Are Airplanes Creating Rain and Snow?– By: Carly Z.

Recent studies show that Airplanes may be the cause of some odd looking clouds.This happens because there are water droplets in the air. If an airplane were to fly by, the wind from it’s propellers would freeze these water droplets. Then, the water would fall down to Earth creating precipitation in the area below!  In the process, it’s changing the form of the cloud. It’s making holes and channel type forms in the cloud. It sounds crazy, but if the water droplets up in the air are just cold enough and an airplane happens to fly by the people beneath it are going to get wet from either rain or snow!  Many people world-wide have reported that they’ve seen these mysterious looking clouds. This mostly occurs around the Northwest and Eastern Europe because of the frequent occurrence of cloud layers and freezing water droplets. So next time your outside look up at the sky, if you see any unusual clouds…you know how they were formed!

Discussion Questions

1.) Do you think it’s really possible that Airplanes are the ones that are making these mysterious clouds?

2.) Do you think you have ever seen something like this in the sky??


~ by Student Entry on June 15, 2010.

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