Beware of the SWINE FLU!!!

Swine Flu Spreads to Middle East, Asia-Pacifi

Lately, you may have heard of a terrible virus that has been going around, the SWINE FLU!!! This terrible virus is one that American scientists are seeing for the first time and are very concerned about the outbreak. The Swine Flu started in Mexico which is a major reason why many people in the United States are getting it. Over their spring breaks, many people vacationed to Mexico and were exposed to this sometimes deadly disease. There are about 50 cases of the flu in the US, 28 of them coming from NYC, NY. Many different countries have also been affected by the virus and are taking extra precautions to keep their country safe. Certain companies have had employees with the virus and have given all workers the opportunity to work from their homes. But, in Mexico the case is much worse. The swine flu has hit more than 1000 citizens and killed at least 68. The cases in the US have been fewer and milder but will continue to grow. Therefore, if you have vacationed in Mexico not too long ago, take extra precautions and take every respitaury problem seriously. you never know! Countries are now testing before you can get in and making sure that this virus does not further spread. For now, the best advice is to avoid nonessential trips to Mexico.


1. What would you do if your entire country was being threatened by a deadly virus?

2. What do you think of the virus and how do you think we can keep it from spreading?


~ by Student Entry on April 29, 2009.

8 Responses to “Beware of the SWINE FLU!!!”

  1. Hey I really liked this article because it had so many gross and interesting facts. for example the fact that there is 50 cases of the flu in the US. Thank you for informing me so much about the gross topic of the swine flu!

  2. Where did the Swine Flu come from? Did it really come from pigs? They switched the name to H1N1 because you could not get it by eating pork! How do the pigs generate this type of Flu?

  3. Nice I Loved it. I will be careful not to get it.

  4. Great article! Has lots of excellent details. I have a question. Who wrote this article?

  5. good job but but u never put ur name i lked the pics and the information was great but id just like to know who wrote it

  6. i loved your article and i always wanted to know more about swine flu. the pictures were also good. actually, more people die from regular flu then swine, but its still scary. a good way to prevent spreading it is to wash your hands for 2 happy birthdays or 2 abcs. 🙂

  7. i think the swine is not as serious as everyone makes it out to be. this flu comes from swine or pig, so if you stay away from pigs then there isn’t too big of a problem. It seems that Mexico is where it originated so if you don’t go there for vacations then there’s no issues. Pretty much, if you stay away from Mexico and pigs you should be fine !

  8. Right now there is swine flu in our school. Would you ever imagined for this to happen in our school? Is the real reason that we are crazy over swine flu because it is new to us? The yearly flu has killed more people than the swine flu. So, what is the big deal with swine flu???

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