Worlds Apart By: Elodie S.

It has taken more than thousands of years for people on Earth to discover and learn new things about our planet. Now, scientists have been discovering new worlds hundreds of light-years away from Earth. They have witnessed two planets like Saturn and Jupiter; many more to along with those two. There have also been three benighted planets seen orbiting a pulsar; a mighty star many years ago that was shrunk into a rotating atomic nucleus that is about the size of a large city. Many other untold planets have been sucked into their suns or left their galaxies remaining in complete and utter darkness. Trying to ignore those untold planets, scientists are determined to find a planet that resembles Earth. It must be completely alike; not scorching hot, not freezing cold, just in the middle so that it can support life. The article states that ” To see a planet as small and dim as ours amid the glare of its star is like trying to see a firefly in a fireworks display; to detect its gravitational influence on the star is like listening for a cricket in a tornado.” Even as that fact is clear in scientists’ minds, they are rapidly working to enhance technology so that it is possible to find a planet out there like ours. So far, scientists have found eleven exoplanets. They have also analyzed starlight to see if a star is being tugged by a gravitational pull from an unknown planet. About a tenth of all planetary sytems are oriented so that their mini eclipses can be witnessed from Earth. The French COROT satellite has seen 7 untold planets, one only 70% larger than our planet. The USA’s satellite is a very large success, it takes wide-field pictures that can capture the light of over 100,00 stars in just 30 minutes. A new planet isn’t told about unit it has transited 3 times. If scientists find a planet that is about the same size of Earth and just the right distance away from the sun, they believe that there is possibly life on that world. They say that looking near dwarf stars they are bound to have better luck finding an Earth-like planet. While trying to find other planets in the universe scientists who’s jobs are searching for extraterrestrial life must remember that it will be very different than life is here on Earth. Now, we’ll have to bring it into reality that there are other worlds out there and they could also hold life never seen before.

Discussion Questions

1. Do you think that there is a planet in space that resembles Earth? Why?

2. Why do you think scientists work as hard as they can to find a planet that might not even be out there in space?



~ by Student Entry on December 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “Worlds Apart By: Elodie S.”

  1. WOW!!! That was a really good article written about planets. Good job Elodie!
    1. I do somewhere outnin space think there is aplanet that resembles Earth beacsue we have so many planets that have no life that there has to be one with life even if it’s far away.
    2. I think scientists work as hard as they do to find a planet that may not even exsist becaseu that is their job and they have to work on it even if in the end there is nothing.

  2. thats so cool! you had lots of info to back it up. it looks like you put a lot of work in it to!

  3. Great article!!
    1.I think there is a planet in space that resembles Earth because the solar system is so big and there has to be a planet like Earth.
    2. I think scientists are working hard because there always gonna be a possibility that there is a planet like Earth. If they work hard, they won’t have anything to lose.

  4. Wow! Nice job! You really know a lot about this don’t you? I do think there are at least one other planet like Earth because Earth is so BIG! there’s got to be something out there. I think that scientist work as hard as they do because they would be pretty famous if they discovered a planet with life on it. Also, there isn’t much to lose. Even if they don’t find anything, they still get paid and learn something.

  5. This is such a factual articlae I loved it. I think there is a planer that resembles Earth because i’m pretty sure it was Erin who wrote about a newly discovered plant called GJ that is like Earth. So the answer is 100% yes. I think scientists work so hard becuase if we find a new planet it could tell us about another planet that we may or may not know about. Great job Elodie!

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