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~ by jpiniat on February 9, 2010.

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  1. I wrote that global winds are very strong. This is a true statement because globval winds bring big storms, and big storms are strong. Global winds can bring tropical storms that can be VERY strong. Global Winds can bring natural disaters such at hurricanes and sunami’s.

  2. I said that the winds are strong. Some can be high or low pressured. For example the doldrums are very low pressured. There isn’t much wind there. In different areas they can be hot or cold. The cold ones have storms. Just like when you pass through the trade winds it is cold and stormy. Most winds are strong. That is why I chose the word strong.

  3. Rebecca S.

    Global winds are fast, speedy and everywhere. Some are calm and don’t move very much like doldrums. But some winds are fast and can cause massive storms like westerlies. All global winds are different. But they all affect us in some way. Without global winds, our world be very different.

  4. Aaron L. 3rd period 2/9/10
    I agree with all of the different blogs that I saw. They were all good phrases and words like tropical storm and I think that there was also an everywhere. Some were a little confusing but then I figured out why they wrote it. I thought that speedy was a fascinating one because I never thought about how fast the wind could have been but now I realize it plays an important role with in the wind. I agree with the word everywhere because there are different types of winds all over the place which is basically everywhere.

  5. Global Winds, the words that my classmates posted really didn’t make a lot of sence of how they al would be related. But as you look closer in between the lines you will see that they all have a common theme. That theme would be that they all are verbs that represent global winds. I think that words that you would never think would be related would by a common theme, like we did with the global winds.

  6. After going on answer garden, I have noticed that all of the “seeds” have a certain theme. They all can generally be categorized by strength and other strong, powerful things. Each idea basically explains that the circle idea is that global winds are something stormy and strong.

  7. For answer garden i said that global winds are fast. I was looking at the other students responses and noticed that they had some I would never think of. I never knew that global winds are everywhere. I only thought that they were in certain areas. Global winds are very different.

  8. since I figured that we wouldnt go to school tomarrow im writing this…i keep typing in and nothing come up…this means hat it will be pretty hard to do the homework.

  9. I think that all of the words on the page have to do with how the global winds spread across the world. I do agree with that but I also think that the global winds can also stay in one place for a while. For example, I the winds start in India they wil not always travel around the world they will sometimes just stay around that area.

  10. Brian McManus

    When i went on the website I was amazed by all the words. There were some words i didn’t even think of. Like dangerous if i thought of that i would of thought i was Albert Einstein. Also it was coll to see all th other words there from the pepole on our team. It was amazing to see everybody on team A thoughts

  11. Dillon N.

    Hey. I just looked at the Answergarden site, and I thought it was really cool how everything started to come together. All the words were staring to get crammed into the little box. I noticed an over all theme. though. A lot of the words that appeared had a lot to do with the global winds being dangerous and, well, GLOBAL. For example, most words fell into the category of: “Everywhere”, “Storms”, and “Strong”. A few examples were given, such as “Trade Winds”, and “Doldrums”. Wow… whoever did “Doldrums” was a GENIUS! (*cough, cough*)

  12. Global winds are everywhere. They are all over the world, located everywhere, they are all over the world, and they travel and go long distances. Global winds have many characteristics. They are speedy, strong, fast, different speeds, high and low pressure, and dangerous. Global winds cause many things to happen such as steady patterns, storms, tropical storms, and cycles. Also global winds are different. Some types of global winds are the jetstream, doldrums, and trade winds.

    Paige C. Period 4

  13. At first I thought all the words/phrases were completely different. Then I realized that they were mostly about how the winds moved. The ones like fast and strong both meant how the wind blows. Also the types of winds move different so thats how it is how the winds move too. All these words have the same thing in common they all are about how the wind moves.
    Tyler G.

  14. at first i saw just a jumble of words. then i noticed they all mean one thing, i noticed they all describe how global winds affect us. they are dangerous which affects us because that means they can hurt us. All of the words my classmates worte really describe global qwibds and help me get a better understanding of global winds.

  15. Joey B.
    I saw a variety of answers, they were interesting. I put that they were all over the world. I said that because the word global told me. If one word is global and one word is wind, then it had to be a kind of wind that travels around the whole world. I was surprised about the other ones because some were descriptins I wouldn’t even think of.

  16. All of the responses realate to the trade winds. Some are where theyare and what kind of area they are in. Some are fast and some are not. SOme are hot and some are cold. All the winds are different. Plus, different winds are in different areas.

  17. All the words on the site relate by all descride global winds. They do this saying what they do. Like how they can be strong and calm but in two differeat place. Maybe saying what type they are like doldrums.

  18. When I looked at the word garden I saw some answers saying only certain types of winds. I think the global winds aren’t just “horse latitudes” or “trade winds.” I also saw a lot of answers similar to mine. I think the shortest words to describe the global winds are “all over the Earth.” I also think that the global winds need to described more than just a couple of words but for this assignment I think the most important thing to say is that the global winds are all over Earth!!

  19. Alexander S.

    I have noticed that some kids posted types of global winds. What you are actually suppose to name characteristics of global winds.

  20. Aaron C.

    The overall theme of the global winds are that they are different. Each are special in there own way! There are the doldrums, easterlies, westerlies, horse latitudes, tradewinds, and jetstream. Each are also very dangerous. Thats what the overall theme of the global winds is!

  21. From,Zianne
    As I was looking at the answergarden list of words for Global winds are…., I noticed that Many of the ideas for Global winds are mostly the same. I also noticed that a lot of people put things like global winds are everywhere and other things like that.There are many ways how to explain what global winds are but they are basically winds that make you move fast, calm, or slow. That is basically what global winds are.

  22. Overall global winds are fast,strong,and around the world. Some people said they created storms. I think all of these ideas are good. They all summerize global winds.

  23. After looking over the answer garden responses I saw a variety of words. They all described what global winds are and did it very well. But, many of the responses were some how related to each other. They were related to each other because they are mostly about how the winds go across the world. It also says how this type of wind is very fast and high speed. All of the words describe global winds well!

  24. I would have thought there would be a little more added, but it looks cool with all the ideas scattered. I see a lot of the same types of words and ideas. A similarity between them all is the topic of “distance/worldwide” and “strong/speed” Global winds can be very powerful and strong, as a lot of them express. They are dangerous and can cause major storms. Also, global winds are all over the world. They can go at different speeds, slowing down or speeding up. Global winds travel across areas.

    -Rachel G. 3rd period

  25. Global winds are found all throughout our atmostphere. There are trade winds that come from the poles and die out near the equator. There are doldrums which are calm areas near the equator. The horse latitudes are high pressure zones located 30 degrees north and south of the equator. The westerlies blow from the west and bring most storms into the united sates. The easterlise blow from the east moving from polar regions. Lastly, the jet steams are big wind belts that flow around the earth in tube patterns and there are 4. 2 polar jets streams ans 2 subtropical jet streams. These are some examples of the global winds.

  26. eGlobal winds are EVERY WERE WE GO because its windy every were. Wind can travel fast or slow. During a huracane, its so windy, that it can destroy a town!

  27. The words my classmates posted on answer garden all describe global winds because it shows how they are catagorized, how fast they are, how slow they are, if they are dangerous, if they cause storms, if they are clear and dry, or if they can damage things. All of these words help me better understand global winds because all of the descriptive words show how global winds like easterlies, westerlies, horse latitudes, doldrums, and jet streams can relate to each other. These descriptive words help show me that global winds are more then winds and can either turn into disaters or not do anything at all. Thats what I think about global winds.

  28. Wow! As I went to our answer garden I saw a lot of good responses. I said that global winds are steady patterns. I said this because as I looked up the definition of global winds I saw that it included the pharse “steady patterns” I chose this phrase because I thought it made good sense. Also, the winds are a pattern. Some other thinhs that I saw on our garden is dangerous, world-wide, and strong. People also they said actual global winds such as the trade winds and more. We all have the same thoughts, ideas, and phrases because even though if we wrote the response differently we all were talking mostly about the samething. I know this because most of the phrases/words meant the samething global winds are. These are our common ideas. There might be differences though because maybe we do think differntly. However,overall we all mostly think the samethings about global winds.

  29. Keep trying Fallon. You may want to try a different internet browser. If you are using internet explorer, try using Firefox, or Safari, or Chrome. I know that it works for firefox so let me know if you continue to have problems viewing the website. If you do, send me an email and I will email you a picture of the website so that you can write your paragraph here.

    Mr. Piniat

  30. I wrote that winds are very dangerous. This is true because a lot of the winds bring big storms. Only one wind keeps a steady pace horse latitudes. Otherwise all of the other winds bring tragic storms with them.

  31. After looking through the diverse answers on the page, most of them had to deal with the velocitiy of the wind. Words such as quick, fast, speedy, and moving across the earth. Many had to deal with types of global winds such as the Westerlies, Horse latitudes, and trade winds. I had chosen to do a type of wind because when I first saw the page many had to deal with the winds speed. So i had decided to put something differnt. A small amount had to deal with it’s location with words like everywhere, all over the world, and world-wide. To summarize it all,there were a diverse answers to such a open question

  32. In the answer garden, I said global winds are helpful. When I looked at the results, I noticed many named the global winds or said they are everywhere. Those are the common themes. There are many though. I agree with all of the answers. It is very true that the global winds aare strong, especially jet streams. Without these winds it’d be hard for boats to travel.

  33. Also Fallon you could copy the web address from this page, then go to the top bar, paste it then hit send. I had the same problem, and once I did this i got to the page

  34. Sarah B.
    I’ve noticed that a lot of people have the same general idea. That the winds are strong and have various effects. Some winds bring storms and blizzards. People also posted the names such as the easterlies, westerlies, doldrums, horse latitudes, and jet streams. All these winds are part of the global wind patterns. These winds are world-wide and help lots of people get where they need to go.

  35. Josh W: After looking at the answers my classmates wrote I decided to say that you can’t hide from Global winds. There were several answers similar to mine and to that I say, Great minds think alike. The global winds are in every hemisphere. The Global winds take shape as The Doldrums, The Easterlies, The Westerlies, The Trade Winds, The Horse laditudes, and The Jet Stream.

  36. James c
    After looking at the words and phrases ican see that most of them are examples. Also most of them deal with the velocity of the winds. I decided that I would do so thing different to all the other ones that deal with the wind speeds and where they are. If I had to summerize the words there is a lot of different answer.

  37. Global winds are many things stong, fast and enormous. Most of the words/phrase have to do with how the winds move. A few like mine were examples of winds EASTERLIES, jet stream and westerlies. To summarize many answers were giving everyone of great it really shows how people think of them so diffrently. I think this is a cool site and we should do this more often.

  38. What everyone seems to forget is the Coriolis effect. The Coriolis effect is the influence of the Earth`s rotation on the atmosphere. Because of the Coriolis effect, the winds curve to the east or the west. Without the Coriolis effect, there would be no global winds.

  39. While looking through the answer garden I noticed that global winds are a lot of things. Winds are fast because they can go over 100 miles-per-hour. Winds are strong because they can cause tornadoes. Winds are world-wide because there everywhere. Fast, strong, and world-wide are just three words I found on answer garden. There are many more and they all describe global winds.

  40. After viewing the different answers on Answer Garden i would have to say the overall theme is the winds are crazy yet calm.Some winds,such as the doldrums are calm,relaxed and slow.They slowly hit our world and dont destroy us.Other winds can be the oppisite,winds such as horse lattitudes,tradewinds,and westerlies are fast moving winds that tear up our planet in one gust of wind.I really believe that the overall theme is that Global winds are wildly fast and hard,yet they can be as calm,slow,and relaxed as a turtle.

  41. Also just telling you that you are not supposed to write why you put up yours or why other people put up theirs.You are supposed to put up an overall theme of our answer garden!Well just wanted to give you guys the heads up!!

  42. I have an answer garden!
    “Are you happy for the snow? Why?”

    They mostly diverted to weather and kinds of winds! also, temperature, and velocity, like Bryce L. The snow storm no one mentioned except me!

  43. Looking at the answers i saw a lot but i thought most of the words described how they looked like, what they were and what they did. I saw some words like westerlies, easterlies, jet streams, horse latitude and trade winds and that showed me what all the different winds were. Most of them were like big, speedy and fast. Those words described how they moved. There were many different other words too.

  44. I said World effecting winds. After seeing all of the answers from all my classmates, they were all pretty much the same. I said this because it affects the world, not only the place that you are living in. So that made me come to a conclusion of world effecting winds.

  45. Good idea, Bryce. Thanks for your help!

  46. Many of the answers I saw were either about the speed they travel, where they are located, or what they are. Global Winds are located all around the world. Some winds travel fast, such as the trade winds. Others don’t have any winds at all, such as the doldrums. Some people wrote the names of global winds, such as “jet stream” or “horse latitudes” or “easterlies”. They all did have something to do with global winds, though.

  47. The word i said was wind patterns. I wrote this because the global winds have patterns they follow and blow through depending on high or low pressure. I think the common theme with all the answers was different kinds of global winds, like doldrums and jet streams. Also lots of answers were characteristics of Global Winds too.

  48. Alolt of the words in answer garden were very similar. Most of them talked about how these winds effect the whole world. Also, they mentioned that the global wind can range in pressure. Some can have very low pressure like the dol

  49. A lot of the responces in the answer garden were very similar. Most of them talked about how global winds effect the whole world not just one specific area. Also, many of the answers said that they could range in pressure. Some global winds are high pressure like the horse lattitudes but others such as the doldrums have a very low pressure.
    Giovanna C. Period 7

  50. I wrote about the trade winds. This is a huge part of the global winds. They help the planes in the sky go faster. Without them our plane trips would go so much slower. Insted of taking 6 hours to get to California it would maybe take 7 and a half hours to get there. They can also help with our ships the cruise ships need to get alot of wind to go as fast as they do.

  51. In the section that we were reading is how different winds are in different parts of the Earths heimshpere’s. Also many different come at many different speeds. They also have the doldrums which wind currents don’t blow over there as much. And this section also talked about the types of winds there are like tradewinds, horselatitudes, westerlies, easterlies, and many more.

  52. Paul.S Period 7, 2/10/10
    I saw a lot of good comments when I was on answer Garden. One theme in the words were that global winds are strong, fast, steady and unceasing. Many people submitted answers to that effect. Another theme that I saw was the names of different wind patterns like Westerlies and the jetstream. Another was that they bring many storms and affect earth in many ways. I found it very interesting to see the different things that everyone submitted.

  53. I saw a bunch of good characteristics and kinds of winds to describe the global winds. There was two main themes, first, there were different types of global winds such as, jet streams, doldrums, horse latitudes,trade winds, westerlies, and easterlies. In addition, there was another theme, the effects of global winds. For example, tropical storms, fast, dangerous, uneven heating, strong, enormous, clear and dry, and steady patterns. There was a lot of description to be able to understand global winds and their effects.

  54. When I was leaving my response for Answer Garden I realized that many people had similar answers. Many people submitted the name, “are everywhere.” I agree with this and I also wrote this because since global means world wide, i infered that the winds are all over. Many of these responses were similar to each other which and i think that the theme is that global winds are strong, fast, and there are different types of them.

  55. Emma B. Period 4 February 9th, 2010

    After looking at what my classmates had to say about global winds, I began to realize that most of the responses were about what types of winds there are (like DOLDRUMS and WESTERLIES), or how fast all of the winds are. Yes, I agree with these responses, but a lot of them were the same from the last. Anyways, there are many different kinds of winds. Some are fast and dangerous, and others are soft and harmless.

  56. When i was leaving my responser for answer garden i realized that many people posted different types of global winds. I posted the name; “are everywhere” because the word global means world wide so I infered that the winds are all over. Many of the responses were similar to each other and i think that the theme is that global winds are fast, strong, and there are many different types of them.

  57. michael b period 7

    after reviewing the comments on answer garden, i thought that global winds are fast and world-wide. I read all the comments and they all seemed to be fast or global. thats what i thought

  58. When I went on answer garden I saw all of the comments and saw an imediate theme. Everyone said somsthing simalar to that global winds effect the globe or the planet. Also I saw that a lot of people commented on how they can be strong, weak, or severe. I enjoyed seeing the comments that were on answer garden and I enjoyed learning more about the global winds

  59. Andrew.R. Period 7, 2/10/10
    There are a lot of great words on answer garden. One theme in the words were that Global Winds are all over the world. Many people submitted answers that related to this effect on Earth. Another theme I saw was that some people put the names of some wind patterns, like the Doldrums and the Jet Stream. I found all the words in answer garden very interesting. Every one did a great job.

  60. After obbserving many comments on the site i saw many good comments. I deffinetly saw strong,everywere,jet stream, and steady patterns. Alot of people placed answers in tht voter’s box like that. I also saw some of the same stuff as paul to an extent. It’s very cool how so many people have different ideas on how to deffine global winds.

  61. Rachel B. Period 4 2/10/10
    When I first looked at the responses on answer garden, it just looked like a bunch of random words describing global winds, but then I noticed an overall theme. I saw that many people commented on how the global winds were very strong. Many people also commented about the different speeds in the different wind regions. I also do agree that this very well describes the global winds, considering they are all different. I also saw that many people named the different wind regions, such as the easterlies and the trade winds. I was very impressed when I saw all of the differnet ideas, and how they all came together somehow. It was very interesting to see what all of my classmates submited on answer garden.

  62. High/low pressure. I noticed that all or most of the answers are about how they travel around the world. Also a lot of them are the actual names of the winds….I thoguht we were supposed to list characteristics.

  63. I wasnt finished with my paragraph before it posted before i finished. But, i think that most people chose how the global winds go around the world because they are very fast and almost everywhere in the world(except the doldrums) has wind. I also think that there were a lot of good comments on the answer garden and I think that every one was right.

  64. While viewing the results on answergarden, I noticed that many people, overall, put characteristics of the many different types of winds. Furthermore, some put the eight basic winds up: trade winds, horse lattitudes, westerlies, easterlies, jet steams, doldrums

  65. There were a lot of possibilities for what global winds are, but I think global winds are mostly strong. Trade winds, easterlies, westerlies, and doldrums are all strong and they all bring stormy weather to different places. Other terms like clear and dry were important too because that tells what horse latitudes are like. Lastly, steady was a good term because global winds can go for THOUSANDS of kilometers in steady patterns.

  66. I noticed a variety of good answers. There were types global winds, such as the westerlies, the easterlies, the doldrums, the horse latitudes, the trade winds, and the jet streams. There were also characteristics of the global winds. For example, strong, fast, enormous, helpful,clear, and dry. There are also other answers too. All of the answers are different, however, this does not mean they are wrong. All of the answers are discribing global wind from different points of views. The answers can be different depending on what you are describing.

  67. While viewing the results on answergarden, I noticed that many people, overall, put characteristics of the many different types of winds. Furthermore, some put the six basic winds up: trade winds, horse lattitudes, westerlies, easterlies, jet steams, and doldrums. Also, here are some of the characteristics of the winds that I observed: dangerous, fast, clear, dry, strong, enormous, and everywhere. Lastly, everyone had wonderful and different responses and ideas, that in some way have the same “theme” as global winds. That pretty much covers it!

  68. At first I thought this was just a bunch of words mixed together. Then I realized that there was a basic theme. Some where world wide, everywhere, and all around. Also people gave examples. Some examples where trade winds, westerlies, easterlies, horse latitudes, doldrums, and jet stream. Lastly some people said how they where dangerous, fast, and strong.

  69. I wrote that global winds are all over the world. This is a true statement and they have different names depending on where they are located. Some of their names are easterlies, westerlies,doldrums, horse latitudes,trade winds, and more. I saw a lot of good facts about global winds in the answer garden.

  70. All the words describe the winds and what they do, were they travel, and how fast or slow they are. They said what the winds are and where they blow. It said that some are helpful, dangerous, strong, and how they affect the Earth. Some winds are fast, and some winds are slow. They happen all over the world and are very powerful.

  71. All the answers are similar. The highlight on different forms of winds. Most answers discrible the global winds. Some of the other answers are the names of the global winds, for example the Westerlies, Easterlies, and Doldrums. The global winds do effect our atmosphere.

  72. I looked at the answer garden after dinner and I was shoked to see all of the words. All of the words demenstrate what global winds are. I also leanred that they can be very dangerous and strong. Some global winds are easterlies, westerlies, and jet stream. I hope were of school tomarow.

  73. When i looked at the page the first time i just saw a bunch of different words. Soon, i realized that the basic theme is, global winds, are everything. Global winds are what help air planes fly, boats sail, and peoples hair blow on windy days. Sometimes they are strong, others they are weak. Global winds are powerful, helpful and strong and those are just a few examples.

  74. When I was at Answer Garden, I saw a lot of great responces. They all related to global winds but a lot of them meant different things. Some of them were about the different winds that happen around the world like Duldrums, horse latitudes, and jet streams. But some of the other words have to do about the effects that some of the winds have on people, or places. Some of those words were fast, strong and dangerous.

  75. Wow all theses words are so alike. I noticed that all these words are either a wind type or something explaining strong winds. There are not alot of words that talk about calm regions. Also I con’t Know how to plant a word!!!!! It won’t work!!!

  76. After looking at the characteristics of Global Winds. I thought that there were just a whole bunch of words at first. But then I thought to myself there are a lot of words that describe global winds like strong,fast, dangerous, and clear. When I was done I finally came up with some kind of theme as global winds.

  77. there are some very good words that describe or show an example but some confuse me. overall i think ur classes understood the task and executed well. personally i liked the assignment. im hoping we can do this again.

  78. I said that global winds were global because…well… they are. I also agree with what everyone else said. Mostly it was like they were fast and strong. Others gave examples like doldrums or horse lattitudes. And I don’t know what Mariel was talking about when she said that answergarden wasn’t working for her. I’m using the same computer as her and it worked just fine. She probably did it wrong. Oh well. =P

  79. All these phrases and words relate because they explain what global winds are. The real definition for global winds is “winds that travel long distances in steady patterns over several weeks.” For example some people used words such a high pressure, and low pressure. They chose these words because the high pressure and low pressure affect winds. There were many more words and phrases up there but I only chose those two because I thought they really explained global winds.

    Jordan C

  80. From, Ari r

    After looking at the detailed terms i found that a common theme was the wind names and their directions. I noticed this because no one went the extra mile. That means that the people who didnt do something obvious like the Easterlies went and looked thouroghly in their notes. This was the common theme that i found.

  81. So many words were related to the theme global winds. For example, enormous and all over the world. Many words related, but written differently. For example many people chose all over the world; they probably chose this because of the word global. Global mean, world wide. They all relate to global winds because they all describe either the movements of the wind or how big the storm is.

    Zachary C

  82. All these phrases and words relate because they explain what global winds are. The real definition for global winds is “winds that travel long distances in steady patterns over several weeks.” For example some people used words such a high pressure, and low pressure. They chose these words because the high pressure and low pressure affect winds. There were many more words and phrases up there but I only chose those two because I thought they really explained global winds.

    Jordan C

  83. So many words were related to the theme global winds. For example, enormous and all over the world. Many words related, but written differently. For example many people chose all over the world; they probably chose this because of the word global. Global mean, world wide. They all relate to global winds because they all describe either the movements of the wind or how big the storm is.
    Zachary C

  84. At first I thought that Global Winds were just winds that are global but by looking at what other people posted made me think more. I found out that they were also fast, and strong. It also tought me that there were different kinds. It was very interesting to see what other people thought.

  85. at first i looked at the words and thought they were a bunch of random words mixed together. but later i relized that they all had something to do to describe global winds. Most of the comments seem like they have to do with storms, fast and global. i thought this assignment was very fun. im hoping we can do this again

  86. All my classmates had great ideas! But to me, two things that relate to Global Winds are, enormous, worldwide, and very fast because all of this explains what Global Winds actually are. It was very interesting to see what some of my classmates thought.

    Naomi Z. Period 3

  87. Nithya N.
    I keep trying to put my words in answer garden but it won’t show up. I am on chrome at the moment but it doesn’t work.
    Anyway, at first all of the phrases seemed completely unrelated to me. Then, I noticed that all of the words/phrases described what global winds did, and what they were like. For example, someone wrote that global winds traveled long distances and someone else wrote they were easterlies. These all described what the global winds are.

  88. As I looked at all of the words on the website, I started to realize what most of them were about. Overall, it was about the types of global winds. Some were easterlies, westerlies, jet stream, etc. Other words/phrases described the fact that they go all over the world. I guess that there are too many ways to describe the global winds, considering all of the comments about the global winds!

  89. In the comment box, I see different words. These words are kind of giving me mixed vibes. I see words like strong, dangerous, and helpful. But overall, I agree that every one of these words relate to what global winds are. They can make you travel fast, they can blow you into dangerous places, and and can take you places you would like to go. In my opinon, my favorite winds are the globals winds.

  90. What I have noticed about all the different phrases were that they all explained global winds. Also alot of people put down names of the global winds(easterlies,westerlies,doldrums Ect.)But some people put down words that meant the same thing as other people put down.

  91. I was surprised by how many different words describing global winds were planted in the answer garden. The one that I think best describes global winds is “worldwide”. Global winda travel long distances and go around the world. My favorite description in the garden is “wind go around earth”!

  92. Gabe A.
    Sorry this was so late, but i couldn’t get internet access until now.
    However, I said hat Global Winds are winds that travel long disances. This is true because if they didn’t travel long distances then they would be local winds, winds that travel short distances and only affect a small area opposed to global wind which affect the entire world and go all the way across it.

  93. Matthew S.
    At first i thought that global winds are winds that go around earth to warm the planet. I later found out from my classmates comments that they were strong winds, that go fast and there are diffrent kinds of global winds which was cool
    I also found out from reading my classmates thoughts is that they are enormous and that they were storms which did not make sense to me at all. These are all the facts i found out because of answer garden and classmates comments.

  94. Becky M. Period 6
    At first, I didn’t think these words were related at all. Then, I realized that the all describe global winds. The words made global winds global winds. For example, some people said strong, fast and enormous. These words describe global winds. Some other words were westerlies, easterlies, doldrums and horse latitudes. They make up global winds. Some others said what they cause(like tropical storms) and how they help us ( they carry boats around the world at different speeds).The Answer Garden answers all describe global winds. I thought this was fun, it would be fun to do again!

  95. Are our global wind projects due tuesday?
    -Ally Flynn

  96. Everybody put up great ideas, but i think that Global winds are mainly strong and worldwide. When it says global it means worldwide and some of the global winds are strong and they bring great storms.

    Scott N. Period 5

  97. After looking at all of the phrases, I have thought an overall theme. Global winds are basicly everywhere, humongous, go in patterns, and very fast. For example, there was, “global”, “enormous”, “wind patterns”, and “fast”. Also, global winds can be helpful or disruptive in certain situations. They can move sailboats, or destroy objects depending on the wind speed.

  98. Jackie F.
    I put for my answer wind patterns. While looking at what my classmates wrote, to me some of the answers didnt make sense. So people put the names of global winds. Like doldurms, and easterlies. Other than those ones i was suprised with the variety of word chocies and the ways that some people describe them. One that I thought was really good was World Effecting Winds. That is really true because some boats and air crafts use these to get around.

  99. No. You will have the class period tomorrow to work on this project. You will turn in the project on Wednesday.

  100. When I look at all the different answers in the answer garden I mostly see the names of different kinds of winds and adjectives describing them. I also noticed that the winds are everywhere and travel long distances. I used the words, “wind belts”because the winds can blow around the earth from the north pole to the south pole creating”belts” of global winds. I noticed other kids used words like “patterns” and “latitudes” which describes the same idea.

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