Mercury Tornado

What do you see when you look up at the sky.  Do you see stars, planets, the moon, the sun. You can see all these things if you look carefully.  Sometime you can see Mars and other planets as well. If you use a telescope carefully you can see the planet Mercury but you can’t see the features on that planet.

On the planet Mercury, many interesting  things happen.  In fact, on Mercury, Tornadoes happen. These tornadoes don’t hurt, kill or destroy people or their houses because there is no life on Mercury. These tornadoes don’t form from weather systems colliding. They also don’t form from the clouds because there are no clouds on the planet.

These tornadoes form when part of the planets magnetic fields twist up into a spiral, and they open up a connection between the planets surface and outer space.  These tornadoes are enormous.  In fact, the can be as wide as the planet itself.  Also, they can last for a few minutes or a few hours or even days.  On Earth, tornadoes form when weather systems come together and on Mercury they form when powerful forces smash together.  These tornadoes are invisible on Mercury.

After all, there are many cool and interesting things that happen up in outer space. To find out more information visit (sciencenewsforkids)


1. Have you ever studied space.  If so how did you study it.  Did you look up information, or did you use a telescope.

2. Do you know any other things that happens on Mercury.  If so what?


~ by Student Entry on June 13, 2010.

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