Mad Cow Disease– By: Madison D.

Mad Cow disease is a disease that affects your brain and your body. It all comes from a cow, goat, or sheep. It is not called mad cow disease, it is called BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy). BSE is when the acts strangely and is not able to control itself. It can not transfer through milk, just if you eat the meat. Humans don’t get BSE, they get CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), it is the human form of BSE. If a human gets it, their brain turns into almost a sponge and gradually gets smaller and smaller. They may not be able to do normal things and may not be able to control their minds. It is very rare for a human to get CJD, 200 people since 2006 have been diagnosed with CJD. Most of them happened in Britain and two of them happened in the U.S. It is extremely rare and there is nothing to worry about.

To prevent this from happening, the U.S. government has established several meat processing procedures to protect the public. If you are very worried, tell the person who buys your meat and maybe they will try to find a better type of meat. They are removing the parts of the cow that have a large risk of BSE. Now, there is a regularly meat test samples and a recall policy for meat that’s suspected of being contaminated. There has only been three cows in the United States that had BSE. Since it does not spread, it is extremely rare and low chance that you will actually get CJD.

Discussion Questions:

1.) What would be the first thing you do if you get Mad Cow?

2.) How would you prevent yourself from getting Mad Cow?



~ by Student Entry on December 16, 2009.

14 Responses to “Mad Cow Disease– By: Madison D.”

  1. I never knew about mad cow desiese! Sounds really terrible!
    here are the answers to the discusion questions…

    1)The first thing I would see a docter to see if they could find a cure.

    2)The way I would try to prevent it is buy making sure that the meat I consume has been checked by the goverment before I eat it.

  2. Nice one Madison Erykah thinks so too. keep up the good work

  3. Nice to see you’re still checking out our classroom blog, Aaron. Feel free to write your own article on our blog or comment on the work of my current students. They really appreciate it 🙂

  4. 1) The first thing i would was get someone to drive me to the hospital. I would try to resist the risk of things that could happen to me that way it doesnt start so fast.
    2)I would prevent it by finding a way to check if the meat has been checked and nothing has happened or is in the meat. Or if i cant make sure just dont eat the meat that way im not taking a really big risk.

  5. That was great Madison!!
    1. I would go to a doctor right away and hopefully be cured.
    2. I would prevent myself from getting mad cow by making sure all the meat i eat was checked and is healthy to consume.

  6. 1. I would go to the doctor right away to try and get a cure
    2. I would present myself from getting BSE by making shore my meet was checked and is consumed healthily
    Good artical! 🙂
    I hope i don’t get BSE!

  7. wow im scared now! i hope i dont get mad cow disease… that would be really scary! you did a nice job!

  8. Wow! I agree with Mariah I am a little scared of the mad cow disease or CJD! But I know that it is very rare so I am pretty certain we won’t get it! Discussion questions…..
    1. I would immediatly get a doctor’s help!
    2. I would probably have my dad make sure that the meat is safe to eat!

  9. I’ve always heard of mad cow disease but never knew exactly what it is. This article was very informative.
    1.) If I got BSE i would definitely go to the doctor. If I couldn’t get cured I would work on my bucket list while I still had some control of my brain.

    2.) To prevent getting BSE I will make sure the butcher my parents go to have certified meat.

  10. Wow I never heard about this powerful disease. It sounds like if we dont watch out this could affect the people around us.
    1. If I got mad cow disease I would tell my parents right away, then I would force them to call the doctor as soon as possible.
    2. I would prevent myself from getting it I would get meat that was prepard just for me and is safe from any hornones.

    Micaiah B.

  11. Awesome Job! I never heard of such disease!

    1) If I got mad cow disease I would probably rush to the hospital and see if they can do anything to help me.

    2) I would prevent getting mad cow disease by checking to make sure my meat is approved by the goverment.

  12. wow maddy! this is a great blog! i like all the details!
    the first thing i would do if i got mad cow disease is i would also work on my bucket list, just as sarah b. said! i wouldn’t have to go to school, which would be fun, but losing control of my brain? NOT cool!
    the way i would prevent myself is to buy meat from only tested cows! and dont trust the government!

  13. I loved the article! I never even heard of BSE before. It was very well done.

    1. If I got BSE I would try to do some of the things I have always wanted to. I would do this because I never know when my last day is.

    2. To prevent myself from getting BSE I would eat less meat and more turkey. Then when I do want to buy meat or eat it I will ask if the meat was checked for BSE. Lastly I would buy a better quality of meat.

    Again well done!

  14. Great job, very informative!
    1) If I got Mad Cow Disease, the first thing I would do is rush to the hospital to see if there is a cure I could take to get rid of it. I would also hope for the best!
    2) To prevent Mad Cow Disease, I would buy all processed meat and check with my butcher or grocery store that everything is safe. In addition, I could maybe even become a vegetarian if I was very worried about getting BSE!!!!!!
    Kara F.

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