New Class Pet!

Help us pick a name for our new class pet. Currently, the fish goes by either Betta or Envy but in order to make this a true “Class” pet we decided to let you all pick names that best suit our fish and relates to our science class. Comment to this post by 8 am, Wednesday morning with the name you would like our fish to be called. I will then set up a Poll on this blog where you can vote for your favorite. By Monday, our new class pet will have an official name!


~ by jpiniat on January 26, 2010.

39 Responses to “New Class Pet!”

  1. Thank you to the girls who got our new class pet! I think Comet would be a good name for our new class pet!

  2. I totally agree with Erin. Melanie was very helpful in coming up with the name comet. I would do Asti, but that is not a science name. Comet is a great name for our new colorful friend. Go Comet!

  3. I agrees also with the name Comet.

  4. I think that eclipse would be a good name for the fish would be eclipse.

    ~Elodie S.

  5. I would like to thank the girls who brought us our new class pet.:) I think Mobie Jr. will be a good name because our new pet reminds me of my old fish. I also like the name Blare. I think our little fellow is very cute.:-)

  6. I think that the class pet shoud be named luna(the name of our moon, but since it is a boy we should call him lunar!!!!!!

    PS I also like the name eclipse

  7. I think the new class fish should me named either Comet or Pluto!!!!

  8. thanks to the girls who gave us him. I would want to call him comet, star, lunar, mercury, or Albert. I really like albert! It relates to science because Albert Enstien was a sciencetist.

  9. Thank you for everyone who submitted names so far. There are many good ones already but you still have until tomorrow morning to post a comment here about the name you would like our fish to have. Be creative and relate his name to something that we learned about (or will learn about) this year. The poll will go up tomorrow for you to vote through this weekend!

  10. I think Comet, eclipse, and lunar are cute names for the fish, but I think we should call him Smoggy!

  11. I think the fish’s name should be Comet!

  12. I think what Olivia said would be good. I love the name Luna.

  13. I think the name should TOTALLY be Ally. I was just kidding!!!!!! I really like the name Twister!!! Like as a hurricane!!!

  14. i think it shold definetly be christina!!! just kidding i like the name Twister!! this name relates to science and since he is black it all ties in.

  15. I think that we should name the fish Galileo.

  16. i like ozzy. ozzy like the ozone layer. he has a red stripe on his back fin, and it is a strip like the ozone layer is in the stratosphere

  17. I think we should name the fish Comet!! It ties into science really well!!! It totally fits too!!

  18. I agree with comet.

  19. i think neo would be a good name for our class pet

  20. I would love to name him Cookie junior after my guinea pig, but no one will like tha so i agree…comet would but a cool name. accually that was one of the name options liza, sarah and I were talking about. Comet Envy Piniat sounds good.

  21. I also agree with Ally an Chistina…twister would a cute name.

  22. Thanks to the people who bought our new terrific class pet!:-) I think the fish should be named Comet,too, because it connects to science and comets have “tails” which resembles the fish’s fin.

  23. Good point, Kara. Comets do have tails and this new class pet definitely has a large, flowing tail. Nice connection! “Comet” will definitely be included in the poll but we’ll have to leave it up to the class vote to give him an official name šŸ™‚

  24. Zeke would be a great name for a fish.

  25. I think that the Beta should be named Neptune, because it is the same color as the planet Neptune.

  26. Albert please hah

  27. I think the name should be twister like ally and christina said twisters an awesome name for the fish!!!!!

  28. I think the beta fish should be named Comet too.

  29. yeah Comets a cool name but i was thinking something more like mariah… anyone agree?

  30. I really like Comet as a name but I think the name should be Cyclone because it is like a twister and it sounds like a cycle.

  31. hi I think the name should either be comet or galaxy!!!!!!!!!!! I have the same kind of fish named Dr.O at home.

  32. I like Comet too!!! šŸ™‚

  33. Wow, so many posts and most are about “Comet”. Or lunar. I think it should be Iky! YES IT IS A SCIENCE NAME!! Iky, short for ictheology. That is the study of fish.

    Or if my name doesnt work than i vote for Lunar because he is purple and usually if you think of lunar colors, it is mostly purple.

  34. Hey, I think the class pet should be called Ralf or Pancake (I chose pancake because it is unique and conduction is happening when you are making a pancake)
    GO PANCAKE!!!!

  35. Conduction does take place when you are making pancakes because the pancakes are DIRECTLY touching the pan, right Alberto? That was a good connection. When you place your hand above the pancake and feel the warmth reaching your hand, that is convection since the heat is traveling through the air.


  37. It looks like it will be a 3 way race between Comet, Neptune, and Twister. Make sure you leave your name in the comment box so we know who is sharing their ideas with everyone else (like the post asking everyone to vote for twister).

    -Mr. Piniat

  38. After an entire week of voting on our blog for the name of our new class pet it ended in a nail biter! Neptune and Comet were fighting it out all week long for the lead. Some nights, it looked as though Comet was going to run away with the vote but then Neptune would catch up and regain the lead. Nearly 120 of you voted and the difference came down to a single vote. The final results show that Neptune won the contest with 34 votes while Comet came in a close second with 33 votes. Thank you for everyone who participated. I’m sure our class pet will be thrilled to find out he actually has a name now.

    Welcome to our 6th grade science class, Neptune!

    -Mr. Piniat

  39. I thought his name should have been prince, but neptune is cool to

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