Astronauts Evacuate Space Station Temporarily During Collision Scare- Joe H.

On March 13th, 2009 an interesting but scary thing happened at the International Space Station which is located on the moon. A piece of an old rocket motor, only 5 inches in diameter came close to destroying the ISS(International Space Station). The astronauts had to take refuge in an old russian spacecraft which is their lifin orbit since 1993 eline to Earth, if all went wrong. The small disk-like figure coming towards them at 21,000 mph could have ripped a hole through it, possibly creating an explosion that could be their end. Because our link to space isn’t too good it took a longer time to warn the astronauts about this treat. Once they woke up and heard the call, the three astronauts hurried out and took supplies needed in case of minor repairs. Since the Russian Spacecraft was small and older, they were unable to get a clear view of how close the space-object actually came.

After 11 breathtaking minutes, the evacuation was over and the trio reentered the space station with no harm done, reporting this back to mission control. It turns out that the object was circling around since 1993 and was bound to hit at any moment. The astronauts were glad that scientists had made this precaution and now we know to be more aware of debris and what we put in space. This concern cancels out one idea about solving global warming; putting the trash into space because of its impending dangers in orbit.


Discussion questions:

If the space object did hit, what kind of damage do you think it would cause?

What do you think the astronauts first course of action would be?


~ by Student Entry on April 1, 2009.

9 Responses to “Astronauts Evacuate Space Station Temporarily During Collision Scare- Joe H.”

  1. Another GREAT article by Steven H.! That is really scary even though it happened for only 11 minutes.

  2. Hey Joe nice article! To those guys, those11 minutes could’ve felt like hours! I did not even know that there was even a space station on the moon! How did they build it ? What is it made of? At least no one/thing got hurt/damaged.

  3. this article is good i am terrified of outer space and cant imagine being there for like one minute without something going qwrong but for eleven minutes which problablyseemed long wouldve freakd=ed me out good job 🙂

  4. Wait, so the thing actully fell down from space?

  5. Great job Joe! That was very interesting to read! You got straight to the point and you were very discriptive! Keep up the good work!

  6. Great job Joe. That was very good and descriptive. Before i read this article i didn’t know anything about this but now that i read it i know to be very careful and be aware of every little thing. Also, I always thought that we had great technology and can get our facts to space right away. But now I know even know that no one in the whole world probably has the technology we need to communicate with people in space. Great article! Keep up the good work.

  7. Nice job Joe! When I was reading it I was freaking out and I read faster to see if anything happened to them. Thankfully, nothing did. Anyway, the damage would have been pretty bad because a motor from a rocket is big. Also, it could’ve left a big crater in the Moon an possibly hurt the space station. I think the spacemen/spacewomens’ first course of action would be to get out of the area and grab any items that would be useful in escaping the rocket motor. Keep posing! 🙂

  8. how extremely interesting. who would know that a 5 inch asteroid would cause so much damage and it turns out that the pipsqueak was orbiting the moon for 16 years? i was shocked when i read that in your article. it was a fabulous article and it would be so freaky to find out it was heading towards scotch plains. but we know it’s not and overall that was an amazing article

  9. You’d think after all of the precaution’s they take that getting hit by a piece of junk from 1993 wouldn’t happen. Astronomers track stuff that might crash into earth millions of years in the future but can’t keep an eye on what’s happening in our own orbit. That’s pretty pathetic after all of the TAX money OUR money that get’s put in they can’t take care of that.

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