Bush Fires Rage through Melbourne, Australia–Caitlin M.

A fire truck in front a bushfire at the Bunyip Sate ForestOn Monday February, 23d forest fires ran through Melbourne, Australia. The fire raced very fast and caused more than 100 people to evacuate and the death toll from Australia’s worst fire disaster raised to 210 people. Firefighters battled three major blazes that were located east of the city. This bush-fire has taken a major toll on these people and it has happened before. Australian bush-fires happen yearly but none of them have been this bad. Firefighters fought to save, but obviously couldn’t save all.

There were many killed and injured but there were also about 30 Australians missing. Just imagine you living happily but then a huge forest fire comes raging through your city or town. This is what happened to many of the dead, injured, and missing people and their families. This reminded me of when the big forest fire happened in San Diego, California. I saw the damage and it was terrifying, killing many forms of wildlife. Due to Australia’s large wildlife population you can guess that many animals and plants were killed. Unlike the animals, the ash will fertilize the ground and make the plants come back to life. The animals were killed in a terrible natural disaster and they will never come back. Maybe this fire will be a lesson to Australian’s citizens to be more cautious!

Discussion Questions
1. Why do you think that these fires happen often in Australia?
2. What would you do if you knew a forest fire was coming right at you?

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~ by Student Entry on March 1, 2009.

16 Responses to “Bush Fires Rage through Melbourne, Australia–Caitlin M.”

  1. This article was really intriguing, especially with those terrifying pictures.
    In answer to your first question, I think that global warming may be one of the reasons that fires occur in Australia a lot. I get this idea from reading that scientists are finding out that global warming causes extreme storms, droughts, floods, heat waves, and wildfires.
    If I knew a forest fire was coming at me, I’d probably do the worst thing possible and panic. Even if I was taught what to do in a fire some time in my life, at the moment of the fire I would just be so freaked out that unfortunately my mind would probably be cleared of all my knowledge about safety.
    You did a great job on this article, and I like how you made a connection to the San Diego fire. It must have been pretty sad to see the damage done. Like I said before, the pictures you added were really interesting and made me want to read the article right away. Excellent job, Caitlin!

  2. Q. 1. I think these fires happen in Australia very often because the citizens are not cautious enough. They need to be more careful around their country.
    I really enjoyed reading your article about the forest fires in Australia. Great Job Caitlyn!!

  3. Spectacular Caitlyn!! This article caught my eye when I was scrolling down the list of posts on this blog. It looked interesting so i decided to click on it and read. (not to say the rest are uninteresting) I suppose I’ll answer question no. 1 for this article.
    I think there are two main reasons that the forest fires are happening often in Australia. My first reason like Alyssa, is global warming. You can’t deny that it’s happening, I mean, come on. There have been some drastic changes in the weather going on lately. Australia is one of the warmer continents already. It is also known for some arid deserts and barely prospering savannas. With these attributes plus global warming, it spells out BAD NEWS. My second reason as i mentioned before is the overall climate. If it is dry, windy, and dusty, something is bound to happen. It’s like a danger lurking in the shadows able to strike at any time. With warm and windy climate + global warming it is like asking for disaster. With these characteristics it is a forest fire hotspot. Also, areas with the forest fires could easily be lacking large amounts of water so that could make them not be prevented.
    This article was well summarized and everyone is doing better on everything. I hope I can see more good posts and articles

  4. This article was very interesting, and it caught my eye right away. I liked how Caitlyn made a connection with the fire in San Diego. An answer to question number 1 is i think fires often happen in Australia is becuase the people there are not cautious enough. They are not very careful or cautious in their country. An answer to question number 2 is if a fire was coming straight at me i would be very nervous and scared. Also i would run to get help like calling the fire department edmetiadly. I thought this article was well wrote. Good job Caitlyn!!

  5. I love your story! It was very interesting. Not only was it scary that people where killed, but that they where missing too! Your article had really good pictures. I love the one with the smoke. I can see how someone can get lost in that. Nice article :.)!!

  6. This article was great. Once i saw the fire i knew it would be very interesting. I cant believe that 210 people were killed in a fire. If i lived in australia i would have been crying. Great article hope to see one like this again.

  7. I think it’s horrible that all of these people died. I heard of people who were in cars escaping the fast fire when they were burned alive. This happened to people who were dumb enough (no offence to the dead and friends)to wait around for them to be killed.

  8. First of all, good job Caitlin. I was immediately interested when I saw your title. I think that so many fires happen in Austrailia because of uncareless people and its arid climate. Since it’s not moist, everything would catch on fire quickly and it wouldn’t stop as easily. The grass would burn up, and if there was a wind, it would carry everywhere. It’s heartbreaking to know that tons of species, old and undiscovered were wiped off that continent in one false swoop. When you think of Austrailia, you think of kangaroos and other exotic creatures. The mere thought of them all being gone is horrifying.
    If a forest fire was coming right at me, I would find a safe haven, tell them what was going on, and then have a break down. I would really be freaked out if I looked into my backyard and just saw a fire lurking towards me. If I wasn’t near civilization, I would be frozen in place but at the last, minute, quickly move away to a boggy, swampy area which would be hard to catch on fire. Again, good job Caitlin!

  9. Awesome Job Caitlin! The title of your article caucht my attention. I feel really, really horrible for the people that lost their loved ones in this disaster. I thought thtat you explain it very well and had good pictures. Keep up the good work!

  10. Great job Caitlin! Your article was very well written and explained a lot about the fire. I love how you made a connection to a forest fire that had happened in the past. Family friends I have that live in California had a forest fire near their house. It was really scary when they told me about it. It’s very sad how things like this happen. I still can’t believe that 210 people were killed! And the poor animals! They had no idea! Once again, it was very well written. Great job!

    P.S. The picture you have at the top of the article give me another great reason to be afraid of fire! 😉

  11. That Looks really scary. I would not like to be there at that time. It looks like a really cool place but not right now.Great job!

  12. Way to go Caitlin!! This article was written really well. The title just like Katie W. said was really eye-catching. The pictures that you posted really helped show how serious the fire was. I really can’t believe that in this tragic incident, 210 people were killed. For question two, if the fire was coming right at me, I would find a safe place that is far away from the fire and then get help by contacting the fire department as well as the Police. I would be freaking out if I saw this fire but I would have to be very calm at the same time so that I could focus and make sure that both the people in my town as well as myself. As I mentioned before wonderful job writing and keep up the
    great work.

  13. I was reading through the rest of the comments on this article, and Joseph and Steven’s ideas caught my attention. I had first said that global warming is one thing that causes these fires, and I still agree with that. But after reading Joe and Steven’s comments, I saw that the climate also affects how these disasterous fires start. If it was really dry and almost nothing was wet, that would probably cause the fire to spread really easily. The fact that the fire did of course happen in a forst (considering that it’s named a “forest fire”), the trees obviously contributed to it A LOT. There is probably also a bunch of other stuff in forests that could help flames keep moving along. Wind would not help stop the forest fire either, as Joe said.
    Everyone else had really good answers too that made me think about this topic more!!!

  14. Nice work with your article Caitlin! Fires like the one you talked about, can be devastating to an area. Although you talked about many of the sad and tragic things that occurred sometimes natural fires can be beneficial to an area of land. When I drove down to New Orleans in December I got to see many of the beautiful wetlands. While I was there, lightning struck one of the wetlands (which happens often) and caused a fire to start. The next day a large section was black and burned. A citizen of New Orleans said, “Don’t worry! These natural fires actually help to add nutrients to our wetlands which allows them to grow back stronger than ever!”

    Do you think the areas burned will be able to regrow and come back stronger than it was before? Would this kind of event scare you from moving to a location like this?

  15. Wow nice job!! I was amazed to see that there was another fire that had kille lots of people and left more injured. Your pictures were very intersing and detial. It felt like I could really feel the heat coming off of them! How did the fire start and how do people go missing? They probly were caught in the fire and no one knew about it. I am goin to answer question 2, If a fire was comin at me now I would most likely run like there is no tomorrow, which there could be! I would find any water I could find and throw it at the fire.

  16. Great Job Caitlin!! You wrote wonderfully! We liked the part when you talked about how many days it was burning for. We would be very scared if a fire was burning for 23 days.We can’t imagine what the destruction would be like since it was burning for a lot of days. Overall, your article was fantastic!!!

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