Newly Named Fish Called Psychedelica– By Paige C.

A little less than a year ago divers near an Indonesian island saw a strange looking fish. It had a flat face and was four inches long. The divers decided to take pictures of this strange fish and send them to fish expert, Ted Pietsch of the University of Washington. Ted had been studying fish for forty years. He looked at the pictures and soon realized this fish hadn’t been named. He also figured out this fish was a frogfish. No one had ever talked about this kind of fish before. So one year later he decided to do so. Pietsch called the fish “Psychedelica.” Psychedelica is four inches long and has many strange features. For one it hops. The fish moves along a coral reef by squirting out little bits of water. When you see it, it appears to be hopping. Another strange feature is that the fish crawls. The fish has fins on either side of its body that act like legs. Psychedelica see’s the world differently then most other fish. They have a flat face and its eyes face forward. This is very uncommon for frogfish. Pietsch says that he has never seen this trait in a frogfish before. The pattern on Pyschadelica’s body are stripes and swirls. Unlike other frogfish, Pyschedelica can’t change it’s colors depending on the environment they are in. A really bizarre thing is that Pietsch has seen this frogfish before 2008. Seventeen years ago the Dallas Aquarium sent him pictures of this specimen. So when Pietsch got the pictures of Pyschedelica, he knew it looked familiar.

Discussion Questions

1) What in your opinion is the strangest thing about Pyschedelica?

2) Do you think there are many other unidentified fish in the ocean?


~ by Student Entry on December 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “Newly Named Fish Called Psychedelica– By Paige C.”

  1. I think the strangest thing about Pyshedelicia is that it hops. Usually, you would think fish swim, not hop. Also, the designs on the back of Pyshedelicia are kind of strange too.I think there are tons of unidentified fish in the ocean that we haven’t discovered yet. Good article!

  2. Wow! That is so cool. People always say we’ve never found all the animals. This is a very good example of that. Psychedelica looks some what scary. Is it poisonous? It looks like other poisonous fish.
    1.) The strangest thing about Psychedelica is that it appears to be hopping. I have never heard of a hopping fish. I’ve heard of a flying fish but not hopping. 🙂

    2.) There are definitely more creatures in the ocean. Not only are there fish, there are larger specimens too. Take the giant squid for example, we never knew it existed until a couple of years ago!

  3. I would think the strangest thing about Psychedelica is that it hops! i wonder what it would look like of i saw it in the water hopping?!
    Also very informational artical!
    I thnk Psychedelica is the weirdest fish yet!

  4. I to think that the strangest thing about Psychedelica is that it hops. I it very weird, arent fish suppost to swim? I think this fish cpold be related to the crab family and the frog family because of how it moves.
    why didnt they name this odd fish sooner. Many people would be stunned by this information.

    Micaiah B.

  5. This is a really fascinating discovery! I think the strangest thing about Psychedlica is that it’s eyes are facing upward. How can he see infront of him and know where he is going? Is this helpful to predators? I think there are many unknown fish as well as unknown species out in the ocean, some that humans have never explored deep enough to see.
    Kara F.

  6. Personally, I think that the outside and the shape of the fish is very strange. Yes I think there are other un-known fish in the ocean. The ocean is endless and there has to be alot more fish.

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