We can control the fast food fat intake-Fallon G.

Comparing the energy content of meals being served from a fast food restaurant has now become the subject of a recent study. When you compare the foods you usually order in some fast food chains to other fast food chains, you would be surprised to see how much fat and calories are in them.

Too much fast food in your diet is bad. You should probably already know that. Fast food is high in calories, trans fat, and just about everything else that you would want your food to be low in. Now I will compare three popular fast food restaurants, Burger King, Wendy’s and McDonalds.

First, I will show you the results for testing a regular fries at McDonalds. The calories come to 570, the total fat is 30 grams, the saturated fat is 6 grams, the trans fat is 8 grams,  and the sodium is 330 milligrams. A lot, right?

Secondly, Wendy’s has 540 calories in its regular fries, the total fat is 26 grams, the saturated fat is 6 grams, the trans fat is 1 gram, and the sodium is 550 milligrams.

Lastly, I will show the results for Burger King. There are 500 calories, the total fat is 28 grams, the saturated fat is 6 grams, the trans fat is 6 grams, and the sodium is 820 milligrams.

Now that you know these results, this may change your mind about eating fast food. It is okay to eat it sometimes but the intake should be very small.

Discussion Questions:

1) After learning these facts, will you stop eating unhealthy fast food?

2) Were you shocked to see how unhealthy the fast food is?


~ by Student Entry on June 3, 2010.

13 Responses to “We can control the fast food fat intake-Fallon G.”

  1. Great Job, Fallon! I normally do not eat lots of fast food. From reading this article I will not stop eating fast food because I only eat it on occasions and in moderation, but when I go there I might choose healthier options like the apples. It was very surprising on how the different fast food companies have more or fewer amounts of different ingredients. I was not too shocked on how unhealthy fast food is. I know from watching “Supersize Me,” in Health that they fry and cook their foods in grease. This article was very well written!

  2. Good Job Fallon!I think you summerized the whole topic about how fatie foods and unhealthy fast food places aren’t good for you really good. Well my family and friends already know and decided that we should only go to like Burger King, Wendy’s, and MacDonalds about 2-4 times in about 4 or 5 months. Really I don’t like any fast food place I think it taste gross and discusting. I wasn’t all that shocked about how unhealthy the fast food was because I already knew that they were really unhealthy. Also I learned a lot about all of the unhealthy fast food places in health.

  3. It was really good Fallon, I learned alot.
    1. i definately will stop eating fast food. After learning how many calories and fat is in it, I will try to limiit or not eat any more fast food.
    2. I wasn’t really shocked to see how unhealthy it was. I already knew that they were horrible for me and I shouldn’t eat it. But I never imagines there were that many calories!

  4. That was a good article on Fast Food.
    1) I definitely will stop eating fast food. Even though I don’t eat it much, I will think twice before consuming unhealthy fries, now that I know what’s in it.
    2) I wasn’t so shocked. I know for a fact that fast food is on no scale good for you. However, I didn’t know the specifics on how unhealthy it is!!!

  5. First of all fallon i thought you did a wonderful job. You took time and effotrt to get this down and his is outstand.
    1. i will not defietely stop eating fast food. But 95% of the time i will because i know that this is not good for you at all. But sometimes my mommy hates to cook so we go out. But usely we got out to healthy fast foo restuarants like panera,subway, and more
    2. to tell you the truth i wasnt shockd at all because if you go to a fast food restaurant i can see all of my graes just drop out an it is nasty. It is also just like the school lunches. this is so nasty and something has to be done about this

  6. I usually dont eat fast food anyway but I still wont. It is very unhealthy for you. After watching the movie “Supersize Me” In health class that also changed how I think. I will probably only get fast food every once in a while. I wasnt too shocked on how unhealthy this food is. I can just tell by the grease on it, the salt, and more. I also learned about this when I was younger.

  7. Really good blog. I learned a lot from it.
    Discussion Question 1 I never really ate fast food a lot anyway, but now I won’t eat any at all. Fast food is so nasty and horrible for you. There is a ton of fat and calories and i will definitely keep my fast food eating days behind me.
    Discussion Question 2 I wasn’t that shocked because I already knew that Fast food was so bad for you after watching Super Size Me in health class. I knew there were a lot of fat and calories but kind of was schocked when I saw that Burger King had the mosst calories and Mc Donalds had the least.

  8. First I would like to say that Fallon did a nice job. After reading this I will not be eating fast food for a long time. I was not that serpriced when I read ths article. I have learnd how horrible it is for me alreade but I needed a reminder. This articl will help me in the future to eat more health foods.

  9. I learned alot from this article fallon!!!!!
    1)I might not completly stop eating fast food, but I will definitly not eat as much as I used to which is about 1 time every 2 months.
    2)I knew fast food was unhealthy, but I never knew that it was this unhealthy. Its amazing how such a small order of fries can impact your body so much!!!
    ~Amanda O’Hara-Period 3

  10. Wow! WE can’t believe how much fat and calories we can intake just from eating regular French Fries at a fast food restaurant. After reading all these facts, we think that we might actually stop eating a lot of fast food. Who would want to eat food so gross that only affects your body in negative ways? WE were definitely super shocked to find out these facts. This relates to the movie Super Size Me because it gives out a lot of facts about fast food, just like you did. After seeing this movie and reading this blog post, we know that fast food is bad for you and that you should avoid it. Thanks!
    -Becca Stein and Rebecca Miller Period 5

  11. Great Article Fallon!
    1.) I’m not going to STOP eating fast food but I am going to eat it in moderation!!! 🙂
    2.) I was very shocked on how unhealthy fast food is for you I always knew that was unhealthy but not that bad! 😦

  12. Zianne and me say you article rocks! It had lots of gr8 info! Great Job! 🙂 🙂 :0 🙂 🙂

  13. Great job Fallon!
    1. After learning about these unhealthy facts, I will definitely limit the amount of fast food I eat. SinceI know how many calories are in fast food, I’ll try to make healthier choices than french fries.
    2. I was very shock to see how unhealthy the fast food is. I never expected it to be this bad!

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