NASA and General Motors buid ‘Robonaut 2’– By: Amanda O.

General Motors(GM) and NASA have spent three years working on Robonaut 2 (R2).  You may be wondering what this is.  R2 is a robot meant to mimic humans.  This robot will be a replica of a human from the waist up and it will be able to work in the same places and do the same jobs as humans.  R2 is the second version of Robonaut. The two are different because Robonaut is meant to do the same tasks as an astronaut in space, while R2 is ment to mimc any job a humann would do.  What I think is the coolest is that R2 could be working side-by-side with any worker!  Just picture yourself working next to a robot that is doing the same tasks as you.

Since NASA and GM have only found a way to make R2 have arms, a head, hands, and fingers, NASA and  GM are working to find a way to have legs for the robot, but some complications follow this hard task.  Engineers and scientist are examining these amazing robots one by one and checking for glitches in the robots.

These robots have brains just like human brains, accept the brains inside R2 have  micro chips, not brain cells.  These robots will be programed to do the same things human’s can do.  This invention is truely a big milestone in technology and it can lead to many other great things.

Discussion Questions

1.  Do you think R2 could really do the same things as humans?

2.Do you think R2 could replace workers overall in the future?



~ by Student Entry on March 12, 2010.

5 Responses to “NASA and General Motors buid ‘Robonaut 2’– By: Amanda O.”

  1. Great Job Amanda!!!! I think R2 will be able to do some of the same jobs as humans. But, I do not think it will be able to do all the tasks as humans. For example, it might not be able to do tasks like typing because the keys are small and it might be hard for it to type if it’s fingers are too big. As I said before there are some tasks that it might be hard so I do not think it will be able to take over all of the human job force in the feature. Overall, this article is very interesting and well written! ☺

  2. Great job amanda and a really good topic to write about!!!! I dont think that the R2 could never do any of the things we do in our everyday life. I mean they could do some of the things that we can do but i am not saying all of them. No i wouldnt think that this robots or R2 could ever replace any of our awesome workers we have everyday

  3. 1. I think that R2 would be limited in what it could do. It wouldn’t react or think like a human in a problem. I think that R2 would be useful, but not as productive in a dangerous situation as a person. I do think it’s good that robots would be lost in space instead of humans now though.
    2. I think that as robot technology gets more advanced, robots will be able to do more and more jobs. One thing that the robots couldn’t do would be leading countries. I do think that these robots could work in places like assembly lines though.

  4. Nice blog Amanda! I think that R2 really could do the same things as humans because, as you said, R2 has a brain just like humans, except there are micro chips instead of brain cells. So if that’s true and NASA and GM succeed, R2 really will do the same things humans do.

    I think that if R2 succeeds, it will replace human workers in the future. I think this because you wrote that R2 will be able to do the same thing that humans do. So why keep humans working if there is a robot that can do the same thing that the humans can do except without pay? It would be a lot cheaper than humans who need pay. So R2 will replace humans in the future because of that.

  5. Great Job Amanda!
    1. I think that R2 could do the same things as humans. They obviously have brains like humans so they’ll be just like us
    2.I think R2 probably can replace most workers because robots are so much easy and cheaper. R2 can do the same exact things as humans so it’ll be better for everybody!

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