Say NO To Plastic Bags by Ashwin K.

The plastic bag. If you looked around the room you’re in you could probably find one. Some including myself save the ones we got from a store. You use them as trash bags you use them to pickup your dog’s poop, to carry things around, and enough others that I could write a book. Do you know what it is made of? Plastic which is made of oil which they drill from the ground. You may say hey I went green I carpool, I turn off the lights. You are not truly green unless you get rid of your plastic. Nearly ten percent of oil used in the U.S. is for plastic. That’s 2 million barrels! Imagine How many Miles that would take you.
In places like Australia people are saying NO to plastic bags. You can to, if a store has them you can use paper bags instead. Even though paper bags are better than plastic bags there is still a better choice. Bring a cloth bag you can use it again and again. The heavier item that would rip the weaker plastic or paper bags are still in the bag when you get home. Don’t wait for the government to tell you that you should stop. In New York City Mayor Bloomberg is proposing a five cent fee on every plastic bag, it has to be approved by the State Legislature. This is nice compared to Seattle’s proposed twenty cent fee for plastic bags. It is going to be voted on in August. San Francisco is the first large city to ban plastic bags. In no state has there been a state wide fee or ban. In places like Scotland, Taiwan and Ireland whole countries are trying to do something about pollution. IN contrast in places such as South Africa plastic bags are so prominent that they have earned the title national flower. Do you eat fish? If you don’t is it maybe because you don’t like the idea of killing fish. If you get a plastic bag into the ocean somehow you may have just killed a whale. If you think whalers are horrible people for killing whales then what can you say about yourself to lazy to reuse or not use ever that plastic bag you think it would be easier to throw it in the ocean kill a whale. Don’t kill a whale don’t pollute, don’t use a plastic bag. Buy a cloth one. The day they start taxing you for plastic bags you’ll be happy that you already have a paper one.

Discussion Questions

1. Are there ways that you personally could do something about the plastic bag problem?

2. Name one other way that plastic bags are effecting the environment.



~ by Student Entry on March 19, 2009.

10 Responses to “Say NO To Plastic Bags by Ashwin K.”

  1. Good Job! I really liked your topic and you had a lot of facts to really support this. Plastic bags are also being thrown on the ground carlessly. Then from rain they can travel into a stream and then a larger body of water. If an animal swims into it they will either get stuck, choke on it, or die.

  2. Great job. I loved your topic and I understand what you are saying. I own several “green bags” that my family reuses every time that we go grocery shopping. Great article and great facts to support and make your answer better.

  3. Your article was really good. I never knew that plastic is made up of oil! You mentioned a lot of ways plastic bags harm the enviorment and how to help. Great job!

  4. Great Article!!! It was surprising how many oil is used for plastic bags! Which is a 10% which in the U.S. is a lot. I never realized that what we just as bad as whalers! I think that your topic was very interesting! Great Article Ashwin!!!

  5. Cool article Ashwin! I didn’t even think they would use that much oil for a simple plastic bag. Some ways I could personally stop the plastic bag problem is to not use them at lunch time, instead use reusable foil or tupperware which you can keep and use for a long time. whenever I go to the store, i can make sure there are some canvas bags in the car for carrying groceries. Plastic bags are also affecting the environment by adding on to global warming with the trash build up and because they don’t decompose quickly, they’ll be harmful and use up space which could have better things there in its place.

  6. GREAT JOB!!! That was really good! You got straight to the point and you were very discriptive. That was a very good topic and important to our environment. It is good to keep in mind!!!

  7. Yes Ashwin there is many ways to stop the plastic bag population.One way is to buy a paper bag and reuse it. I liked all of the facts in your article and without these plastic the pollution on earth will stop. See you later.

  8. Wow! This article is really interesting and surprising as well. Who knew that there are actually oil in supermarket bags! Now that I know it changes everything. NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS! SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT!

  9. Good articule Ashwin! It’s amazing how much oil is used to make plastic bags. Also, I thought it was sad that when you use plastic bags or don’t recycle, we are just as bad as whalers. Additionally, it is worse that if you just throw it in the street it could end up in the ocean! Keep posting! 🙂

  10. you are very right Ashwin! this a serious problem, not only for earth but for the animals that live on it. Everyone shouyld use cloth bags tho, instead of plastic or paper. this helps both. turtles also suffer from this because they think the bags are jellyfish and try to eat them but die because it gets caught in their throats!They were here on earth before us so why should they get pushed out?! It’s not right and i know that personally, i DON’T use plastic bags when i go shopping!!!!!!

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