Mount St. Helen’s eruption: Kevin W.

Mount St. Helen’s erupts in 1980!

Did you know that mount St. Helen’s is one of the most deadliest volcanoes in the world. All of sudden seismic graphs had readings of small earthquakes. They gradually got bigger and bigger. Then volcanologist’s quickly headed up to the mountain. For days they waited and waited for the huge disaster to happen. But also it would be a beautiful sight. Then one day the wait was over. Massive earthquakes shook the mountain. Suddenly half of the mountain collapsed causing a huge land slide. This is when liquefaction comes in play. Then bursts of magma bombs come shooting out of the top of the volcano. The power was so strong that it was stronger than 70,000 tons of dynamite. The protoplasmic flow released a consuming amount of ash,gas, and smoke. It traveled at 400 miles per hour. Hundreds of people were killed. Many were buried alive or incinerated. But it could of been worse. Many evacuated and were saved. Now you know why this was one of the most deadliest volcanoes ever!

Why do you think this happened?

What are some of the clues telling scientists about the eruption?


~ by Student Entry on March 17, 2009.

12 Responses to “Mount St. Helen’s eruption: Kevin W.”

  1. AWESOME job, Kevin!!! Those are really cool pictures. We watched a video that talked a little about Mount St. Helens.

  2. Aweome job kevin. I liked how this article really related to what we are now talking abpout in class. Volcanoes can be scary but to me they are beautiful. Hopefully this volcano won’t cause too musch more damage and take more lives away. Very cool pictures and great topic.

  3. Coolio! Good job Kevin! I like the pictures and your article was really descriptive. It’s so sad how Mount Saint Helen’s eruptions killed so many people. In answer to question 2, I think that scientists can find clues like fossil type things and plant life. Good Job!

    Katie W. Period 4

  4. your story was really great! your pictures where really cool too :-). i cant believe that a volcano erruption could be strong enough to collaspe half of the mountain and it’s really sad that many people died :-(. great job!!!!!

  5. Excellent article Kevin! The pictures you provided showed us some different views of the same volcano. I think that this happened because the volcano was ready to erupt, and the earthquakes shifted its small plate which had the other side collapse. It was even worse because the combination of highly dangerous gases(pyroclastic flow) and chunks of rock(landslides) was unpreventable. Even though many were saved, if volcanologists spread the word out faster possibly everyone could’ve and would’ve been evacuated.

  6. Good job Kevin!! The pictures you included for your article are very interesting! Wow! I can’t believe that Mount St. Helen was one of the most deadliest volcano in the world. I can’t believe that the power was more than 70,000 dynamite tons. Great article Kevin!!

  7. Great job Kevin! I knew Mount St. Helen was a dangerous volcano but I had no idea that it is one the most deadliest volcanoes in the world! You had great description in your article and the pictures at the top are really cool! Good Job!;-P

  8. Good job kevin! I knew st helen was very famous and dangerous but i had NO idea that it is so deadly, in fact the most dealyest one in the world. Yoiu did really good with this acrticle as well!!! = ]

  9. Great job Kevin, that was really discriptive and good!!! You got straight to the point and the topic was so interesting! I learned so much I didnt know the volcanoe killed so many people!

  10. very descriptive. you put a lot of details in the article and showed us what happened with the mount st. helen’s eruption. the only mistake i found was that you didn’t put a question mark in your first question when you asked a question. overall, it was a great article that you posted.

  11. nice job finding a story to write about 🙂 i like the pictures. its amazing that just a simple volcano can do so much damage and half of the mountain came apart. but a lot of people died 😦 thats not cool! COOL ARTICLE.

  12. thst was a great article Kevin! i had no clue mount saint helen was so dangerous! now i know where to not go 🙂 anyway, those were really great pictures and was very insightful ! good job!

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