Warm Waters Bring Huge Hurricanes–Alexa M. Period 4


This article is about a theory that global warming is one of the reasons that hurricanes get stronger. Also how they increase the amount of hurricanes. In the past 30 years they have been 50 to 80 percent stronger. Since warm water is a fuel for hurricanes, and the planet is warming up, the hurricanes can get stronger easily. The depth of warm water on the surface is usually up to 20 feet deep, and then it is cooler underneath. But since the water is warm even farther down then that, the hurricane can continue to get stronger because of so much warm water that it is able to pick up. They still don’t now if global warming is the cause of this, or if it is the cause of the steady shrinking of the Arctic Ocean ice cap.

Discussion Questions:

1.Do you think that global warming is causing much stronger and more hurricanes?
2.Do you think this can be stopped?




~ by Student Entry on March 17, 2009.

13 Responses to “Warm Waters Bring Huge Hurricanes–Alexa M. Period 4”

  1. Great article Alexa!!! It is interesting that warm water can cause hurricanes. As global warming becomes more worse, there will be more hurricanes and more damage to our costal areas. It is amazing that in the past 30 years, hurricanes have gotten stronger and stronger. I wonder what it will be like in 30 more years. Also, if the atlantic ocean becomes warmer and warmer, there might become a possiblity that there will be hurricanes up north.Plus, I dont think this problem will be able to stop because if we cant stop global warming completly, we wont be able to stop the hurricanes because they are being powered by the warm water.

  2. Wow Alexa!!!! That was a fantastic article!!! There were many great facts, such as you mentioning that In the past 30 years the hurricanes have been 50-80 percent stronger!! That is a very drastic change!! I will answer discussion question #2: I think that this can’t be stopped because I don’t think that it is realistic for the planet to stop warming up. You mentioned in your article that since the planet’s warming up, and since warm water is a fuel for hurricanes, hurricanes become more popular, and increase in strength. So, that cannot be stopped. Lastly, I agree with Rachel F. because if global warming stops completely, we won’t be able to stop the hurricanes because they are being powered by the warm water. Nice work Alexa!

  3. Good job Alexa. I think that global warming can have a big toll on the strength of hurricanes. Over the past several years there have been more hurricanes then normal, not all of them were strong but the number has definetly increased. The sooner we solve global warming the safer and better off we are. Very good pictures too. Some and many people may disagree but I don’t feel that humans are the entire cause of glabal warming. I think this because the Earth goes through tempurature changes every few decades and the tempurature has rised the exact same amount on Mars. I think that we as humans can help stop some of it but not all of it.

  4. I really loved your article! Its really interesting because i never knew that global warming can effect hurricanes. So going green can actually help hurricanes. I think that global warming can effect hurricanes and make them stroger since they run on heat. I still don’t think it will prevent them though. Great job

  5. wow thats a cool topic. carlos and i also think stronger hurricanes are coming from global warming we liked your pic and would like to see another article from you

  6. Good job Alexa! I do think that global warming is strengthening hurricanes. This is because the increase in temperature will have them occur more often, and with more hurricanes there’s more of a chance of having a strong hurricane, not to say that we won’t be prepared. I do think this can be stopped but only if ALL OF US try our hardest to go eco-friendly and help the Earth. Again, fantastic job!!!

  7. Great job Alexa! that article was great but a little scary for me. for example when it said in the past 30 years 50 to 80 percent stronger. Freaky but a very interesting thing to know and to keep in mind. Thanks for the great article!

  8. Alexa I think that these hurricanes are being caused by global warming because as we learned earlier in the year that the heat of the water would cause hurricane which is exactly what is happening. I think this can be stopped if we don’t litter or pollute the air or water the global warming will stop an so will the hurricanes. All of us are trying to not pollute because it will also hurt us. I also want to say great job on the article and that it has many interesting facts and pictures. Bye

  9. Great job Alexa! 😀 Now that I read your article everything is starting to make sense. Because of global warming the oceans are getting warmer and warm water is the fuel for hurricanes so that means the hurricanes got stronger! I feel so smart! 😛 To answer your question I think this can be stopped. But first we have to stop global warming. REMEMBER Reduce Reuse Recycle! 🙂 😀

  10. Good job Alexa!!!! I never knew that because of global warning the water is becoming warmer and it is getting deeper. I’m surprised to know that by creating more global warming it will affect not only the heat of our planet, but the amount of natural disasters (hurricanes).

  11. I never thought that global warming had anything to do with hurricane. It was very intelligent to come to that conclusion that global warming warms ocean waters make hurricanes stronger. P.S. I like your picture. Good Job!

  12. good job Alexa ! That was an amazing article. I do believe that the cause to all the hurricanes is the global warming issue.Since the earth is very
    clearly getting warmer and hurricanes are getting stronger, there doesn’t seem to be any other explanation. If people say its because of the ice caps melting, then they’re saying the same thing because the global warming is making them melt! There has to be changes made to the earth to lower hurricane growth and keep it healthy.

  13. great article! the picture is really interesting/cool with the globe on fire! you did a really good job! we think global warming can be prevented from further damage but not be undone, and the heat could power hurricanes and make them stronger :-(. but, good job!!!!!!!!!!!:-)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 !!!!!!!!!! 🙂 !!!!!!!!!

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