Man and Machine… Together — By: Richard D.

A few months ago, it was made official by National Geographic that improved robotic arms were made to replace dysfunctional human ones. Originally, robotic arms had 3 basic movements: up, down, and grab. This arm was controlled by buttons, and not very useful. The new version of the robotic arm is  much better. It has 5 fingers instead of the original claw, and has about 10 movements, including movement of the: wrist, elbow, shoulders, and fingers. Also, instead of having to press buttons, these new arms are linked to your nerves, so they are easily controlled. people are already benefiting from these robotic limbs, and are very happy. unfortunately, these robotic arms can be expensive to buy and install.

Discussion Questions:

1. How would you feel if you needed and received one of these robotic arms?

2. How much would you pay for one of these robot arms if you had only 1 human arm.


~ by Student Entry on April 6, 2010.

7 Responses to “Man and Machine… Together — By: Richard D.”

  1. Wow! I didn’t know about the new ones linked up to your nerves!

    1. I would feel great and well cared for. I would feel also feel like a robot!

    2. I would pay as much as I needed. These look awesome!!!!!!!!!1

  2. If I were to recieve one of these robotic arms, I would probably be really excited, yet grateful for such an amazing invention. Also, I would feel proud and independent, to be able to do things, almost as well as everyone else. Also, it is even more incredible, that some robotic arms can be hooked up to your nervous system, to allow you to move like a “normal” person. If I were to pay for one of these robotic arms (concisdering that I only had one), I would try to get the best deal. I know that they are pretty expensive, and I would like to be able to do things like other people, however, there is a limit to how much a person can spend. For example, it would be outrageous to buy a robotic arm for 1 billion dollars. 1 million dollars would still be pricey, but a couple thousand dollars would be a considerable price. After all, it is an ingenious invention. And, 1 hundred dollars would be the best deal, if they are even sold for that much. But, I sort of doubt it. Anyhow, if I couldn’t pay for any of the prices, then I guess I would just have to get a cheaper, but not very high-quality robotic arm. Actually though, you know how people can get other people’s arms, if they need their amputated? Well, I may be able to do that… However, I would prefer not to do that! Lastly, I hope I won’t need to get a robotic arm, or someone elses arm for that matter, ever in the future.

  3. 1)I would be very grateful to receive one of these robotic arms because it would allow me to do more that I couldn’t do before with only one arm.
    2)I would probably pay a lot of money because it would be useful and help me with everyday tasks.

  4. If i needed and received one of these robotic arms, i would probably be ecstatic. I would also be grateful that i would finally have arms. New and improved robotic arms. i may feel like a robot at some time, but at least i would be able to do activities that you kneed arms for. instead of sitting on the side lines. i would probably spend around
    5-10 thousand. I wouldn’t want to spend over that because i need these arms to do things, and if i spend all of my money on them, then i wouldn’t get to buy the things i want, or the things i like.

  5. If I needed to get one of these robotic arms I would definitely be scared because it is a new invention and probably has not been done many times. At the same time I would be really happy that I would have a new and improved robotic arm that would make life easier. I would not want one of the older robotic arms! I would pay whatever I would need to pay for this robotic arm if I only had one arm. If I only had one arm, I would want the best robotic arm out there and this one is probably it. This is how I feel about the new robotic arms!!!!!!!

  6. I would feel very happy to recieve one of these robotic arms. I would find it very difficult to build and it would be very hard to make sure everything works right.
    I would pay somewhere around 1,000 dollers for one of these robitic arms. I would pay this much because I know how hard it is to build one of these arms, and I know how time consuming it is. Also, attaching it to all og my nerves would be very hard to, so I would pay about another 1,000 dollers for getting it attached to me. This was a very well written article and i found it very interesting to read. Good job Richard!!!

  7. I would want to have an robotic arm. I could learn how to use it for everyday activites. It would be like I never lost an arm at all. I would pay a lot of money for one. It would be very helpful for me. Life would also become a lot easier again.

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