A Blast From The Past – Lucas B.


Shocking news came out of china a couple months ago, remnants of a deadly disease was found. This disease plagued Asia and Europe for years and years during the middle ages. It killed so many people that the game that was made in the shadows of the disease is still played. Ever heard of ‘Ring Around The Rosie?’ The disease is the BLACK PLAGUE! (Pneumonic Plague)

Chines authorities recently announced the shocking news. The disease has already taken the lives of 3 people and quarantined a whole town. People were wondering before the news was released what was killing all these people. The residence of Ziketan in the providence of Qinghai, China were bustling when the authorities connected this disease with the Black Plague that had originated in China so many years ago. The first death was a man in his 30’s who passed on July 30th. Soon after his death his neighbor was diagnosed with the same illness, he died 3 days later. The 3rd death was a man named Danzhi who passed on August 3rd. To strengthen the fear of Black it was reported that 10 other people in the same town in China were infected. In fact one of the gravelly ill patients is the wife of one of the victims.

The quarantine was recently lifted in September for the town of Ziketan, while the rest of the 10 are still in quarantine. If this disease were to make another outbreak in several other places around the Globe the Black Plague could possibly kill thousands and leave millions in quarantine. The disease would be more lethal to the human population than the already deadly H1N1 syndrome.

But at this time we in the U.S. and the rest of the world are mostly safe.

What would you do if the Black Plague spread to the U.S.?

Do you think a cure could be developed to end the illness?



~ by Student Entry on October 8, 2009.

8 Responses to “A Blast From The Past – Lucas B.”

  1. Great job Lucas! If this type of virus spread to the United States, I think it would be important to stay informed and follow the advice of the CDC (centers of disease control and prevention) to stay healthy. We have seen this with the H1N1 scare. With the technology we have now and tools to communicate throughout the world I think we are in a much better position to deal with the spread of a virus like this today. What do you think?
    -Mr. Piniat

  2. Hi! I think that scientists will be able to find a cure for the Black Plague(I sure hope), they have done so with a bunch of sicknesses that were lethal way back when. I think that because they have to technology. Also, they don’t believe it’s evil spirits that are killing people. We need to make sure that we are careful though, and wash our hands and such.

  3. I thought this was very well done. Also very informational. It was great!

  4. I agree with becky and think that this desiese is just like the flu,a cold or other sicknesses and say that they will handle it like their handling the swine flu

  5. good job! if you had never wrote about the black plague, then i would have never known, so good job!

  6. I never knew about blakc plague until now… good job!

  7. great job Lucas! I thought that you had some very important info in your entry.

    1. If the Black Plague spread to the U.S, I would try to stay informed. I would also try to keep my distance from other people.

    2. The U.S is probably already trying to find a cure for the Black Plague, but is distracted by H1N1

  8. Staying informed is one of the best things you can do with a situation like this, Richard. Just like when H1N1 began to spread, not many people knew what to expect but because many people stayed informed they were able to prevent catching the flu by using different safety precautions like frequent hand washing. The world came up with an H1N1 vaccine pretty quickly. I would like to think they would do the same for the black plague!

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