Crocodiles Body Surf Between Islands

This article is about the great reptile Crocodiles.  The salt water crocodile is found in brackish and fresh water habitats.  The University of Queensland in Australia did and experiment with crocodiles.  They put a pinky sized transmitter on 27 crocodiles.  They also put sensors on the crocks to record water temperature, and depth.  After collecting data for a year the scientists made an amazing discovery.  The crocodiles would use the tides to their advantage.  They ride the surface currents that lead to the mouths of rivers.  If the currents change these reptiles climb on to river banks or sit in river beds until they are able to “surf” again.  The team is puzzled about why the crocks surf such long distances.  It doesn’t appear that they are migrating because it is not a repetitive pattern.   A possible theory is that the crocodiles are searching for mates or food.  The scientists are still unsure of why the crocodiles surf for so long.  They have come to the consensus that the crocks have a destination set in mind before “surfing”.  This is just a theory.  The Queensland University is marveled at this amazing sight and may never know the real cause of why they saw these crocodiles “surfing the currents”?

Discussion Question:

1) What would be another possible theory of why the crocodiles surf from Island to Island

2) What would be another way to record this behavior


~ by Student Entry on June 9, 2010.

One Response to “Crocodiles Body Surf Between Islands”

  1. 1. I think maybe it is a faster way to travel and they could be looking for food.
    2.Another way to record this behavior is to keep a camera on the or close to the islands that they are surfing back and forth from. This is really interesting that they are doing it and a great article. I would really want to know the cause of them doing this.

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