What?? No Strawberries!!! – By: Jackie F.

Early in the year there was a frost in Florida which stunned, and almost killed all of the strawberries. Now that there has been warmer weather, they are starting to become ripe. Before this strawberry boom, the berries sold for a dollar a pound, but now they are only twenty-five cents per pound. Farmers now have to destroy them, or are giving them away to people.

Discussion Questions:

1) What do you think that the farmers should do with all of the berries?

2) How many pounds of strwberries, do you think are being destroyed? Why would they do this?




~ by Student Entry on March 30, 2010.

9 Responses to “What?? No Strawberries!!! – By: Jackie F.”

  1. When i saw this title of yours i was like oh my gosh i have to read this. So i read it and i was heartbroken i was so upset that the farmers would do that to us.
    1. I think they should just sell, eat or just even through them out.
    2. I bet like 20 pounds is being wasted, I think this because they probably dont even care anymore or there just not watering them like they have to. This is not right to do that to us.

  2. I thhink the farmers should just try to keep growing the strawberries. Maybe they should sell the berries and then have other people or other farmers grow them. I think MANY punds of strawberries are being destroied. I wish they wouldnt do this to us becasue straw berries are just so good. I think they are ding this because they just dont want to deal with the trouble of growing the strawbwrries, because it is so hard now that it was so cold in the winter. This article was very well writtn and I definitly learned alot from your article. Great Work Jackie!

  3. I think that the farmers should sell the strawberries for a dollar a pound because they can make more money, if the farmers keep selling the strawberries for twenty-five cents a pound, they wont be able to buy things that they need and to support their families.

  4. Great Job Jackie!!!!!! Personally, I think the farmers should sell the berries cheap or give them to people in need of food in the area so they don’t go to waste. I think thousands of pounds of strawberries are being put to waste because one farmer isn’t going to grow one pound of strawberries for a profit. They are more likely to grow one hundred pounds to sell for a bigger total profit. But, if the strawberries will not be sold they might just give up and stop watering the berries so they don’t waste even more money on watering crops they will not sell.

  5. 1. I think that farmers in Florida should try to sell the strawberries somewhere were they are most valuable and can’t grow. That way, they can still make money and try again next year. In places like Wisconsin, you aren’t able to grow strawberries like in Florida, so they are worth more.
    2. Thousands of pounds of strawberries are probably going to waste. The farmers probably just want to make some money this year, and so do whatever they can to sell.

  6. Good Job Jackie!!! I think farmers should keep trying to grow strawberries because they are amazing!! Though, I do agree that the farmers should sell them for less money, so they don’t go to waste. If the strawberries don’t grow this year, the farmers can always try again next year!

  7. I think that farmers should be selling the strawberries for more than 25 cents because then they would get a much bigger income. Also, now that they have so many strawberries, they should keep some and use them to feed themselves and their families. I think that at least 100 pounds of strawberries are being destroyed. They are probably doing that so the price of strawberries does not go down any more. When the supply of something is high, the price often goes down. That is what I think about this article!!!!!

    PS. Great job on the article :):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. I really enjoyed reading your little article. Sadly many strawberries probably got wasted. The farmers actually should try to give them away to people just to see if they will take them anyway. Good thing the farmers did try to sell the strawberries for less money because probably the maximum people who will buy the strawberries if they didnt lower the price is 2 or 3.

  9. I really liked reading your blog. Now to answer the questions. I think that the farmer should give the soon to be wasted strawberries to the people who do not have enough to eat. I think that over 200 pounds of strawberries will be wasted, I think the only thing that they can do is learn from this experience and prevent this from happening next year.

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