The Largest Mountain Range On the Planet! By Chris L.

The Mid-Ocean Ridge


The Mid-Ocean Ridge is a fascinating subject to study. Some believe the largest mountain range is the Himalayas or even the Rockies. But, they are wrong. The largest mountain range on the planet is the Mid-Ocean Ridge. The Mid-Ocean Ridge stretches around the entire earth. It is truly amazing. The Mid-Ocean Ridge Snakes its way around the world. It stretches about 40,000 miles around the earth. This gigantic mountain range can also cause mass destruction. The horrifying 1906 quake in San Francisco was caused by this particular mountain range. When the plates along the ridge collide the results devastate whatever town or city the quake reaches. The earthquake in San Francisco in 1996 lasted 15 seconds but still caused 42 deaths to take place. These earthquakes can occur at any time anywhere. But the Mid-Ocean Ridge can help plants and animals live. Expeditions to the Mid-Ocean Ridge have had recent success. Scientists have discovered black smokers. These black smokers are like chimneys releasing hot gas from deep inside the Earth. This gas helps fish and plants to live down under. Tube worms, crabs, fish, plants and many other animals live deep in the ocean. The Mid-Ocean Ridge is an interesting topic to study. It is truly a mystery. It can cause life and destruction. We must prepare for its blow to the Earth. Scientists believe it will cause California to split from the U.S.A. causing thousands of severe casualties inside the state. They also believe it could lead to thousands of earthquakes all taking place at once. Tsunamis and eruptions will cause destruction all over the world. The only thing we can do is wait.

1. Explain your opinion of the black smokers. How do you think they can allow life to live in the deepest part of the Earth?

2. Why do you think the Mid-Ocean Ridge can cause so much destruction to our world. Think about 3 or more possibilities of how it can cause so many Natural Disasters to occur at the same time.(Notice where its placement is.)

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~ by Student Entry on March 30, 2009.

12 Responses to “The Largest Mountain Range On the Planet! By Chris L.”

  1. Great job Christian! I’ll answer number 1.
    I think black smokers are a good thing for the bottom of the ocean. It’s cool that there are new life forms underwater which could give evidence for even newer undiscovered species. They can support life because it porvides the oxygen the organisms need to survive, and minerals within it. In that area, it is dark and barren so there aren’t many things to eat, giving the organisms (tube worms, went crabs, etc.) the choices of cannabalism, exstinction, or finding a way to survive which the smoker provides. In my opinion, they’re good.

  2. Good job Christen! To answer discussion question #2: My opinion on black smokers is that they are very good for the environment. The gas helps fish and plants to live down under. As you mentioned that tube worms, crabs, fish, plants, and many other animals live in the ocean, the black smokers are helping them live healthier. Good job!!

  3. I must have been absent the day my teacher did this lesson…I learned something today… and your writing is evidence of a fine education…continue to always work to meet your potential. Big Up Christian!!!

  4. Excellent Writing Chris! I was really surprised on how the mid-ocean rige stretches across the entire earth. I never imagined that it would be so big. I also thought your picture was very helpful becuase I could get a very good idea on what the mid-ocean ridge actually looks like. I was shocked that an earthquake in San Francisco lasted for 15 seconds but still killed 42 people! Your article was very well written. Keep up the great work!

  5. Hello Christian,
    Very informative article. I had no idea the Ocean Ridge is the largest mountain range in the planet. It’s scary to think about the potential destruction it could cause. Great writing. Maybe I’ll have you write some of my presentations. Great job. Irma

  6. Fantastic job Christian! Well done! It’s amazing to learn that these “black smokers” are able to support life deep down under by serving as a “chimney”. Now, if I ever get the trivial pursuit question of “what is the largest mountain range on the planet” I can now answer with confidence “Mid-Ocean Ridge” after reading your piece. This may actually win me the game. We all remember how bad I lost last time. Keep up the great work! Keep writing!
    Titi Janette

  7. Excellent Writing Christian! I was shocked that an earthquake in San Francisco lasted for 15 seconds but still killed 42 people! 15 seconds is not a long time.I did not know the Ocean Ridge is the largest mountain range in the planet. Great job!

  8. I love your article. You included everything that we learnedabout the mid ocean ridge. Very clever.

  9. your article was real,ly 🙂 good and its really cool how the largest moun. range is under water. i cant imagine california seperating from the united states. i dont really know how the black smokers can cause fish to live but thats cool . good job !!!!!

  10. Good job! that was really interresting. I’m so surpiesed that califroana could sperate from the U.S. I hope that doesnt happen. i dont know that the black smokers ccan cause fish to live and stuff.I also was surpriesed by a 15 second earth quake! overalll nice work!!!!!! haha

  11. Good job Christian! That was really good. It was very clear and you got straight to the point. The topic was very interesting and I learned alot!

  12. nice article Chris that would be really weird if California might split away from the united states. will it still be apart of America or its own country? just wondering also that in a 15 seconds earthquake it killed 42 people.

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