Water on Saturn’s Moon–By: Christina P

Space craft Cassini showed a picture of water on one of Saturn’s moons, Titan. Titan has earth like feature such as an atmosphere of mostly nitrogen. Its earth like features has captured scientists attention for decades but finally found real proof. It is the only planet with liquid from another body. This discovery is making NASA think more and more that there can be a form a life developing there. Cassini has been orbiting Saturn since 2004 and hasn’t found anything until recently. Therefore, this is exciting because usually when you look at pictures of planets,you see nothing happening, but within two hours, they saw a glowing light becoming bigger and bigger. It seems to be coming from the lower edge of a lake called Kraken Mare. They want to further explore the water from Titan to find out more about it. this shows that there is definitely water on Saturn. Even though the temperature is about -180 Celcius there is always a chance.. so you never know.

Discussion Questions:

1) Do you think there is life on Saturn? Why?

2) If so, do you think it will be as intellagent as humans?




~ by Student Entry on December 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “Water on Saturn’s Moon–By: Christina P”

  1. Good Job, Christina! I think that there can not be life on Saturn because Saturn is a gas planet and I don’t think that anything can survive on a gas planet because of this I do not think that any possible signs of life will survive.

  2. Good Job!! I agree with Erin, I don’t think there could be life on Saturn mainly because it’s a gas planet. Also, it is 180 degrees celsius. I don’t even think there’s life on Saturn so I wouldn’t know if it was more or less intelligant. But you’ll never know…

  3. I dont think there could be life on Saturn because it is a gas planet. It is very hot and no one can survive on Saturn. I think they wont be as smart as humans because they may not be educated. There can be many things we know and they dont know. We have been to school for many years and years to come. That is what I think about Saturn.

  4. Good job Christina! You wrote a great essay! I never knew there was water on Titan. I don’t believe that there could be life on Titan because it is a gas planet and it’s very cold. I dont thinkthe Titan people could be as intellegent as humans because if you think about the great things we have done (like making computers and space crafts) you can’t really top that.

  5. I want to start out by saying that this article was great to read and very factual. I would agree with Erin and Maddison that there can’t be any life there because it is a gas planet. If I was wrong though and there was life someday they wouldn’t be as smart as humans because they don’t have school to make them smart.

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