The Hidden Truth Behind Cosmetics- By Ani Hsu O.

Have you notice words “not tested on animals?” Well, if you have, that is definitely a product that is smart to use. On the other hand, products that don’t have that sign or picture indicating that it was not tested on animals, you might want to consider another product. This is because, cosmetic companies kill over one million animals per year by trying out their cosmetics on these poor and innocent animals without any sympathy afterward. In fact, the companies claim that they are testing their cosmetics on the animals first, to ensure the consumer’s safety. But the thing is, there are many more ways that the companies can test their products, without having to kill or seriously injure these defenseless animals. Scientist can use very reliable computer programs or models (not real). All animals, from rabbits, to mice, to dogs, to cats, to monkeys, to guinea pigs, etc., are tested. One test includes dropping nail polish into rabbits’ eyes, to evaluate the damage to sensitive eye tissues. This is beyond painful for the rabbits, who often scream and break their necks or backs struggling to free themselves. It is an absolutely horrible and painful experience! Also, many animals never even see the outside, because they are locked away in small cages, and are only released when they are needed to be tested on. The dogs or cats don’t even get the required exercise that they thrive for. Not even ONE walk!

Furthermore, the fact that animal testing isn’t as reliable as computer testing, is even worse. It is basically like saying that these companies test animals for a cause that isn’t even necessary. Moreover, since the animals have absolutely 0% say if they want to be tested on or not, we really need to make a difference for them. Like, the picture that goes with my blog isn’t even half as graphic as some animals are treated. Starving, with almost your whole ribcage showing is pretty bad, but if you really saw what some companies do to these animals,…it would be a complete nightmare! So, you can all make a difference for these animals, by refusing to buy these products that have none of the not-animal-tested labels on them, and buy only the one that have the label. This is because, the only reason that these companies do this, is because they know and want you to buy their products. Fortunately though, it is good that some companies don’t get their products tested on animals. But also, the EU (European Union) passed a ban on the use of animals in cosmetics testing starting in 2009, and a complete sales ban effective in 2013. Anyway, if you are a true animal lover, you wouldn’t use the animal-tested products!

Discussion Questions:

1) How do you feel about animal testing on products?

2) Do you think some animal testing is fair for our own safety?


~ by Student Entry on June 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Hidden Truth Behind Cosmetics- By Ani Hsu O.”

  1. Great Job, Ani! Testing products on animals is very bad. It hurts the animal horribly. The poor little creature didn’t do anything to deserve such poor treatment and respect. I feel that some animal testing doesn’t help us and is unnecessary. Animals and humans are different and have different bodies. Being different means that they will get different reactions. This article is very well written.

  2. Awesome job! I dislike the idea of animal testing on products. People are hurting animals. What if a gigantic creature came up to you and seriously hurt you, and you couldn’t do anything about it except to wait for death to arrive? I wouldn’t enjoy it, and I don’t think you would either. Therefore, if you don’t like this idea, you shouldn’t buy products that don’t have the sign on it.
    I don’t think that animal testing is fair for my own safety because first of all, some animals are different than the human structure. Therefore, testing products on animals wouldn’t help because you wouldn’t be sure if it would affect the human. Also, computer testing is safer. So why cost an animal’s life when you could just test products safely on a computer?

  3. Good job Ani!
    1) I hate the idea of testing those products on animals. Who would do such a thing? Treating the animals badly and killing them by unreliably testing nail polish in their eyes is terrible. There are easier and better ways to test products. Cosmetic companies probably just use the animals instead of computer testing to save some money. Testing on animals is not a good idea.
    2) For our own safety, it isn’t right! First of all, the animals are made differently than humans. As a result they react differently. For example, a face wash (when accidentaly rubbed in bunnies eyes) might be harmless but might be deadly to human eyes! This proves that testing on animals is just not right or safe.

  4. Great Article Ani!
    1.) I think that it’s really bad that some scientists are testing on animals. animals should be just as important as us. we all are living things!
    2.) I don’t think they should test on animals but they shouldn’t test on us…so I don’t what they could test on…but i don’t want any life being taken away from something just to do an experiement!!

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