NASA’s Spitzer Telescope Warms Up – By: Kain Hoover


The Spitzer Telescope was launched on August 25, 2003.  Its job is to detect cold objects in space.  To do this it must be colder then the objects then it wants to detect.  To keep the Spitzer cool it has liquid  helium coolant.  This keeps the Spitzer at – 456 degrees.  On May 12th, 2009 it will run out of the liquid helium it needs to stay this cold.  The telescope will only be -404 degrees.  Although this is still very cold it  is just not cold enough.  However the Spitzer will still be able to detect warm objects such as  dusty stars and asteroids in our solar system.

The Spitzer is special because the hellium coolant was only suppose to last 2.5 years, but it lasted  5.5 years. This allowed the Spitzer to do much more research while it was up in space.  In 2005 it discovered the light from an exoplanet.  It was able to learn about the weather and detect storms on this planet.

Spitzer will be able to continue to do research in space.  It will search for asteriods in space that might hit the earth as well as other galaxies out in the universe.  Spitzer has worked very  hard and it will continue to do useful work in outer space.


Discussion Questions:

Why is the Spitzer special?

What things do you think Spitzer will find in the future?


~ by jpiniat on May 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “NASA’s Spitzer Telescope Warms Up – By: Kain Hoover”

  1. NASA was trying to reach 0 kelvin. It is the theoretical coldest temperature it equals −273.15°C/−459.67°F The Spitzer telescope gets really close. Withing three degrees. At this point atoms stop vibrating so they stop making heat so the temperature can’t come up.

  2. As Ashwin said Nasa was trying to reach 0 kelvin. there the tempature is way way way way below 0. At this point atoms stop vibrating so they stop making heat therfore the tempature will either drop or stay the way it is. Either way it will be way way way way beond freezing. Bye Kian hope you feel beter.

  3. Great Job Kian! It was a well written blog and you got to the point in your aticle. You supported your facts very nicely! Great Job!!!

  4. I think it is special because it does good supporting facts in space and it has lasted 3 more years then it should’ve. The spitzer could do many things in the future if the helium isnt changed. It could possibly even fall down to earth.

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