Auva D. The Swine Flu Hits The United States


The Swine Flu is common usually in Swine not much humans. However the people who work around Swine seem to get it the most. If the Swine carry a strain it is able to affect humans. The symptoms of Swine Flu are similar to those of Influenza such as chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, headaches, coughing, and weakness. 20 human cases of Swine Influenza virus have been founded in California, Texas, New York City, Kansas, Indiana, and Ohio but thankfully there were no deaths. Though in Mexico 152 deaths have been reported and many more cases still in stable conditions. It has been recommended that people in Mexico stay away from public areas such as theaters and such. Though as the regular flu it can be recovered from in time.

Discussion Questions:

1) How will you react if the Swine Flu enters it’s way into New Jersey?

2) Why do you think the Swine Flu is most common in Mexico?



~ by Student Entry on April 29, 2009.

34 Responses to “Auva D. The Swine Flu Hits The United States”

  1. Hi Auva! Nice jod with your “blog” If the swine flu eneters its way into new jersey, I would be really scared and i wouldnt go to a farm with pigs… Also I would be really carefull arong people that went to Mexico and wash my hands soooo often. I think the swine flu is most comon in Mexico because thats were it started out on a farm. Overall, your acrticle was really good = ]

  2. Wow! I recently heard about the swine flu also. I can’t believe that 152 deaths were reported from Mexico, and more to come! If the Swine Flu enters it’s way into New Jersey, I will become extremly nervous and want to stay away from everything outside of my house! I wouldn’t want to go to school, soccer practices, or any family events I would have during the tragedy!! I hope that this doesn’t happen, but if it does, you might never see me again at school Auva!! Let’s hope for the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think that it is in mexico because of all of the pigs and dirt.
    Also I like a lot of the facts that you put in to this article. I bet that it took a lot of time. Bye

  4. Gosh. When I heard about the swine flu, I didn’t know anything about. I didn’t know the affects it did to people or anything. Well you informed me with a lot of great new information. If the swine flu ever came to New Jersey I would be so frightened. I would ask my mom if I can stay home and not go to school or go anywhere in public. I wouldn’t know what to do. I would be shaking in fear. I think the swine flu has killed many people and is most common in Mexico because Mexico is very poor and doesn’t have the medication we have. It is common there because many people are very poor and are farmers and have pigs and when the pigs get the swine flu they pass the flu on to people and the people don’t have the medicine to cure them. That’s my opinion. Great article, I like all the details, It was very descriptive. Keep up the good work.

  5. WOW!!!! Your article was GREAT!!! Also, it was interesting. My answer for your first question is VERY SCARED!!! If the swine flu enters New Jersey, I would be scared. For your second question: I think that it is most common in Mexico because that is where it all generated from. It is very tragic that 152 deaths were recorded in Mexico. All in all, you did a FANTASTIC job on your blog!!!!!

  6. Hey Auva! i really enjoyed this article. I agree with Paige that i cant believe that 152 deaths in Mexico. Auva great job!

  7. Good article!!! I cant believe how many people the swine flu killed in Mexico. If the swine flu entered into New Jersey, i would be really scared and not want to go any where and go near anybody. If i got any of the symptoms that are in the swine flu i would be really scared and not know what to do. I wonder how fast the swine flu will spread to kill more people. Hopefully the swine flu does not enter New Jersey.

  8. It is very scary to think about that. If swine flu entered NJ I would well just be scared. I would stay home and go out only to school. I think that it is most common in Mexico because they work with pigs and they are very crowded. After people have the tight area’s cause people to pass it on. Then with so many people sick it will just spread. I can not believe that 152 people died. How sad for those families.

  9. Great Article! It’s very interesting how Swine Flu spread from maybe a few people to over a hundred. Also, for question number one, if Swine Flu came to New Jersey I would be VERY cautious about stay clean [washing my hands] and about being in public areas. Your article was really interesting and it had an awesome picture.

  10. I want to answer your first discussion question. If the swine flu came to New Jersey and was in our town I would freak out! But hopefully whoever did have it wasn’t so sick and didn’t have an possibility of dyeing. I also want to answer your second discussion question. The swine flu is probably most common in Mexico because it started there. I don’t know all of the details but they said that a pig had it in Mexico, and then the farmer got it. He might not have known exactly what it was so if he was near anyone they would probably get sick. Then those people spread it and lots of people got sick. Overall, Auva this was a great article and it was very interesting.

  11. Great article Auva!! I really concerned about the swine flew too. I am going to answer to question number one. If the swine flew enters New Jersey i would wear a mask a round to protect me from germs. Also i would be aware of people around me. Good article Auva

  12. I like how you describe the symptoms for Swine Influenza. I would not have known all of that, even if I wasn’t too lazy to get up and try to find out. I also wouldn’t have found out that there was 152 deaths in Mexico. THAT’S CRAZY!!! If Swine Influenza hit NJ, I would probably just hide under my bed covers! And now that they know what started it, they should have the farmers wear masks or something to protect themselves. That was a great article!

  13. heyy auvicinz!thank you so much for posting this article. I’m much less nervous about having and not knowing it. You stated all of the symptoms like headache, muscle pain, weakness. this was inforamive and you did a great job on settling worries like how there’s been no deaths yet and how it hasn’t spreed to new jersey yet (although there is now (4). also, how it can recover over time, like the regular flu. I didn’t know it was so easy to spreed, like by going into theaters, and other public places. I won’t be visiting Mexico any time soon!!!!!!!Trust me!!!!!!!!Great job! : D

  14. Nice job! It was very informational and I can not believe how many people have died from it!

  15. Man, the Swine Flu is really taking its hits, isn’t it? If Swine Flu enters New Jersey, I’d stay in Greece until it is gone. Swine Flu’s most common in Mexico because they all work around Swine so they’re more likely to receive Swine Flu.

    There was one mistake however. A 20 month year old baby died from Swine Flu, but of course, this could’ve been written before. I’ll check the date.

    Still, I just got my update on Swine Flu, so thanks!

  16. hey, thats really cool. i never knew much about swine flu, but now i feel a little more informed. its good that not many people died in the u.s. :)but its sad that many people died in Mexico. 😦 nice job writing the “blog”

  17. I’ve been watching the Flu’s path carefully. It has spread to 20 different states in 5 day ( not including other countries). This Flu never ends does it!!!!!

  18. Wow, i never thought such an academic would occur in the United States. We have dodged many problems before but this is totally different. I never thought that Mexico could be so careless about their health that they would let 152 people die of this disease. Anyway, great article. I thought that it was very informational and makes everyone aware that everyone is at risk of getting this disease. Good job!

  19. Very interesting Auva! I always wondered what the swine flu was because everyone was talking about but no one really knew what it was (now i no). I really hope the swine flu doesn’t come to New Jersey, if it did i would be really scared but now that i know more about it I wouldn’t be as scared. Anyway GREAT job on your article it was really good! 🙂 😀

  20. Cool article! Is that really true ? I cant believe a lot of people died in Mexico but none in the United States.

  21. Great job on the articule Auva, I thought it was really well written! Since the Swine Flu reached the U.S, I would think that it would take a while to get all the way to New Jersey. However, if it did, then I would be very freaked out and I would stay away from people that are coughing a lot or sneezing a lot. Also, I would use hand sanitizers and wash my hands as well. I think the Swine flu is common in Mexico because that’s where it started. Thanks for posting this articule!:)

  22. hey, good job with your blog! If the swine flew made its way to New Jersey i would be scarred. Also i think most schools would be shut down. Public places would be shut down also. Soon, this will not be anything to worry about! Overall, your article was good :]

  23. Can swine flu travel that far? i cant believe that. yet it seems that mexico is the only one facing the damage.

    p.s in my previous article i meant to write , but none in the u.s

  24. Im just replying at your discussion question. if swine flu came closer to N.J i would freak out! of i wouldn’t want to catch the disease. But i have one question, what is the difference between the flu and swine flu? is it just because it comes from types of swine? cool article.

  25. Wow Auva, that was really informational! Now I know more about it, but why did you put a picture of pigs? You can’t get it from eating pigs, trust me I know my dad’s work does this kind of stuff and if they didn’t know they would lose a lot of money.

    Allie Durett

  26. I would like freak out if the swine flu came near us. My mom is like totally afraid of germs and is crazy without swine flu but she would panic if it came closer. I love your article because its like a mayjor thing now in the news and stuff. i love the colors. 🙂 great job!!!!

  27. Hey Auva, you did a really good job on your blog!!! Since I learned some much about your blog I am going to wash my hands all the time now. Also just to update you only one person died by it was a 1 year 13 month baby.

  28. Wow!!!!!!! The swine flu killed 152 people and I can’t believe it! If the swine flu moved into New Jersey I would probably stay at home until it is gone and not touch anyone. Until then I would be a germaphobic like Mr.Piniat!! 🙂 🙂

  29. For question number one If the swine flu enters its way into New Jersey, I would be scared, I would not no what to do, I would just stay away from other people, and stay away in my house so, I would not catch the swine flu.

  30. Well Allie, I put a picture of pigs because the swine flu was given to us by the pigs. I know that you can’t get it from eating it and such but pigs were the main cause of this sickness.

  31. Good job Auva! If swine flu made it into New Jersey (which is possible), I would wash my hands crazy to eliminate any chance of getting it. Even though there are only a few deaths from it, others are still very sick. Swine flu is most common in Mexico because as we learned in social studies, a lot of people there are in poverty. They probably have no health care and are prone to diseases. Since the city is so crowded, it would spread easily and quickly as well. Hopefully, this matter will be solved soon. You did good on your article.

  32. i think swine flu is most comman in mexico becase that is where mainly all the pigs are that carry swine flu

  33. Good job on your paper on swine flu. If swine flu hits the U.S. I wont be worried. The flu kills more people then swine flu ever did. There are more things to worry about now. I think there is more swine flu in Mexico because they work with pigs more then the U.S. or any other country. Swine flu is something to worry about but all of us shouldnt get that worried.

  34. Nice blog! I’m a little worried since Swine flu is now considered widespread in New Jersey as of Wed. Oct. 27th. We have a confirmed case at Coles School so it is getting very close and I am concerned.

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