BP Funding By: Ally F.


What is happening to BP now? Did the method work? Is all the confusion of the oil spill almost over? Well, as of today $500 million was given to the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative. Today, BP announced significant progress in the funding toward the research companies. Also, 3 other research institutions will receive a total of $25 million in fast-track funding so they are able to start the priority studies. The $500 million BP gave is going toward the study of the Deepwater Horizon incident which involves the environment and public health in the Gulf of Mexico. Out of the $500 million, $5 million will go to the Louisiana State University because part of BP’s commitment is to provide $10 million over the next 10 years. $10 million will go to the Florida Institute of Oceanography because the Florida Institute of Oceanography has 2o different institutions focusing on marine biology. Another $10 million will go to the Northern Gulf Institute because they have advanced scientific understanding of the Gulf region and its climate, natural resources, and habitat. Let’s hope BP stays on a good track.



Discussion Questions:

1. Do you think that furthering their research in the Gulf of Mexico is going to help the oil spill? Why or why not?

2. Do you think BP gave out to much money to fund research? Should they have given less to the research and more to cleaning up the Gulf? Why or why not?


~ by Student Entry on June 15, 2010.

One Response to “BP Funding By: Ally F.”

  1. Great Job Ally!

    1.) I think researching the oil spill will help to stop it from spilling because if we can research or figure out how this all happened we could fix it!

    2.) I do believe they should have put more $ into cleaning up the oil instead of researching it because right now their goal should be to clean this mess up because the oil is still flowing and killing anything in it’s path!

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