Were Dinasours killed by a bug? By Zianne H.

Sue is a famous Tyrannosaurus Rex whose skeleton is located in the Field Museum in Chicago. Around November, scientist have noticed holes in Sue’s jawbone and was wondering what might have caused the holes to form. Scientist believe that the holes are from a dinosaur fight, but others believe that a  parasite called Trichomonas has caused the problem. A parasite is an organism that feeds off of other creatures and it can not support itself on it’s own. The organism Trichomonas can cause tissues to swell and block the throat. Also it can cause the jaw to rot and sooner or later there would be holes in the jaw. This would be terrible for a T-rex because then it would be hard for a T-Rex to swallow food. Eventually a T-Rex would die from thirst and starvation. Today they are still some Trichomonas parasites living, but they mostly affect animals. Once in a while scientist will find bones with holes in them, but most of the bone’s are hawks, other birds, and sometimes crocodiles. Scientist still wonder how the Dinosaur caught the disease but there theory is that the T-Rex named Sue ate an infected animal and caught the disease.
Discussion Questions:
Were do you think the scientist found the Dinosaur?
Did the scientist find the animals with Trichomonas around the same area they found the Dinosaur?

~ by Student Entry on June 9, 2010.

One Response to “Were Dinasours killed by a bug? By Zianne H.”

  1. Great Job Zianne! Your entry is awesome! I found it very interesting that a T-Rex could have been killed by a bug!!!! 🙂

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