Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill of 2010 — By: Michael B.

Many methods that BP have tried failed, but the Cut and Cap method is currently taking place.  This method is when the cut off the damaged tube letting the flow of oil raise up to 20%.  Then, they put a cap over the whole think constraining the oil.  On June 9th, approximately 7,920 barrels of oil was collected and 15.7 million cubic feet of natural gas were flared.  Although this method is currently working, the LMRP containment cap has never before been deployed in these depths and conditions, and its efficiency and ability to contain the oil and gas cannot be assured.  Many methods before this have failed such as the Top Kill and Top Hat, so BP desperately needs the Cut and Cap method to be a success.  Along the surface of the Gulf Of Mexico many people are working hard to clean up this mess.  In total, approximately 383,000 barrels of oily liquid have been collected.  Hopefully the Cut and Cap method will be a success because if it isn’t many species living in and out of water will die.

Discussion Questions:

1.)  On June 9th, how many barrels of oil was collected?

2.)  In your opinion, do you think the Cut and Cap method will work?  Why or why not?



~ by Student Entry on June 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill of 2010 — By: Michael B.”

  1. Great job! I liked how you really went into details when discussing the cap method. Only, I hope it works! After all the lives the oil has taken, it would be a real disappointment if something goes wrong during this process. But then again, it does seem quite hard to fit the cap in place, when the tank is like a mile deep in the water, and surrounded by flowing dark oil. As you mentioned in your blog, on June ninth, 7, 920 barrels of oil were collected! Wow, that is a lot! I wonder if they collected some water mixed into the oil, or if the oil was so thick, that it was all just oil. But anyway, this disaster is truly having a huge impact on our environment, so I hope they will clean it up soon. Lastly, wonderful job!

  2. Good article. On June 9th there was 383,000 barrels of oil collected. I think that the Cut and Cap method will work because i think more thought was put into it. With the other methods I think that BP was so worried about more oil coming out that they just were throwing methods out there trying to fix it. This is the best method because they know by putting a cap on the pipe will stop the oil form leaking out and precent it from ever happening again. I think that the other methods they tried weren’t going to work because they were never going to be able to stop the oil from coming out like the trash methods with shoving the trash in the pipe. The cut and cap method is a lot smarter and better way to go. -Ally F.

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