The Oil Spill in Gulf Of Mexico Reaches Florida Coasts-Fallon G.

A few weeks ago some oil was spilled in the Gulf Of Mexico. This all happened when there was on explosion and fire on a drilling rig off the coast of Louisiana. That is when about 210,000 gallons of oil began to spill into the gulf.

Did you know that the oil that was spilled in the Mexican gulf has reached the Florida Keys? If not, this will shock you. About a week ago, some people were finding oil washed up on the coast. This substance was dark colored and very sticky.

All of this oil is damaging the plants and animals around. Many experts have said that they do not know what will happen in years to come but they are sure that more damage will be on its way. The damage done by this oil spill will be very hard and close to impossible to completely reverse.

In the end this situation will get worse before it gets better.  What do you think?

1) What would happen if the oil ended up washing up on the Jersy shore? This may happen if the oil gets into the Gulf Stream Current.

2) Do you think we can do anything to help repair the Florida Keys? What about the Louisiana wetlands?


~ by Student Entry on June 3, 2010.

One Response to “The Oil Spill in Gulf Of Mexico Reaches Florida Coasts-Fallon G.”

  1. I think that the whole oil spill is sad. If the oil ended washing up to New Jersey, all of the plants and animals here might get sick and die too. However, there probably wold be a fewer amount of sick animals because there wouldn’t be as much oil up here as there was in the Gulf of Mexico.I don’t think that there is a lot we can do to repair the Florida Keys and the Louisiana wetlands. Once oil gets into the water it is very hard to separate the oil from the water. You either have to burn it or put special chemicals in the water; both are extremely bad for the environment. But we will have to get rid of the oil somehow. So I don’t really think that there’s anyway to help them. Great article though!

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