Body Fat Burning Pepper-By Erin O.

The main compound that gives peppers (pictured are red savina habaneros of New Mexico) their sting has a close cousin that may burn body fat without irritating the mouth or stomach.Many diets come and then the next day there is the “next and better” one. All of these diets seem to have something in common. The idea is you need to burn more body fat then you take in. Scientists in California announced that they found a chemical to help burn body fat. This chemical is called dihydrocapisate.

Dihydrocapisate comes from a pepper. It is suppose to boost how the body burns it’s body fat. It might actually be easy to find. It is a cousin chemical of Capsaicin. Capsaicin is the chemical which makes chili peppers so hot. Dihydrocapisate is not as hot as Capsaicin and you won’t even know it is inside of your body.

After a test, scientists came up that the Dihydrocapisate does burn more fat. With many obese men and women in the test, they all got different doses and pills. Some people were given the cousin chemical, Capsaicin and they came up with the conclusion that Dihydrocapisate does the same as Capsaicin. Dihydrocapisate would help a 100 pound person burn 165 more calories each day they have it. It just doesn’t leave your mouth burning and you stomach hurting.



1) Do you think Dihydrocapisate is a safe method to burn fat?

2) Do you think it will work with all types of people?


~ by Student Entry on June 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “Body Fat Burning Pepper-By Erin O.”

  1. I really don’t think Dihydrocapisate is a safe method to burn body fat because you never know what if you take to much of that dose, what would happen? I really wouldn’t ever take it because probably or maybe that drug or medicine will burn a hole right through you. I think that Dihydrocapisate is like a acid that burns your body fat away, but you actually need some of that body fat on you. So what if one day someone wants to be like super skinny and takes the hole bottle of medicine at once, and then the Dihydrocapisate burns all your body fat and you have no body fat left. Then lets say the next day you buy more and you take the whole bottle again in one day, and then the Dihydrocapisate burns a hole right through you. So I believe you shouldn’t take the Dihydrocapisate,before you know the full and all of the info.

  2. Good article Erin!
    1) To be honest, I’m not exactly sure on whether it’s safe or not. It might have some long term effect or it might have subtle effects that scientist haven’t noticed.
    2) No I don’t think that it will work on everybody. Everybody has a slightly different body and it will probably work in slightly different ways with everybody.

  3. Great job Erin!
    1. I don’t think this is a safe way to burn fat because it was just found. In addition, not many people have been tested and there may be something the the scientists have missed,
    2. I don’t think it will work on everybody. I don’t think so because everybody is different and different people may be handle different things.

  4. Great Erin! I totally agree with Zianne that people may take too much of the stuff and it could make a hole right through you! So I think it’s totally unsafe!!!!!!! 😦

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