Fungus that killed many bats!– By: Lizzie K

White-nose syndrome, found on  hibernating bats, has been connected to a deadly fungus that is on bats wings,feet and ears of infected bats. This fungus  has spread from Virgina and  is now starting to spread to Tennessee. If the fungus does spread all over Tennessee the fungus could wipe out two whole endangered bat populations!  The fungus wakes up bats during hibernation and causes them to fly out of their caves. The Bats soon die of starvation for there is not a significant supplement of food to provide many bats infected with this fungus with. Scientists fear that the fungus will spread to gray bats and Idiana bats which are highly endangered already! If we lose 500,000 bats there will be much more insects buzzing around our neighborhood and will effect agriculture.Due to this terrible fungus the Bat population might start disappearing fast.

Discussion Questions:

1)Do you think the bat population will soon  become extinct?

2)How can we stop this?


~ by Student Entry on March 12, 2010.

5 Responses to “Fungus that killed many bats!– By: Lizzie K”

  1. This is such a terrible disease. If two bat populations have already been wiped out by the fungus imagine what the bat population will be like in a few years from now. Also this is very bad for people. More bug bites,ticks and other diseases bugs bring. Scientists need to find a cure quick or else that bat population will soon become extinct. To stop this disease we could possibly isolate the infected bats that way the disease won’t spread as much. Hopefully, we will find a cure and people and bats will be okay.

  2. Great Job Lizzie!!! I think the bat population may soon be gone! I think this because when a virus like swine flu came out many people were tested and confirmed. Some people were sick for a few days and then recovered back to normal. While, unfortunately some people passed away. This virus was spread when people interact and didn’t have a vaccine to stop the virus from further progress. I think the same thing can happen if after hibernation the bats interact and spread the virus. I think it may be able to be stopped and further prevented. Scientist or vets can research further to find a shot or vaccine to give to bats that they may find. Overall this article was very interesting and well written!!! ☺

  3. I really like your article Lizzie…
    1. I think that the bat population will be extinct because this fungus is wiping out so many bats already. This fungus is spreading out really quickly. Its sad that they are dieing because of starvation.
    2. I think we can stop this by trying to find this fungus and stopping it.
    Good job… it was very informative…

  4. I wrote this but I can still comment right? I think that if the fungus keeps spreading the bats will be extinct like dinosaurs.We can all help out and do many fundraisers to stop this

  5. Interesting article, Lizzie! I don’t think the bat population will soon become extinct because there are so many bats, it could take a hundred years for the fungus to kill them. In that time, we can stop the extinction by doing all we can to help the fungus go away. We can do things like clubs or (like Lizzie said) fundraisers.

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