Justin M. Bringing back migration patterns

blue whale

In 1965, they stopped commercial whaling. the sudden stop in commercial whaling caused the whales to migrate differently. They have been spotted off the coast of California, which some think that means are taking up historical traditional patterns of the blue whales. Researchers made this identification by comparing photographs of blue whales taken in the north Pacific Ocean since 1997 with a library of nearly two thousand photographs of blue whales off the West Coast. A positive match was determined based on pigmentation patterns in skin color and shape of the dorsal fin.”-says NOAA researchers. some scientists think that the ocean conditions may have drove the krill that they eat up north causing them to migrate differently. Blue whales are thought to be the largest animal ever to have existed on earth, reaching lengths of nearly 100 feet. They were nearly hunted to extinction throughout the world and are currently listed as endangered under the U.S. Endangered Species. if you are looking for more info on this topic checkout this website:


Why do you think that the krill moved north?

What do you think caused the krill to move north causing the blue whales to migrate


~ by Student Entry on May 21, 2009.

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