Apple Introduces The iPad By: Ally F.

On Tuesday Apple released their newest creation, the iPad. The iPad is similiar to a giant iphone except for that it doesnt have the calling feature so it can not be used as a phone. The iPad features are safari, mail, photos, video, youtube, ipod, itunes, app store, ibooks, maps, notes, calendar, contacts, homescreen, and spotlight search. With safari you are able to search the internet by the flick of a finger, since the iPad is all touch screen. With mail you area ble to accsess your email. Photos allows you to upload and save photos onto the iPad. Video lets you play videos. Youtube lets you see all youtube videos. Ipod contains all your music downloaded from itunes which is also on here. App store lets you buy apps like games for the iPad. Ibooks keeps all your books which you can read. Maps lets you search different locations. Notes let you write yourself notes. Calendar keeps all of your personal to do list stored. The homescreen is where you can find all of these apps. Spotlight search allows you to search for thing likes apps on your iPad. Pricing for the iPad starts at $499. The iPad is 9.7 inches in length and the width is 7.5 inches and it is extremely thin. It has 3G, wireless, and 10 hours of battery life. It weighs 1.5 pounds.

Discussion Questions:

1) How do you think new technology, such as the iPad, could improve the lives of those who use it?

2) Do you think this new produce will be as successful as the ipod which changed the way we all listen to music?


~ by Student Entry on January 29, 2010.

8 Responses to “Apple Introduces The iPad By: Ally F.”

  1. I think that the new technology can help others lives by communication. I mean this because since the iPad has the email and internet feautures people can use it to communicate with each other. People can donate funds to the Haiti releif fund by using the internet which will help the citizens of Haiti. I do think that the new product will be successful because this iPad is a small device thats computer like but is larger than an iPod. I think that this will be successfull because it has a lot of features on it.

  2. Great job, Ally, and great job in the assembly today, too! 🙂 I think that new technology like the iPad could improve people’s lives who use it because they can communicate with people globally and it could be a helpful tool for school, work, and fun which could improve grades, wedges, and happiness! I think the iPad might be as successful as the ipod because it is just like it but even better and allows great applications like games, internet, email, and other things that some ipods don’t have.

  3. The iPad is a great new invention, and could improve people’s lives in a lot of ways. They can always stay connected with friends and family, no matter where they are in the world. It can also be helpful because it is so small, that people could just put it in their bag or backpack! People like college students or businessmen don’t have to carry around heavy laptops anymore. I don’t think the iPad will be as successful as the iPod, but I think it still will do very well. An iPod is something that is an original, so it is very successful. There are other things though such as computer tablets that are similar to the iPad.

  4. I think the iPad could be really useful. It can help you with every thing. It is like you have a laptop with you at all times.

  5. The announcementthat Jobs is trying to make this a totally proprietary sysem is a scary throwback to his early ambitions to lock up the IT market by making everything proprietary. DOS/Windows won because Gates promoted open architecture and eventually Gates had to spend billions to bail out Apple because noone else would build software for Mac.

  6. The iPad can help so many different people in so many ways. For example, it could be used as an ideal laptop for busy workers. It takes up less space than a regular laptop and it only weighs 1.5 lbs.It’s also wireless, has 10 hours of battery life, and has 3G. The iPad is very useful. I think that the iPad will be more sucessful than the iPod because it is so useful (as I said above.) It also has everything the iPod has and more.

  7. Good job Ally it was really good….
    But i think that the ipad can help us because it has a lot of features and its easy to use. You can bring it around to places and it will be more portable than a laptop or computer. I think that it will be as successful as the ipod, because its just upgraded. But i think that ipod is a lot cheaper and its easier to carry around
    but good job… its was very informative.

  8. Well first off let me say this is a really good article it is very well detailed.
    I think the ipad will change peoples everyday life now because now people wont have to lug around their heavy and huge laptops when you got ur soft and light ipad. It will be easier to carry.I think it might and it might not but i dont know. Like it may change what type of muisc you listen too but you never know unless you get one or try one first.

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