was a very descriptive article, and when I saw the title, I was jaw dropped. GOOD JOB!!!!

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