Rechargeable Cars By Zianne H.

Have you ever seen a car that can charge in an outlet or either use gasoline? Well I know that’s probably a no. Lately, automobile companies are creating vehicles that can plug into  electric sockets, just like a cell phone charges. The vehicle that the automobile companies are creating is called “plug-in hybrids.” The automobile companies are creating this car so we can stop polluting the air and so we can stop hurting the Earth by the little things we do. If the automobile car turns out to work in the future, that means that you can stop wasting all of your money on gasoline, and just charge your car up in the electric socket. The gas we use for cars now is called crude oil and it cost so much. So in the future when the cars are created, then the gas stations around the world will lower their prices because we can either buy their gas or just charge the car. Also by making chargeable cars, the U.S won’t have to buy as much gas as we buy now from other countries. Instead we would actually make more money by selling the chargeable car’s to other countries around the world.  The plug-in hybrid cars should be released in 2011. Will the plug-in cars be a good thing for us?



What do you think about the new car the automobile companies are making?

Do you think by making the plug-in hybrid will reduce the amount of gasoline we are using?


~ by Student Entry on June 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rechargeable Cars By Zianne H.”

  1. Great job Zianne!
    1. I think that the new car will help out to environment a lot. But, it’ll probably use a lot of energy and be very expensive.
    2. It might reduce the amount of gasoline we are using. Not everybody will switch to these cars so many people will still be using oil.

  2. You had good information in your blog! Just one question, is the car in the picture what the hybrid is supposed to look like (with an outlet thing)? Anyway, it is extremely good that these people are building this new car, because we really need to decrease the amount of natural resources we use, and the amount of pollution we create. Also, the cars look like they are small and fast, and great for transportation. This car really sounds like a great idea! Moreover, I deffinately think this new car will save a lot of the gasoline that we have, but instead will increase the amount of energy that our Earth holds. So, I hope that won’t run out! Lastly, good details, and I hope to be able to ride this car when I grow up!

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