Missed Impact By 2 Radii– By: Richard D.

On Nov 6, at about 4:30 pm, a small asteroid came within 14,000 km of Earth’s surface (about 2 Earth Radii). This is the third closest non-impacting Earth approach on record. The asteroid was only about 7 meters in diameter, but this only happens 2 times per year, and one of these asteroids hits Earth once every five years. This asteroid was named 2009 VA, and was discovered only 15 hours before it came close to Earth and was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey. Although this comet could only cause minor damage, it can be very alarming that something could be on a course to destroy you.

Discussion Questions:

1. What would you do if you heard that a comet like this one was to land in Scotch Plains?
2.Why do you think this happens 2 times a year?


http://geology.com/nasa/asteroid-2009-va/Asteroid Path


~ by Student Entry on December 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Missed Impact By 2 Radii– By: Richard D.”

  1. 1)I would simply SCREAM! I be super scared and try to find some way to sheild myself from te asteroid.
    2)I think this happens two times a year because there are a lot of asteroid in space and its bound to happen sometime.

  2. I like the picture you put. The report itself was really detailed and i really like it.

    1.I would scream it would so scary. I would think that i would die if it was that close. The good thing is we wouldn’t have school if it hit school but i would be dead so it wouldn’t matter.
    2.I think it happens twice a year because there is a lot of asteroids so they can hit one another so it will come down to earth and it is bound to happen

  3. This was definetley an enjoyable article to read. If I heard a comet landed in Scotch Plains I would say that I would want to see what happened and make sure that everyone is ok. I think this happens twice a year because there are so many asteroids in space. Well done Richard!

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