Super Earth By Erin O.

Recently, scientists discovered a new planet called GJ 1214b. It is the first discovered earth like planet. It is about 2.7 times the size of earth and 6.7 times more gigantic. With its large thickness scientists believe it is 75% water and has a core of iron and nickel. Unlike Earth they think it’s atmosphere is made of helium and hydrogen.

GJ 1214b is much hotter than earth and is ten times thicker than our atmosphere. It will be difficult for starting life, the planet’s surface would need to be larger. It is basically all ocean.

GJ 1214b was discovered by a MEarth project, an on earth telescope used to detect the brightness of dim red stars known as M dwarfs. The periodical dips in starlight occurs when planets partly eclipse their host stars.

Discussion Questions:

  • What do you think will happen if we sent earth astronauts to orbit the area?
  • Do you think there is chance of ocean life on this planet



~ by Student Entry on December 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “Super Earth By Erin O.”

  1. I think it would be hard to send people to GJ 1214b because it would take a long time to get there. But if it did happen, then we probably could learn a lot about Earth because it’s like Earth. I think there isn’t a large chance of ocean life because it’s so close to the star. But, if the ocean dosen’t evaporate from the sun’s rays, then who knows? I think this is super cool and will look into this subject.

  2. we should realy send some one to GJ1214b because we could learn about erath and if it has a moon we can learn about our moon. i realy would like to know what solar system it’s in

  3. Good Job Erin. Your article was really informative. But if we send people to GJ 1214b i think we will learn a lot more about it and the astronauts could discover new things they never knew about any planet. Also, I think there might be oceans on this planet because its already so mmuch like Earth. But like what Becky said, if the oceans doesn’t evaporate there still might be a chance. Good job!

  4. Great job Erin on writin this article it was great. If we sent astronauts to orbit this area then the astronauts might burn up nad not make it because the area is so hot and thick. So I wouldn’t recommend to an astronaut to go there. I don’t think there would be ocean life there because the planet is so hot that no person or thing can survive there. I loved the topic os well done!

  5. Erin I read alot of your articals. They are very informative. You did an awesome job. I really like your articals. Keep up the good work:)

  6. Good Job Erin! I had no idea that scientists had discoverd a new planet! I think it would be very hard to send astronauts to the new planet because it looks to me like a big ball of fire. I think that we would learn alot about the planet, but it would definitly not be easy! I dont think there could be an ocean on GJ1214b bbecause it is so hot so all of the water would most likely evaporate in seconds. You did a very good job on your article, keep up the good work Erin!

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