Albinism Samantha M.

470_albino_airHave you ever heard of the term albino? The disorder is actually called albinism. Albinism is when a person had a lack of pigment in the skin, hair, and iris of the eye, it is also caused by the mutation of a gene. Many people with albinism have light blond to white hair, little or no pigment in the skin, and little or no color in the iris. The iris may even appear translucent in some cases. To have albinism both of your parents must carry the gene, even if they are both fully pigmented.There are four different types of albinism. OCA type 1 causes no pigment in the skin, hair, and iris. OCA type 1 may also cause people to be legally blind, have sensitivity to light (photophobia), and twitching of the eye (nystagmus). OCA type 2 is basically to same thing as OCA type 1, although people with OCA type 2 are slightly more pigmented. OCA type 3 is much less sever than OCA type 1 and 2 and is usually diagnosed when a light skinned child is born to dark skinned parents. OCA type 3 causes vision problems, nut are usually less ever than the ones caused by OCA type 1 and 2. And last but not least, there is ocular albinism, which only affects the eyes. The color of the iris can be anywhere from brown to translucent. Many people with ocular albinism are legally blind, are sensitive to light, and have nystagmus. Ocular albinism occurs mostly in men, and is very rare in women. The gene for OA is usually passed from mother to son (most OA is X-linked). Id the mother carries the gene for ocular albinism there is a 1-2 chance their son will have OA.

It is very rare to have multiple children with albinism, but not unheard of. There are surgeries to correct vision problems like nystagmus caused by albinism. But here’s one last important thing to keep in mind if you ever meet anyone with albinism. Some people find the term albino offensive, so it’s always best to say “People with albinism”. Thanks for reading!



How do you feel about the term albino?

Had you ever heard of albinism before?


~ by Student Entry on June 2, 2009.

6 Responses to “Albinism Samantha M.”

  1. Hey! I dont know why people havent commented at all on this article!! This is one of the most interesting articles i have read on the page(in my view)! I have heard of albinism before, infact it says some semi-rude stuff about “albinos” in the Weird N.J. book that I have. This is, to me, one of the most interesting articles here because it is rare “desise”, i guess you could say, but it isnt in the least bit deadly. I find it a sort of acheivement to be an albino(as long as im not blind( id rather have type 3 than any other)) because i would stand out almost entirely =)!

  2. That is very informative! i never knew there were four types of albinoism, much less that it affeted the eyes!!!!! you should become a dermatologist!!!!
    the term albino makes me feel like a sore thumb, and if I was an albino, I would Be very sad!!!!!! those people in the picture look pretty happy. I am known in my family for tan skin!!!!
    I have heard of albinoism before because ive read an article about them. also, my dad told me!!!

  3. wow samantha great articale! I didnt even know that this existed. I couldnt believe that it affected more then just the color of your skin and hair. I found that this article was very full of information. I learned so much from this article. you found alot of informantion!

  4. i have a beautiful child with albinism i neet to know more about it

  5. wow this is a good story

  6. Great article! I think that albino would be a rude term and I would be sad and hurt if people called me an albino. I read about albinism in Twilight. Bella mentioned a few times that she had albinism and was very pale as a result.

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