Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill by Bethany Mills

Scientists now estimate the leaking BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico was releasing 20,000 to 40,000 barrels of oil per day through last week according to a survey by U.S Geological Survey. Other scientists use to think that about 12,000-19,000 barrels of oil were released per day. Trying to cut the pipe where the oil was did not work at all.  On June 3rd a cap was put on top of the pipe to try to get use out of some of the oil after failing their previous attempt to stop the spill. BP says the cap is sucking up 16,000 barrels of oil a day. The oil would travel a mile up the ocean onto land level and the oil was flowing into a boat which would conserve the oil. Then, the oil would be put to use in different places. Some scientists think that now the flow of the oil spill has increased up to 4 or 5%. Edward Markey stated that the scientists would soon get a better idea of how fast the flow of the oil was. Markey proposed to send equipment down to where the oil is and get rid of the containment cap on top of the well. Many people like fisherman are losing their jobs because of spill. All the fish are dying so, they can’t fish.

Discussion Questions:

1.How do you think the spill will effect people if it moves up by the Atlantic Ocean?

2.Do you think they will get to stop the spill soon?

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~ by Student Entry on June 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill by Bethany Mills”

  1. The oil spill is taking over the news and I am so upset it happened in the first place. If the oil moves up the Atlantic Ocean then it could affect our beaches. It’s summertime so thats where everyone goes. Beach areas like restaurants and the boardwalk will lose lots of business. No one will want to hang out by puddles of oil. I don’t think the oil spill will be stopped soon unfortunately. They tried a lot and nothing worked good enough. Maybe before August it will be fixed with what they are planning for it.

  2. Good job bethany!
    1. I think that the oil spill will effect people if it moves up to the Atlantic because it might wash ashore beaches. Also, there won’t be as much seafood to catch.
    2.I think that the will stop the spill by fixing the pipe that is broken as soon as possible so it won’t cause damage to anything else.

  3. Great job on the article! I think if the oil spill moves up towards the Atlantic Ocean, that many more problems will occur. The bordering states’ beaches and economies will be damaged along with the wildlife. Many fishermen will lose their jobs because of the fish and other aquatic animals choked and drowned by the oil. I think that if the oil spill is going to be stopped, that BP and the US will have to stop and really think about a more logical and thought out solution. Hopefully, they will be able to stop it before July at the maximum or before to limit possible damage.

  4. Great work! If the oil spill moves up towards the Atlantic Ocean, lots of things would be affected. First of all, many animal species would die, especially the under-water animal species. Also, many more fishermen will lose their jobs because a lot of the fish will die through the oil. Moreover, I think that many birds will also die because if the oil touches their wings, they wouldn’t be able to fly. I deem that eventually, there will be a stop to this oil spill. However, I don’t think that the solution will be easy to figure out. Hopefully the oil spill will come to a stop soon, or else many places will have to face environmental issues.

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