The Black Gulf – By: Richard D.

Recently, in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana, a large oil rig exploded and allowed a massive  amount of oil to spread around the surrounding area. Experts had guessed that the following oil leak would release 1,000 barrels of oil a day- enough to ruin 42 billion gallons of water every day. It has now been estimated that about 5,000 barrels are released every day. That means that 210 billion gallons of marine habitats are being ruined each day. Not only that , but this has been going on for 16 days. That means that a total of 3.36 trillion gallons of water have been ruined so far! Not only that, but it is still going. This spill affects many biotic and abiotic factors, The oil has cut off the abiotic factor of light, which in turn kills plant life which limits the amount of oxygen in the water. Any fish die almost immediately from oil because it ruins what they breath. Many plants and animals will be lost due to this. It is a true disaster. No one really knows what the overall result of all this will be. One thing is for sure though: ecosystems are completely collapsing because of this spill.


1. What do you think the final result of all the will be? How much life will be lost?

2. How do you you think people are going to try to fix this disaster?


~ by Student Entry on May 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Black Gulf – By: Richard D.”

  1. I think and i hope that the result will be good, because this oil spill is killing animals in their own environment. They are not safe. This is also dirtying our oceans. People can’t swim some beaches because of the oil.

    I think that people should put a cap or something on the pipe holding all of the oil. Maybe that would stop it long enough so that BP could figure out a plan, and do that plan while the cap is still on the pipe.

    Hannah Simon

  2. i said the one above
    Hannah Simon

  3. The final results wont be so good, already a lot of oil has been wasted and since the problem is not solved, I think there will be no oil left and we have to use from other countries. A lot of life will be lost. Animals have to live in the water that is covered in oil, it’s not good for the animals, many are dying.

  4. 1. I think the final result will be good. This oil spill has been going on for months now, and killed so many species. I hope it’ll be fixed one day.

    2. I think people are going to fix this problem by using different methods and trying different things. As time goes on, our ecosystem is collapsing so they better fix this now

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