Tsunami Terror– By: Justin B

Tsunamis… one of the most feared natural disasters know to man. They have killed millions of hopeless people and come without warning. Where do they come from, well here is an explanation for these monstrous waves.

It is caused by the displacement of a large amount of water, usually in an ocean, that turns into gigantic waves. The name tsunami is an original Japanese word, it means Harbor Wave. In Japan it has happened about 195 times, but it has happened many more times in other places around the world, it has even happened in the US; Hawaii.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, other under water explosions including (nuclear ones) landslides, mass movements, impacts, and other high powered thing above or below the water have caused massive Tsunamis.

Tsunamis are huge problem on our planet; luckily they do not happen very often and when they do, we have the tools to track them and evacuate. Although they are so dangerous there is still one thing that I think is amazing about Tsunamis… people are trying to surf one.

Discussion Questions:

What does Tsunami mean in English?

How many Tsunamis have been recorded in Japan?




~ by Student Entry on December 16, 2009.

9 Responses to “Tsunami Terror– By: Justin B”

  1. Your post is very timely, Justin. Do you remember the devastating Tsunami that took place nearly 5 years ago? December 26, 2004 an earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia causing a massive tsunami to rush toward the land. This deadly wave caused over 230,000 casualties in over 10 countries. Over 1.1 million people lost their homes due to the earthquake that caused this wave. Do you remember this taking place 5 years ago?

  2. Dear Justin,
    To answer your dicussion question the english term for tsunami is Harbor Wave. The second question ” How many tsunami’s have been recorded in Japan is 195 times, a substainial amount. You di a very nice job with sequencing and had very intresting pictures.

  3. 1. Tsunami means Harbor Wave in English
    2. There have been 195 tsunamis recorded in Japan
    Good article!

  4. To answer the Dicussion Questions, in English the word Tsunami means harbor wave. Also in Japan there have been 195 Tsunami’s recorded.
    Great artical! 🙂
    I wonder why people try to surf Tsunami’s! I would be terriffied!:(

  5. Justin-
    This report has a lot of information and I learned a lot about Tsunamis! I never knew that the name is from the Japanese!!

    Good article

  6. 1.Tsunami means Harbor Wave
    2.195 recorded tsunamis have taken place in Japan

  7. Great job Justin is what I have to say first. I loved the pictures. In english tsunami means Harbor Wave. In Japan it has been recorded happening about 195 times. Again good job Justin!

  8. Great Job Justin. To answer your questions:
    1.Tsunami means Harbor Wave
    2. The amount of tsunamis recorded in Japan are 195
    I agree with Izzy. I would be terrified to surf a tsunami 😦
    Nice Artical though

  9. Tmanis in English means harbor wave. In japan, about 115 tmanis have happend. This article taught me alot about natural disasters.

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