East Coast Snowstorm–By: Madison D.

On Saturday, December 19th they snow started to come down in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. The snow spreads through South Carolina to New England. In Long Island, they are expecting up to 14 inches of snow. This blizzard has life threatening conditions like to New Yorkers who face work everyday and have to deal with inches of snow. You may not even be able to see a few feet in front of you. People are rushing to the supermarket for bread and milk. Shovels, and rock salt are flying off the walls of hardware stores too. The mountains of North Carolina is predicted to have the heaviest snow.

Streets are being closed and some people are being stranded on the highway. Hundreds of flights have been canceled and not many planes are going to be leaving the east coast this week. This is the worst time to have a blizzard since it’s right before the holidays and some people haven’t gotten gifts yet. Some people are having to spend more money on snow essentials versus Christmas gifts. People are advised to stay inside to avoid anymore accidents. The good thing about this is that skiers will have a great season.

Discussion Questions:

1. How much snow did you end up getting by your house when the storm ended?

2. How long do you think this strom will last?

3. How do think this will affect schools and businesses?





~ by Student Entry on December 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “East Coast Snowstorm–By: Madison D.”

  1. Good Job,Madison! There was a lot of snow coming down throughout the east coast. By the end of the storm, I think we got 8 inches to the highest of 10 inches of snow, which was not a lot compared to Maryland and Virginia which got about 25 inches of snow. The storm lasted about 24 hours in our area but probably 4 days from South Carolina to New England. I think snow storms like this, around the holidays will affect businesses because some roads are closed or not plowed so some people can’t get there and others aren’t willing to leave their homes in the snow. Also,workers might not be able to get to work forcing the businesses to close.

  2. This artical was so well written. It was so informational and fun to read!

    1. I got 8 inches of snow when the storm was over.
    2.I think the storm will last about a day. Though I can’t be sure.
    3. I think this will affect schools by making them have a snow day, making them start late, or making them have to end early.

  3. Madison your article was very good. I didnt really know there was a snow storm coming all I thought was that it was going to snow. I really wish I would of had read this before. I actually heard on the news that the snow storm wasnt going to be that bad ad i didnt even know there was one. At my house the snow came up to about * inches.

  4. I was in Florida when all of this was happening so I don’t know how much snow I got by my house. The storm is over now but it lasted until about Christmas Day when it almost completely stopped snowing. Some people may have not been able to bus to school or even get out their driveway. Some people didnt make money the days of the storm because they didnt show up for work. The storm was too bad.

  5. Maddie, you had a great essay about the recent snow storm along the east coast. I never knew how big the snowstorm was. I didnt know that it streched to South Carolina! You brought up some great points about the holidays right around the corner and how people couldn’t finish holiday gift shopping. Good job!

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