A new solution to fuel may have been found!! -Steven H

It has been known for a year or so that algae could be turned into biodiesel fuel, a fuel type that might work as an energy source replacement for oil. The biodiesel is very eco-friendly and more effective than older versions. The problem was older algae fuels were ridiculously expensive to make. Now, a much cheaper solution to the creation of the biodiesel has been found recently. Because of the limitless amount of algae growing in bodies of water growing as you read this we would not run out of it. Also, another good thing about this is that when the algae is processed into fuel there is no runoff left behind so no pollution happens with that.

With this algae biodiesel a new hope for an oil replacement source is beginning to become a reality. It’s fast to make, cheap, and eco-friendly. Right now, this is the most promising source for an oil replacement and is topping all the other fuel ideas by a lot. If a big and productive plant was built to manufacture this, it is estimated that workers could make 50 million gallons of algae biodiesel annually. With this idea for algae, it might just be the start of the USA’s trek for independence from oil.

Do you think that the algae biodiesel will be a successful fuel source? Why or why not?
Do you think that a better and more efficient fuel source will be discovered?



~ by Student Entry on April 1, 2009.

9 Responses to “A new solution to fuel may have been found!! -Steven H”

  1. Another EXCELLENT article by Joe H.! I did not know that algae could be turned into biodiesel fuel. That is very interesting that biodiesel is very eco-friendly and more effective than older versions.

  2. Hey Steven! I love your article. How come they did not find biodeisel in algea, eventhough it does sound a little far fetched. Could you follow up on my question?

  3. Great article Steven! It’s so cool that they found a way to create eco-friendly fuel out of algae! Your article was very interesting and kept my eyes glued to the computer screen!

  4. I love your article because oil is something every1 uses and likes needs for cars and stuff. some cars use corn starch but it doesnt burn like oil. That also would be good it it made oil cheaper because oil is expensive and won’t last for ever so eventually we will need a back up. great article 🙂

  5. Cool. Im so happy that we have found a new kind of feul. I love your acrticle. We should all try to be very carfull with everything going on in the world right now. Like pollution and golbal warming. With the Algae stuff it will reduce that and hopefully need to a bigger claener life. Gas prices will also go down too. Nice job steven : )

  6. Hi Steven! Your articule was so good! I’m so glad that scientists have found a new source for oil. I think that the biodiesel algae will be successful because it is unlimited and it is very cheap. Also, there is a lot of it growing underwater. I think that they will porbably find another source for oil in the future with the possible technology they will have then. However, for right now, we should try to use the biodiesel algae carefully and not use it wasterfully, 🙂

  7. Good Job!!! I really liked your responce. It was very informative. I am sooooooo happy that there is a new fuel. This will cut down on using oil and will help Global Warming. There will also be less pollution. GREAT RESPONCE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. hey Steven, i love it. i am hoping that Obama will pick up on this, he promised to create jobs and fuel, the u.s could be richer than the Saudis (is that possible) and we could be a leader in fuel and economy again. it would be great to employ lots of people making oil from sea food! well written article. see ya!

  9. Hey great article! I have recently wrote an article that discusses the progress made by two algae bio fuel companies. Check it out! New Technology goes through three stages:
    First it is ridiculed by those ignorant of its potential
    Next, it is subverted by those threatened by its potential
    Finally, it is considered self-evident.
    This article is in response to an Oil Drum article linked below.
    Take a look at the article to get a good understanding on how I shaped my response.
    The Oil Drum article may have been relevant when published back in may of 2009 but many of these limitations have and will be overcome by advances in technology, along with increases in private and public investments.  With global investment in carbon capturing in the billions, the race has been set to see which companies can emerge as technology leaders.  The companies that do succeed will only realize success when they integrate their technologies with one another to create a superior technology.  These integrations will help push the industry forward and eventually will create a paradigm shift in carbon capturing. 
    The scenario for success I just explained, closely resembles Origin Oil and MBD Energy’s current relationship.  Many are ignorant and threatened by the potential of capturing carbon to produce biofuel, they simply say “It can not be done.”   Step one and two regarding phases of new technology complete.  The oil drum article vaguely communicated to readers the failure of Green Fuel and with Green Fuel’s failure tried to subvert their audience into believing if one fails, they all fail!  This notion that if one fails all fails holds very little weight.  Present day knowledge and opportunities to turn carbon into a viable fuel source has become self evident.  
    When a technology becomes self evident it has reached it’s final stage, commercialization.  This stage has been evolving the past year with major R&D projects being funded by the largest publicly traded oil companies in the world.  Bp, Shell, Royal Dutch and the biggest investor of them all Exxon Mobil are all in the race.  The big boys now consider these technologies self evident and see the need to invest in order to secure their competitive advantage amongst one another.  It is only a matter of time before we see the first industrial scale carbon capturing plant that can produce algae as a biofuel.  In my opinion MBD Energy and Origin Oil, through the integration of their technologies, will be the first to achieve this amazing feat.
    Origin Oil’s market strategy is unique because they look to integrate their technologies with other thriving companies to establish a competitive advantage.  They were voted by BiofuelDigest.com top 30 most transformative technologies in 2010. Their  portfolio consisting of 10 patent pending technologies are crucial to their success and are regarded to as industry game changers. CEO Riggs Eckleberry and CTO Dr. Brian Goodall combine for over 50 years of networking and industry experience. Origin Oil’s ability to create synergy between them selves and existing biofuel companies by integrating technologies will serve them well in the long run. This unique market entry strategy will drive their industry growth and will enable them to become industry leaders in technology innovation and integration.

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