Bottled Water Is A Drain– Br: Kristen K.

Bottled water is a drain on the environment!

The U.S public goes through about 50 billion water bottles per year! Most water bottles are not recycled. Transporting and keeping the bottles cold burns fossil fuel, which gives off green-house gases. According to some estimates, it takes 3 liters of water to make 1 liter of bottled water. More then $100 billion dollars is spent every year on bottled water globally.

In the U.S, where tap water is federally regulated and often screened for dangerous pollutants, the public drinks 21 gallons of water per capita per year on average! Certain policy makers and activists have encouraged people to stop drinking bottled water and start drinking from the tap by raising the cost of bottled water. San Fransisco, Seattle and Chicago added a 5 cent tax on each bottle of water. Not only does bottle water contribute to repeating waste but it costs the people so much more than drinking from the faucet. Is this why we are in recession?
Discussion Questions:

How many of you drink mostly from bottled water?

Why do you choose to drink from the bottles and not from the tap?

Do you agree that this might be a big problem?


~ by jpiniat on March 25, 2010.

10 Responses to “Bottled Water Is A Drain– Br: Kristen K.”

  1. After reading this article i 2nd guess bottle water. I usually drink from bottle water and my family goes through at least a case a week. I chose to drink from bottle water and not tap because most of the time I don’t feel like pouring water from my Brita or getting it from the faucet so I just take a water bottle because for me it’s a lot easier. I agree that this is a big problem that the United States should look into more and figure out a way to come up with more eco-friendly bottles.

  2. Wow! I drink bottled water and now that it is bad for the enviornment, I won’t drink bottled water so I can help the enviornment. We should find a water bottle that can be recycled. Instead of a water bottle I will use a thurmus. Great info; it is very useful and I will use the information in my everyday life!

  3. When i saw this title i was so about to read it. I always used to drink out of a water bottle everydday. But now since i read this i am going to use a ruseable one everyday now.

    1. I used to and now i am not going to!

    2.Some of the times i will get up and get a cup and go the my refreagtor and get so water from there and i will be honset with this one i am too lazy to do all of that work egtting up and getting a cup.

    3.I 3rd this. This is a huge problem in our state and we should not stand up for this and we should write the president a letter and tell him that we dont like this

  4. 1. I don’t drink from bottled water that much, but a lot of others do.
    2. I drink from my faucet because I can just get a cup and go the the sink. Now I know that that’s the right thing to do.
    3. I definitely think that this is a big problem. It’s like we’re paying to hurt the environment, and it should stop.

  5. I usually drink bottled water. I drink at least 4 bottles of water each day. I usually drink bottled water because i just because its easier to use. Also, its easier to bring to soccer. I think this a bad problem because it is expensive to buy and make bottled water. This really needs to be fixed. Good article….

  6. 1. I know a lot of people that use bottled water but I don’t. I use my sink.
    2. I use a faucet because to me it is easier, and now I know it is smarter.
    3. I think that this must end. We’re paying to hurt the environment and must stop.

  7. Great Job Kristen!!! I usally bring water bottles 2 school and if I don’t finish it, I throw the bottle out. I am going to re-think about what I do when I throw about my half drank water. I showed my mom this article, and we were thinking about it. Now that she read this GREAT article she bought recylable water bottles!!! 🙂 I use the recylable bottle a lot!!!! Thanks for posting this wonderful article!!!

  8. Wow! I didnt realize that so much money and resources are put into making water bottles each day! I go through at least 10 water bottles a week! I think that plastic water bottles are easier to go places with because i dont have to worry about losing them. However, now i am going to try to use reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones! I think this will help the enviornment step by step. Great article! 🙂

  9. Great Job, Kristen! I usually bring a water bottle to school and one or two to sports. At home I usually drink for the fridge dispenser. From reading this article I think I will start using my recyclable water bottles. I choose water bottles because they are quicker to get. Now, I realized that using tap water really saves the environment. This will definitely be a big problem in the feature if we continue these bad habits. This article was really well written!

  10. I do drink from bottled water every day. That’s my #1 source of water. I choose to drink from bottles and not from the tap because I like the taste better and it’s colder. I do agree that this might be a big problem because we are wasting a lot. I’m going to try to drink more from the tap and put some ice cubes in it so that I have my cold water, and I’m not wasting.

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