Monarch Butterflies Lead The Way–By: Ally F.

New discoveries have shown researches that monarch butterflies know how to migrate themselves from the United States to Mexico using their antennas. Monarch butterflies have as scientists call it, an “internal” clock that helps them keep track of time. They also use their antennas to sense light, which helps them find their way to Mexico. When they use the sun to migrate themselves, their antennas allow them to know the time and positioning of the sun, which helps them lead themselves south and stay on course. Recently, researches tested butterflies by dipping some of the butterfly’s antennas in black paint and some in clear paint. Eventually, the butterflies with the black paint over the their antennas got lost because they didn’t have their antennas to give them the positioning of the sun and therefore they didn’t know which way to head. On the other hand, the butterflies with the clear paint on their antennas didn’t get lost and were able to navigate themselves to Mexico. The conclusion to this experiment shows scientists that butterflies do use their antennas to help find their way to Mexico each migrating season.

Discussion Questions:

1. Do you think it’s possible that other butterflies also use their antennas to migrate themselves?
2. Do you think scientists should research other butterfly’s ways of migrating to see if all butterflies have the same process of navigation?



~ by Student Entry on October 16, 2009.

13 Responses to “Monarch Butterflies Lead The Way–By: Ally F.”

  1. I thought the post was very informational. I thought Ally F did a great job!

  2. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  3. wow that was something i didnt know about untill now

  4. Ally i really like butterflies. They are so pretty. I loved your thing about them. You did a awesome job.
    1. I think it might be possible and then i dont know becuase i read a book a while back in like 3rd grade and it was about then. So i think no they cant
    2.i dont think so becuase there are so many types of butterflies it would talk about a year to do that and some only can be found in one country

  5. WOW! That was really awesome! But what is dear paint?
    Discusion questions
    1.Maybe, I don’t know much about butterflys but who knows? I think scientists should reserch it.

    2.Yes I do, and when you find out about it you should write another blog on it, you did a really great job!

  6. Cool article i never knew that much about butterflies

  7. I liked your article, it gave lots of information about butterflies. Who knew that they used their antennas to find their way to Mexico.

  8. that’s so cool

  9. Cool! I had no idea that Monarch Butterflies could do that. Your article was well researched and had important info. How did scientists keep track of the butterflies?

    1. Yes. Monarchs probably aren’t the only ones.

    2. Yes. It would be smart to find out if all butterflies have that ability.

  10. I liked that article a lot it taught me a lot about butterflies.

    1. Yes. I think this because all butterflies have antennas so if they have antennas why wouldn’ t thy be able to.

    2. Yes. I think thy should keep researching because that way we can learn more about butterflies and their way of life.

    Great job Ally!

  11. First off, the article was really good and I think you did a fantastic job. that article was filled with information that I didnt know before.
    1. I think a lot of other butterflies use their antennas to migrate and find their way places. Their antennas are like humans senses and are used for the same purpose, and for the most part, everybody has all of their senses so i think all butterflies use their antennas to get them places.

    2. I think it would be smart for scientists to test other butterflies because we will be able to know more information about butterflies and they use their antennas to get them places.

  12. I think that this article was very imformative and interesting.To answer your first question i would say that i do think other butterflies migrate because if you think about it you only see butterflies in the spring or summer or somewhere in a hot climate.So they must go somewhere to save themselves,right?
    To answer your second question i would say that scientest should defeintley check out if other butterflies migrate to other places because it might help figure out that all butterflies might migrate to the same place and have similar patterns.

  13. That was a really good point, Lizzie! If scientists are able to track different species of butterflies they would be able to compare their results and see if certain species act differently than others. Planning out investigations like this and comparing your results with others is a very important part of science.

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