Different types of waves and how they work!!! By Taylor S.

The definition of waves- A rhythm of waves that don’t stop

There are many types of waves but the most important type is the Waves roll forward. How this works is when the wind blows across the water it changes the water’s surface. First it ripples and then it makes its ways into waves. Air and water molecules are of part of this too because the energy of the wind brings air with it and when it hits the water it changes into water molecules.

Another type of wave is electro-magnetic radiation. How this works is that a wave picks up speed which can turn into radiation and as it travels and crashes to the ground it turns into electromagnetic. This can only happen in a bay or lake.

Discussion Questions:

1.How do you know if it is a regular wave or an electromagnetic radiation wave?

2. How do both types of waves form and where have you seen them in your life?





~ by Student Entry on December 15, 2009.

One Response to “Different types of waves and how they work!!! By Taylor S.”

  1. First off let me say great job Taylor. I had fun reading it. You know because regular waves ripple first. You know if it’s a electromagnetic wave because the waves will be going fast. Well a normal wave forms by wind blowing across water and changing the surface. The other one starts by wind picking up speed and crashing into the ground turning into Electromagnetic radiation. Again well done Taylor!

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